Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White fell victim to the latest celebrity death hoax on Friday (21Dec12) following false reports suggesting he had passed away two days after his 71st birthday.

Rumours began circulating online early on Friday (21Dec12), alleging the soul singer - who suffers from degenerative condition Parkinson's Disease - had lost his fight for life.

The claims were picked up by editors at online encyclopedia Wikipedia, who posted the date of his death as "December 21, 2012", and even had stars like rapper Q-Tip in mourning.

The former A Tribe Called Quest icon expressed his sadness via, writing, "Maurice White.... 1 of my heroes Rip #Mauricewhite my condolences..."

However, the reports were soon debunked by Earth, Wind & Fire representatives, who dismissed the death rumours in a post on the group's official page.

The message reads: "Maurice White is alive and doing well! The rumors across the web are false. Please spread the word."

Q-Tip promptly deleted his earlier tribute tweet and updated fans about the good news, writing: "apparently this wikipedia page is false and thankfully hes (he is) alive! which is The Most Important point here. glad that mo is still here...."

White isn't the only star to be targetted by sick pranksters - Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey, Russell Brand, Cher and Reba MCEntire have all been 'killed off' online in 2012.