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Schiffer Given Second Dog Warning

27th September 2006

LATEST: Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER has been given a second warning by police to keep her dogs under control after Irish wolfhound ROXY almost mauled another villager's pet. The catwalk beauty and producer husband MATTHEW VAUGHN...

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Schiffer Reluctant To Leave Her Kids Alone

14th September 2006

German supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER feels guilty when she's leaving her children in the care of a nanny - because she thinks she should spend the whole day with them. Schiffer, who has a three-year-old son,...

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Schiffer Slammed Over Vicious Dogs

8th September 2006

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER is reportedly facing a police interview over accusations her pet dogs are terrifying residents near her mansion in Suffolk, England. The blonde beauty's German shepherd OSCAR and Irish wolfhound ROXY have allegedly...

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Claudia Schiffer Wants To Be Fashion Agent

6th September 2006

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER is considering become a modelling agent when she can no longer get work as a catwalk queen. The German - married to film-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN - wants to stay at the top...

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De Niro 'Genuinely Scared' Stardust Actors

7th July 2006

Director MATTHEW VAUGHN had no need to instruct CHARLIE COX and CLAIRE DANES to "act scared" of ROBERT DE NIRO's intimidating character in new movie STARDUST - because they were genuinely terrified of the star....

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World Cup Threatens Schiffer's Marriage

23rd June 2006

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER's marriage to film-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN is being tested during the soccer World Cup - because the pair support different teams. The German supermodel, who, along with soccer star PELE, carried the trophy into...

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Fascinating Fact 1384

14th April 2006

Russian boxing champion NICOLAI VALUEV has landed a role in LAYER CAKE movie-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN's new film after the director spotted his picture in a newspaper. The 7 feet 2 inches (2.2 metre) tall 'Beast...

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Schiffer's London Home Raided

18th December 2005

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER was left terrified when her London home was raided by burglars as she and her two children slept upstairs. Thousands of pounds worth of electrical equipment, including a laptop and digital...

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Vaughn Escapes Driving Ban

6th December 2005

British film-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN has escaped a driving ban with the help of a lawyer who specialises in finding loopholes in the law. The LAYER CAKE director was caught travelling in his $126,000 (GBP70,000)...

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Ritchie Eyes Fantasy Movie After Revolver Failure

19th November 2005

British film-maker GUY RITCHIE is in talks to direct a fairytale fantasy following the box-office failure of his gangster movie REVOLVER this year (05). Ritchie is teaming up with MATTHEW VAUGHN, who produced his...

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Vaughn's Film To Be Made In Britain

28th October 2005

English director/producer MATTHEW VAUGHN has refused Hollywood film-makers' request to make his new film in eastern Europe, insisting he makes action epic STARDUST in Britain. The LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS film-maker wants...

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Ritchie Surprised By Director Vaughn

19th September 2005

GUY RITCHIE has taken a swipe at former filmmaking partner MATTHEW VAUGHN, insisting he's surprised the former producer's new movie LAYER CAKE made any money. The pair worked together on LOCK STOCK + TWO...

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Schiffer And Vaughn Bond Over Anti-drugs Stance

21st August 2005

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER's clean living lifestyle shocked her husband MATTHEW VAUGHN when they first met, because he thought all models abused drugs. The German beauty's inexperience with illegal substance-taking and homebody attitude is matched...

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Schiffer Explains Her 'German' Behaviour

15th August 2005

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER considers herself "typically German" because she lets nothing go to waste, despite her incredible wealth. Schiffer, who is married to British film-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN, makes sure she never throws money down...

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Schiffer Wins Photo Court Battle

23rd June 2005

German supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER has triumphed in a court battle against German magazines, after the high court upheld a previous ruling. The L'OREAL spokesmodel, 34, was furious when paparazzi took photos of her and...

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Vaughn Quits X-men 3

1st June 2005

British director MATTHEW VAUGHN has quit the third X-MEN movie because of "personal" problems. The LAYER CAKE film-maker, who is married to supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, has urgently flown back from Hollywood to his home...

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Grammer To Play Blue Beast In X-men 3

18th May 2005

Fans of KELSEY GRAMMER are set to find him tough to recognise in his next project - he's playing a furry blue monster in the second X-MEN sequel. In X-MEN 3, the former FRASIER...

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Vaughn Out Of The Picture At His Own Screening

25th April 2005

Director MATTHEW VAUGHN was snubbed by the paparazzi at the illustrious TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, even though his own film LAYER CAKE was showing there. The irritated photographers were desperate to snap Vaughn's supermodel wife...

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Vaughn Preparing To Take On Fanatic Fans

22nd April 2005

British film-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN has no fears about upsetting obsessive comic book fans when he begins work on new project X-MEN 3 - because he wants to make the definitive superhero movie. Vaughn, who...

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Witherspoon Leaves Wma

19th April 2005

LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON has become the latest star to leave Hollywood's WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY (WMA). While HALLE BERRY, SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and director MATTHEW VAUGHN dumped WMA after controversial comments made by...

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Vaughn Leaves William Morris

24th March 2005

LATEST: Director MATTHEW VAUGHN is the latest in a long line of celebrities to abandon the WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY, after controversial comments made by agency boss DAVE WIRTSCHAFTER. The 34-year-old, who is married to...

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Vaughn To Helm X-men 3

23rd March 2005

British director MATTHEW VAUGHN has signed up to helm the third installment in the X-MEN franchise. Many of the castmembers from the first two films - HALLE BERRY, IAN McKELLEN and PATRICK STEWART -...

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Winslet Finally Wins Eternal Sunshine Gong

16th March 2005

Actress KATE WINSLET is thrilled she was voted the Best British Actress at Britain's EMPIRE MAGAZINE FILM AWARDS last night (13MAR05) - because they are Britain's only movie gongs chosen by the public. Winslet...

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Schiffer Turns Down Tarantino

15th March 2005

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER has turned down the opportunity to work with maverick film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO - so she can star in a movie made by her director husband instead. Schiffer bumped into KILL BILL...

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Schiffer And Vaughn Buy Las Vegas Pad

9th March 2005

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER and her British director husband MATTHEW VAUGHN have bought a luxury Las Vegas, Nevada, apartment, only months after declaring they were tired of city life. The German supermodel and Vaughn announced last...

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Vaughn Snubbed Bond

17th February 2005

Director MATTHEW VAUGHN turned down the opportunity to helm CASINO ROYALE - the 21st JAMES BOND movie - because he wants to bring cult 1960s TV series THE MAN FROM UNCLE to the big screen....

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Angry Fans Plot To Ban Vaughn Film

9th February 2005

British director MATTHEW VAUGHN has been inundated with letters from angry fans who want his movie adaptation of TV series THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E banned - because he plans to dramatically alter the plot....

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Schiffer Hires Nepalese Fighters

28th December 2004

Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER and husband MATTHEW VAUGHN have hired five former British Army Gurkhas to help protect their $9 million (GBP5 million) English mansion. The German-born beauty and LAYER CAKE director Vaughn, who have...

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Vaughn Plans To Bring Back 'Dad's' Man From U.n.c.l.e

10th December 2004

British movie producer MATTHEW VAUGHN is planning to bring back the cult TV series that starred the man he grew up thinking was his father. The LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS filmmaker, who...

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Schiffer And Vaughn's Darling Clementine

18th November 2004

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER and MATTHEW VAUGHN have named their baby daughter CLEMENTINE. The German supermodel and her film-maker husband showed off the week-old girl yesterday (17NOV04) outside London's Portland Hospital, where she was born last...

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