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George: 'I Turned Cowell Down'

5th October 2009

SIMON COWELL wanted to transform Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE into "the next KYLIE MINOGUE" - but she turned him down.The former Grey's Anatomy star was a teen sensation in Australian soap opera Home & Away...

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George Confirms Knight's Departure From Grey's Anatomy

19th June 2009

Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE has confirmed GREY'S ANATOMY co-star T.R. KNIGHT has quit the show.Entertainment Weekly reported that Knight had asked to terminate his contract with bosses of the medical drama on Wednesday (17Jun09) and...

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Knight Leaves Grey's For Broadway Stage?

18th June 2009

Actress MELISSA GEORGE has fuelled reports her former GREY'S ANATOMY co-star T.R. KNIGHT has left the hit U.S. TV show for the Broadway stage.Knight's character George O'Malley appeared to die in the final episode of...

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George Gushes About Miley's 'New Man'

4th June 2009

Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE has warned MILEY CYRUS' model boyfriend to watch his back as his girl shoots new movie THE TRIANGLE - because the pop sensation is sure to fall for her co-star.George has...

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George To Leave Grey's Anatomy

13th January 2009

Australian actress MELISSA GEORGE will quit her role on hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY - just three months after signing onto the show. The star agreed to a short-term deal to star as intern Sadie...

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Fascinating Fact 4263

8th November 2007

30 DAYS OF NIGHT star MELISSA GEORGE began competing in roller skating competitions at the age of five and was once ranked second in the world. The actress will serve as the ambassador for the...

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George Learnt Portuguese For New Role

5th April 2007

ALIAS actress MELISSA GEORGE prepared for her role in new film PARADISE LOST by learning how to speak Portuguese. The Australian beauty, plays the role of a backpacker isolated in the jungle, and spent time...

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George Escapes Death As Gunshots Ring Out Over Concert

3rd December 2006

Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE was left running for her life while shooting new movie TURISTAS in Brazil when a concert turned violent. The former soap star and director JOHN STOCKWELL visited a rock concert in...

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Brazilian Tourist Bosses Quick To Explain Turistas

2nd December 2006

Brazilian tourist officials are employing a little damage control after watching screenings of new horror film TURISTAS, which focuses of a group of US holidaymakers stranded in the rainforest. The film, which was shot on...

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George Shocked By Bikini Look

29th November 2006

Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE was left speechless when she was presented with her bikini costumes on the set of horror film TURISTAS because they were so revealing. The former soap star admits even locals on...

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George Turned Down Pop Career

9th February 2006

Australian actress MELISSA GEORGE turned down SIMON COWELL's offer to turn her into a pop star, because she can't sing. George was approached by the British music mogul while starring in Aussie soap HOME...

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The Things They Say 505

28th October 2005

"This movie makes affairs look like the worst thing you could ever do." Actress MELISSA GEORGE insists her new infidelity thriller DERAILED, in which she stars with JENNIFER ANISTON and CLIVE OWEN, will change the...

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Fascinating Fact 425

26th October 2005

Australian actress MELISSA GEORGE collects make-up brushes....

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Fascinating Fact 417

25th October 2005

It was a FRIENDS reunion of sorts on the set of JENNIFER ANISTON's new thriller DERAILED - sitcom stars MELISSA GEORGE and TOM CONTI also appear in the film....

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Fascinating Fact 416

25th October 2005

Former Australian soap actress-turned-movie star MELISSA GEORGE was once a champion roller skater Down Under....

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Vampish Britt Tops Tv Vixens Poll

29th September 2005

NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN's DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES vamp EDIE BRITT has topped a new poll of US TV vixens. Maneater Britt beat soap bitch ERICA KANE (SUSAN LUCCI) and SARAH CLARKE's 24 character NINA MYERS to crash...

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The Interpreter Stays Top In UK

26th April 2005

SEAN PENN and NICOLE KIDMAN's latest movie THE INTERPRETER has remained at the top of the UK box office chart for a second successive week. The political thriller edged out competition from new entries...

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Amityville Horror Scares Up Success At The Us Box Office

18th April 2005

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR remake has scared up a big hit in America after screaming to the top of the box office. The film, starring RYAN REYNOLDS and Australian actress MELISSA GEORGE, has debuted at...

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New Amityville Horrors

8th April 2005

The cast of the new THE AMITYVILLE HORROR movie were left terrified by a series of sinister events on the film's set. MELISSA GEORGE, RYAN REYNOLDS, and PHILIP BAKER HALL all star in the...

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Melissa Suffers Frostbite On Horror Chiller Set

23rd March 2005

Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE is still thawing out after suffering frostbite while filming horror film remake THE AMITYVILLE HORROR in a Wisconsin winter. The former HOME + AWAY soap star recreated MARGOT KIDDER's 1979...

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Amityville Horror Family At War

31st January 2005

The son of the family terrorised in the real Amityville horror house is taking his estranged father to court in a bid to end taunting he has had to endure as 'the kid from THAT...

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Alias Star George For Supergirl?

18th October 2004

Australian ALIAS star MELISSA GEORGE is set to play SUPERGIRL in a long-awaited remake of the 1984 action film. George, who leapt to fame in Aussie soap opera HOME AND AWAY, has been linked...

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Jennifer + Melissa Play Lesbians For Giggles

2nd September 2004

JENNIFER GARNER and Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE kept the cast and crew on the TV drama series giggling - by pretending to be lesbian lovers. The two actresses, who play love rivals on the...

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Melissa Comes Between Alias Lovers

21st August 2003

Former HOME + AWAY star MELISSA GEORGE is the actress who will come between real-life lovers JENNIFER GARNER and MICHAEL VARTAN in the new series of ALIAS. The Aussie star will play Vartan's wife...

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