Mel Gibson - Mel Gibson Furious About Payout To Ex

Mel Gibson is furious at the large divorce payout his ex-wife received.

While it was previously revealed that Mel gave Robyn half of his estimated $850 million Fortune when they divorced in 2011 after 31 years of marriage, she has also received a huge chunk of his pension.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ''You'd think someone as wealthy as Mel wouldn't bat an eye at having to hand over half of everything he owns to Robyn especially after the years of hell he put her through with his skirt chasing, drinking and nasty temper tantrums. But he's furious about it.''

However, friends say Mel is lucky Robyn - with whom he has seven children - didn't push for more money.

The source added: ''Mel should count his lucky stars though because Robyn could have been spiteful and looked for even more money than she was awarded.''


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THE YEARS OF HELL HE PUT HER THROUGH? what a bull s**t to say!she lived very well with mel gibson who alwayhs took care of the kids and was never drunk at home and iddnt begin to drink before many years into the marriage, and was most of the time not drinking. He had fall backs who were always short and only lasted a few months and most of the itme years they were together mel didnt drink but was a fromidable father and husband who could do many tihngs in the house and even run a famr and at the same time pass the kids, and take care of them fully and was to aformidable husband and cook who also took care of the cleaning, while also making movies and making a load of money for the home and taking care of everybodys future, his wife, his kids, their kids and his brother and sister an doncles and mel gibson was always super generous with all alos people in need that he didnt knew and friends and had a huge work into charity that he klept secret and of which we only heard of mending klids international that he founded for over 18 years ago who is international and that he stil finans.the national inquier cite sources?+ what sources? oksan+ lol i wont be suroprised since the 2 have ben owrking together on destroying mel gibson since 2008.. when NE editor, now editor of radar online sat oksana in touch with mel gibson with the results we now know.. 4 months later she was pregnat, she said, and tried to stral money from mel gibson. it didnt work out so she tried to balckmail him with tapes, it didnt work out so she accused him of domestic violence and used those tapes as if they were prove of it, using a malicious timing with radar online to od so and it work,. thus there was no link between the contian of those tapes and the alledged DV who was refutated by the general atorney as being fauklse, and cahrges that oksan droped totaly 9 months after she had made those calims.. but i can se that tabloids still pretend like if those claims had not been proven to be faulse.and idiots, robyn ask dfor half of mel giobsons pension in november 29 2009 already!! SO IT ISNT A NEWS BUT AN ANTIQUITY WHO WAS ALREADY PAID IN BEGINIGN OF 2010, MENING THIS STORY IS OVER SINCE ALMOST 3 YEARS NOW!!Mel Gibson dont give a damn the dicorce is over since november 2011 and all posts have been paid since a long time.there is nothing to fish there even you try hard..its over cant you get it?Mel gibson never had a temper tantrum in his life until he met oksana in late 2008.Already in early 2009 experienced his first one.. when she loked him on the beach of guanacaste wherre she lived in a hotel and had some photografer from radar online ready to take pics of them together.. she had done so because mel gibson had throwed her out of the house she was alowed to stay into for one month in shermna oaks from the 29th of janaury 2009 until the 28 february 2009.. bizarely enough that exactly when she became pregnant.. if we are to beleive her story..i think more that she faked a pregnacy and had the baby bought out on the wel know ukrainian trafik marked of babies as ukriane is the bigest furnisher of babies to buy in the world..if you want it to pass the dna testing al you need ot have is some sperm in a cooler.which is what she did.mel gibdon knows it and didnt revelaed it thus it wil have served his case in 2010, out of care for the child.buit he knew of it already in december janaury 5th 2010 when he told oksana to leave his house and never contact him again. and to leave the child lucia to him too.thatgs when she made her big stunt in order to delay her having to leave and prepared for the tapes.tabloids have short memory. it serve criminals well.hallas...
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