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Quaid And Ryan's Son Turns To Acting

26th April 2006

Actor DENNIS QUAID is thrilled his 14-year-old son JACK is becoming an actor, because he is convinced he has true talent. The IN THE COMPANY OF MEN star is his son's biggest fan and is...

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Fascinating Fact 1418

21st April 2006

DENNIS QUAID and MEG RYAN's teenage son JACK has landed his first lead acting role in a school production of TOM JONES.

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The Things They Say 1879

19th April 2006

"There are assumptions made about the way you look. I'm always surprised when people don't think I'm smart." WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star MEG RYAN on preconceived notions of beauty.

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Fascinating Fact 1404

19th April 2006

MEG RYAN has taught her newly adopted one-year-old daughter DAISY sign-language so the two can communicate before the baby learns to speak.

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Ryan: Talking About Personal Life Feels Cheap

19th April 2006

Actress MEG RYAN hates talking about her personal life because it feels "cheap", but insists the truth about her divorce from actor DENNIS QUAID needs to come out. The couple divorced in 2001, after 10...

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Ryan Accuses Quaid Of Cheating

17th April 2006

Actress MEG RYAN has accused former husband DENNIS QUAID of cheating on her during their nine-year-marriage. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star gave a revealing interview in the forthcoming issue of Allure magazine, where she...

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Ryan To Write Autobiography

7th April 2006

Movie star MEG RYAN is planning to write a tell-all autobiography in which she reveals the details of her troubled marriage to DENNIS QUAID. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star, who divorced Quaid in 2001,...

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Crowe: 'Ryan's Explanation Came Too Late'

6th April 2006

RUSSELL CROWE has dimissed MEG RYAN's attempts to reverse his "home-wrecker" reputation, insisting she should have explained he wasn't to blame for the break-up of her marriage to DENNIS QUAID years ago. Crowe and Ryan...

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Ryan Attacks Parkinson For Terse Interview

4th April 2006

Hollywood star MEG RYAN has launched a scathing attack on British chatshow host MICHAEL PARKINSON, calling him "a nut". The actress claimed the veteran journalist offended her with his choice of questions and spoke to...

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Fascinating Fact 1305

31st March 2006

MEG RYAN's ex-boyfriend and CINDERELLA MAN star CRAIG BIERKO was originally offered the chance to play CHANDLER BING on FRIENDS but passed on the role. MATTHEW PERRY was the second choice to play the comical...

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Christensen Fronts Watch Campaign

23rd March 2006

Danish beauty HELENA CHRISTENSEN has joined the ranks of the celebrity time-keepers advertising watches after signing on to front a new print campaign for upscale New York jewellers Jacob + Co. Christensen joins the likes...

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Meg Ryan: 'I Was Destined To Adopt A Baby'

2nd March 2006

MEG RYAN knew she was destined to become the mother of her adoptive daughter DAISY after an epiphany in India, ten years ago (96). The actress is convinced she was fated to adopt the Chinese...

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Ryan Praises Crowe's Grace Under Fire

2nd March 2006

Actress MEG RYAN has praised ex-lover RUSSELL CROWE for keeping details of her broken marriage to DENNIS QUAID to himself when he was accused of being a home-wrecker. Ryan insists her marriage was irreparably damaged...

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Ryan Changes Her Daughter's Name

2nd March 2006

Movie star MEG RYAN has been forced to change her adopted baby daughter's name - because she doesn't look like a CHARLOTTE. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star dubbed her Chinese baby Charlotte when she...

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Fascinating Fact 1078

24th February 2006

Actress MEG RYAN will guest star in the GEENA DAVIS presidential drama COMMANDER IN CHIEF when it returns to screens in the US later this spring (06)....

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Ryan Home With Baby Girl

25th January 2006

MEG RYAN has returned home to Los Angeles after adopting a baby girl in China. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star flew to China to pick up her daughter over the weekend (20-22JAN06) after...

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Meg Ryan To Adopt Chinese Baby Today?

20th January 2006

MEG RYAN is set to join Hollywood's adoptive mothers after reportedly signing up to play mother to a Chinese baby. The actress will take charge of a Chinese baby later today (20JAN06), according to...

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Fascinating Fact 720

29th December 2005

MEG RYAN and Hollywood couple COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE were among the guests at LAURA DERN and BEN HARPER's sunset wedding ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday (23DEC05)....

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Maclaine Movie Orgasm Beats Ryan Fake In Poll

23rd December 2005

SHIRLEY MacLAINE's BEING THERE orgasm scene has triumphed over younger actress MEG RYAN's WHEN HARRY MET SALLY fake climax in a new poll of onscreen sexual peaks. In BEING THERE, MacLaine's character masturbates while...

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Crowe Lifts Lid On Kidman And Urban's Relationship

13th December 2005

Hollywood hardman RUSSELL CROWE insists his friend NICOLE KIDMAN is smitten with country singer KEITH URBAN. The MOULIN ROUGE! actress and New Zealand-born Urban reportedly got engaged over the US Thanksgiving weekend (24-27NOV05) in...

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Fascinating Fact 548

22nd November 2005

RAY star KERRY WASHINGTON and actress MIA MAESTRO have become the latest movie stars to sign up for timepiece ads - they'll both appear in new print ads for Movado watches. The actresses join the...

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Travolta Signs Up For Breitling

21st November 2005

JOHN TRAVOLTA has joined the ranks of the punctual movie stars after signing up to promote Breitling watches. The PULP FICTION star posed for new print ads for the watchmakers on the runway of...

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Quaid Wants To Be A Dad Again

9th November 2005

DENNIS QUAID is desperate for kids with his new wife KIMBERLY. The 51-year-old actor has one son JACK with ex-wife MEG RYAN, but wants to expand his family with wife of 18 months Kimberly....

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Ryan Spotted With Mystery Man

21st October 2005

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star MEG RYAN has been romantically linked to a new mystery man. The Hollywood actress, who embarked on an affair with RUSSELL CROWE when she was still married to DENNIS...

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Meg Lands A New Watch Deal

4th October 2005

MEG RYAN has become the latest celebrity to add their face to a watch company. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star has signed up to appear in print ads for Swiss timepiece firm Baume...

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Quaid Gets Rid Of Home He Shared With Ryan

19th September 2005

DENNIS QUAID is finally selling off the Brentwood Park, California, home he once shared with ex-wife MEG RYAN. Quaid and his new wife, KIMBERLY, have moved into the $8 million (GBP4.4 million) Pacific Palisades...

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The Things They Say 180

10th September 2005

"She had a love scene with ZACH BRAFF so I think we're even." THE OC star ADAM BRODY insists his girlfriend RACHEL BILSON isn't upset about his first movie sex scene with MEG RYAN in...

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The Things They Say 171

9th September 2005

"It's kind of cool, my first love scene... Sweet, sweet love. It was interesting... I'm wasted in the scene. I'm not nude but you see my nipples." THE OC star ADAM BRODY was impressed with...

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Foxx Recruits Poitier For Music Video

2nd September 2005

JAMIE FOXX is elated he has managed to lure veteran actor SIDNEY POITIER out of retirement to appear in the video for his new song EXTRAVAGANZA. The video for the track, which features KANYE...

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Sick Btk Killer Had Berry + Ryan Fantasies

25th August 2005

Convicted murderer DENNIS RADER had sick fantasies about MEG RYAN and HALLE BERRY - and detailed what he'd do to them if he ever found himself alone with the movie stars. Rader, who dubbed...

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