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Fascinating Fact 9503

18th June 2010

More than 81,000 rock fans attended the first BIG FOUR concert in Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday night (16Jun10), making it one of the biggest music events ever staged in the city. METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and...

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Historic Big Four Spectacular To Beam Into Cinemas

24th May 2010

METALLICA's historic festival hook-up with the rest of the 'Big Four' metal acts, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and SLAYER, is to be beamed onto cinema screens around the world.The four groups will perform on the same bill...

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Fascinating Fact 9262

9th May 2010

MEGADETH star SHAWN DROVER had an extra special birthday on Wednesday (05May10) - his grandson was born.

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Mustaine Scraps Megadeth Radio

22nd April 2010

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE has axed the band's self-titled radio station - accusing bosses of failing to run the venture properly.The singer teamed up with executives at media giant Clear Channel to set up Megadeth...

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Police Called To Megadeth Video Shoot

1st March 2010

Police officers were called to a MEGADETH video shoot after the rockers decided to use a tank in the promo.The band has been on location filming a clip for their latest single, Right To Go...

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Mustaine Opens Up About Ellefson's Return

12th February 2010

MEGADETH leader DAVE MUSTAINE fears former bass player DAVE ELLEFSON will take months to settle back into the band because he's still damaged and "affected" by his bust-up with the frontman.The two rockers have patched...

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Ellefson Returns To Megadeth

9th February 2010

MEGADETH's original bassist DAVE ELLEFSON is to rejoin the band for an upcoming tour to mark the 20th anniversary of the act's landmark RUST IN PEACE album.Band frontman Dave Mustaine made the announcement on Monday...

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Mustaine Wants Megadeth On Guitar Hero

18th January 2010

MEGADETH are planning to follow in the footsteps of fellow rockers AEROSMITH and METALLICA and develop its own GUITAR HERO video game.Frontman Dave Mustaine is a big fan of the popular music simulator, and is...

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Former Megadeth Guitarist Blasts Mustaine

18th December 2009

Former MEGADETH guitarist JEFF YOUNG has slammed frontman DAVE MUSTAINE in an open letter, accusing him of "dissing, exaggerating and just plain lying" about his bandmates.Young appeared on the band's 1988 album So Far, So...

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Mustaine Eyes Retirement Over Neck Problems

18th December 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is eyeing an early retirement from the band - due to persistent problems with his neck.The 48-year-old rocker takes the blame for his own health issues, and admits he's punished his...

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Big Four Shows Planned For Europe

15th December 2009

Heavy metal's dream tour is one step closer to happening - ANTHRAX, METALLICA, SLAYER and MEGADETH will all be on the same bill at the Sonisphere festival in Poland and the Czech Republic in June...

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The Things They Say 14639

11th December 2009

"I had a guy... who after he tried to discredit me, he says, 'Besides, I'm a METALLICA fan anyways.' And I thought, 'What a t**t.' 'Cause, I mean, I am part METALLICA, so what are...

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Fascinating Fact 8445

1st December 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is preparing to rock one fan's Christmas. The former METALLICA rocker's creative fans will have until 06 December (09) to submit designs for a Christmas card contest, and win the top...

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Mustaine's Fears Over Internet Gossip

20th November 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE hates reading untrue rumours about himself on the internet - because he worries his young daughter will be "hurt" by the spiteful online gossip.The former Metallica rocker is adamant the music...

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Mustaine Accuses Rocker Of Racial Slur

21st October 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE has hit out at fellow rockers BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART after learning a member of the band racially abused his guitar technician.Mustaine didn't discover crewmember Willie Gee had been subjected...

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Hammett: 'Big Four Tour Will Never Happen'

17th October 2009

METALLICA rocker KIRK HAMMETT has pulled the plug on plans for a world tour with metal rivals SLAYER, ANTHRAX and MEGADETH, insisting conflicting personalities would make it impossible.Slayer guitarist Kerry King revealed last month that...

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Mustaine Blasts Record Label

16th October 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is furious with executives at the band's American record label - accusing music bosses of failing to promote their latest album ENDGAME.The rockers saw the record debut at number nine on...

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Mustaine Fuming Over Interview

16th October 2009

MEGADETH star DAVE MUSTAINE has blasted a Norwegian reporter for asking him about his days in METALLICA during an interview - threatening to put the journalist "in a hospital".The rocker open up about his past...

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Fascinating Fact 8060

28th September 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is working on an autobiography, titled HELLO ME... MEET THE REAL ME. It will be published in late 2010 and is being co-written by New York Times journalist Larry Layden.

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Trujillo Casts Doubt Over Heavy Rock Supertour

17th September 2009

METALLICA bassist ROBERT TRUJILLO has cast doubt on plans for a heavy rock supertour with MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX - insisting the rockers will never agree on who gets to headline the shows.Slayer guitarist Kerry...

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Ulrich Planning Heavy Rock Mega-tour

3rd September 2009

METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH is secretly plotting a heavy rock supertour, which will include his band, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX.Slayer guitarist Kerry King has let it slip that negotiations have started during an interview with...

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Mustaine To Shut Down Coffee Brand

16th August 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is all set to stop brewing his Black Gold coffee.The rocker admits he has had a lot of fun creating the Net Worth Coffee Brokers brand - but adds, "all good...

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Mustaine To Open School Of Rock

14th August 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE is planning to open up the band's California recording studio to under-privileged kids - to teach them about rock 'n' roll.The rockers own a building in San Diego, California which has...

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Mustaine Apologises To Ac/dc

13th August 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE has apologised to AC DC after he slated the rockers in a recent interview - calling his comments "rude and childish".The singer blasted the band in a chat with Metal Hammer...

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Mustaine Undergoes Surgery

29th July 2009

MEGADETH frontman DAVE MUSTAINE will undergo surgery on Thursday (30Jul09) to mend his inured back and neck.In a blog posting, the singer reveals he has been suffering excruciating pain and will check into hospital this...

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Golden Gods Awards Honour Ozzy

18th March 2009

MEGADETH will headline the inaugural Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles next month (Apr09), with OZZY OSBOURNE set to receive the event's first Lifetime Achievement Award. Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, All That Remains and Suicide Silence...

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Megadeth Star Pays Tribute To Higuchi

1st December 2008

MEGADETH star SHAWN DROVER has paid tribute to LOUDNESS drummer MUNETAKA HIGUCHI who died of cancer on Sunday (30Nov08). The 49-year-old musician passed away at a hospital in Osaka, Japan, following a long battle with...

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The Things They Say 9180

13th August 2008

"I'm a big fan of the 80s and MADONNA. I was a headbanger. MEGADETH's KILLING IS OUR BUSINESS... AND BUSINESS IS GOOD was my first album. METALLICA was the first concert that I ever went...

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Mustaine Still Disturbed By Racist Taxi Driver

6th July 2008

MEGADETH star DAVE MUSTAINE has revealed he was once involved in a hit-and-run accident with a racist cab driver. The heavy rocker is still disturbed by the night he took a taxi ride in Atlanta,...

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Megadeth Issue Warning Over Hoax Show

24th June 2008

Rockers MEGADETH have warned fans not to buy tickets for an advertised show in Turkey - insisting the concert is a scam by unscrupulous promoters. The band were reported to be holding a gig in...

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