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Adam Mckay To Direct Uptown Saturday Night Remake?

27th April 2012

Adam McKay is in talks to direct the remake of comedy 'Uptown Saturday Night'. The 'Anchorman' director is expected to start work on the project after completing the sequel to the Will Ferrell comedy, which...

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Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber Play Aliens In New Men In Black Movie

25th April 2012

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber will make out of this world cameos in the new Men In Black movie - as aliens.The pop superstars are among the big name guest stars to make an appearance...

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Dwayne Johnson Joins Lore

13th April 2012

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is set to star in mythological movie 'Lore'. The muscular actor - who is currently filming a role in body building movie 'Pain and Gain' - has signed up to the...

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Tom Hanks To Play Walt Disney

11th April 2012

Tom Hanks is to play Walt Disney in a new movie.The 'Forrest Gump' actor has entered talks to appear in 'Saving Mr. Banks' - a film exploring the making of 'Mary Poppins' - as the...

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Lady Gaga Has Men In Black Role

28th February 2012

Lady Gaga has a cameo role in 'Men In Black 3'. Will Smith - who reprises the role of Agent J in the comedy sci-fi movie - has confirmed the 'Marry The Night' singer is...

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Gaga 'Set For Men In Black Sequel'

28th February 2012

Lady Gaga is set to make her big screen movie debut in the upcoming Men In Black sequel, according to a Brazilian movie news website.Editors claim Will Smith let it slip that the Poker Face...

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Will Smith Originated Men In Black 3

26th February 2012

Will Smith came up with the concept for 'Men In Black 3'. The actor reprises his role as alien fighting Agent J in the third instalment of the popular movie franchise and director Barry Sonnenfeld...

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Will Smith To Return To I Am Legend?

20th February 2012

Warner Bros. has assigned Arash Amel to work on another instalment of Will Smith's 'I Am Legend'. The movie studio is keen for Will to reprise the role of scientist Robert Neville for a prequel...

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Page Legally Drops Her Father's Surname

17th February 2012

Men In Black star Rip Torn's actress daughter has dropped his name and adopted her mother's because she feels more connected to the late Geraldine Page.Angelica Page was born a Torn but she has legally...

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Shares Of Theater Chains Nosedive

30th December 2011

Shares of the nation's largest theater chains have plunged along with ticket sales in the fourth quarter as analysts revised their earnings estimates for the chains after the chains themselves reported revenue declines for the...

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Michael Jackson Biopic Planned

16th November 2011

Michael Jackson's life may be turned into a movie. The later singer's estate executor John Branca has had discussions with 'Ghostbusters' director Ivan Reitman and 'Up in the Air' producer Tom Pollock regarding the possibility...

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Will Smith Wants 50m For Independence Day Sequels?

28th October 2011

Will Smith is reportedly demanding $50 million to sign up to two 'Independence Day' sequels.The actor - who played the lead role of Captain Stephen Hiller in the 1996 alien invasion movie - is willing...

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Sony Won't Pay For 3d Glasses Anymore

28th September 2011

The ticket surcharge for seeing movies in 3D may be going up. Sony on Tuesday became the first studio to announce that it will no longer be providing free disposable 3D glasses to see its...

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Josh Brolin Joins Oldboy

30th August 2011

Josh Brolin has signed on to star in Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' remake. The 'Jonah Hex' actor will play a man who is falsely imprisoned for 15 years without knowing why, before one day being released...

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'Men In Black 3' Has 'Retro' Aliens

22nd July 2011

'Men In Black 3' will have "retro aliens". The third instalment in the science fiction comedy series – which stars Will Smith – will see the characters go back in time to the 60s, which...

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Emma Thompson To Write Annie

24th June 2011

Emma Thompson has been approached to write the script for a remake of 'Annie' starring Willow Smith. The British actress - who wrote the screenplays for 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Nanny McPhee' - is in...

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Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Secret To Marriage

9th June 2011

Jada Pinkett Smith says spending time apart from husband Will Smith is the key to their long lasting marriage.The actress - who has been married to the 'Men In Black' star for 14 years and...

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Tommy Lee Jones Joins Great Hope Springs

20th May 2011

Tommy Lee Jones will play Meryl Streep's husband in 'Great Hope Springs'. The 'Men in Black' actor will be directed by 'The Devil Wears Prada' filmmaker David Frankel on the project, about a middle-aged married...

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Will Smith Hires Two-storey Trailer For Mib: 3

11th May 2011

Will Smith has hired a huge two-storey trailer to relax in between takes on the set of 'Men in Black III'. The 42-year-old actor has parked the $2 million, 1,150 square feet, 30 tonne mobile...

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Will Smith For Tarantino's Django Unchained?

9th May 2011

Will Smith is being pursued by Quentin Tarantino for a role in 'Django Unchained'. The 'Men in Black' actor has been offered the role informally by the director, who is said to have written a...

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Fascinating Fact 11073

11th March 2011

Will Smith's Agent J will travel back in time to 1969 in the new Men In Black sequel and meet John Lennon, Yoko Ono and his sidekick, Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K, as a younger...

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Smith Is Bieber's Movie Mentor

9th February 2011

JUSTIN BIEBER has credited WILL SMITH with guiding his movie career, revealing the MEN IN BLACK star is helping him find his next big screen project.The Canadian sensation's tour documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never...

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'Supervillain' Nicole Scherzinger

8th January 2011

Nicole Scherzinger is a "supervillain" on stage.The 'Poison' singer is delighted to have landed a role as a baddie in the forthcoming 'Men in Black 3' movie because her part echoes the "fun" she has...

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Will Smith Set For Hood?

9th December 2010

Will Smith has been approached to take a leading role in a modern re-telling of 'Robin Hood'. The 'Men in Black' star has been among the first to be asked by Andy and Lana Wachowski...

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Men In Black Iii Filming Halted For Script Changes

17th November 2010

Will Smith's 'Men in Black III' will have a two month break in production from December for script changes. The highly anticipated 3-D sequel - which sees Smith's Agent Jay head back to the late...

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No Men In Black For White

5th November 2010

Beloved actress BETTY WHITE has laughed off reports she's landed a cameo role in the new MEN IN BLACK movie.Film websites claimed the former Golden Girls star had signed on for a part opposite Will...

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Scherzinger To Play Men In Black Baddie

31st October 2010

NICOLE SCHERZINGER is set to unleash her dark side on the big screen - she's signed up to play a villainess in the new MEN IN BLACK movie.Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin...

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White Signs On To Men In Black Sequel

14th October 2010

Ageing 'it girl' BETTY WHITE has landed a cameo role in the new MEN IN BLACK movie.Website has confirmed the former Golden Girls star has signed on for a small part opposite Will Smith,...

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Nicole Scherzinger's Men In Black Iii Cameo?

14th October 2010

Nicole Scherzinger has been offered a role in 'Men in Black III'. The singer may make a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie - starring Will Smith and Josh Brolin as a young Tommy Lee...

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Report Will Smith Feuding With Men In Back Producers

12th October 2010

Feuding between Will Smith on the one hand and director Barry Sonnenfeld and the producers on the other has resulted in production of Sony's Men in Black III being halted in New York, the New...

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