Matthew Wright - Matthew Wright Sorry For 'Taggart' Murder Comments

Matthew Wright has been forced to apologise over comments he made on television about the murder of 16 year-old Liam Aitchison in Scotland following complaints, reports The Press Association. Wright had been having a discussion on his UK talk show 'The Wright Stuff' with his guests which included comedian Charlie Baker, and when the latter described the investigation into the event as "the longest-ever episode of Taggart" - in reference to the cult Scottish-based detective drama series - Wright adopted a Scottish accent and mimicked the show's main character, saying "there's been another murder."
This hasn't gone down well with the public; the murder took place on the Isle Of Lewis and their MP, Angus MacNeil commented, "To see Matthew Wright making jokes about the tragedy and behaving as he did is beyond belief, and has disgusted everyone who has seen the programme." Meanwhile, a Facebook group titled 'Report The Wright Stuff To OFcom' has also been set up with more than 2000 people liking it.
This has forced Wright to come out and apologise, speaking on his show he said, "I know that some of you have been upset by some comments made during yesterday's newspaper review about the murder of Liam Aitchison in Stornoway and I would like to apologise if that was the case. Certainly, no intention on my part to belittle the seriousness or the tragedy of this story, or to offend anyone who knew Liam. You know me, I have been touched by death too many times to belittle anything like that."


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Mathew Wright, the presenter of channel 5s The Wright Stuff raises a laugh from the studio audience by joking about the recent murder of a young boy." If this is the kind of headline channel 5 are willing to accept to promote their channel then they should hang their heads in shame. I honestly cannot think of a more disgraceful broadcast than this one which was aired early in the morning. I shudder to think how these uninvited comments may have been received by anyone who actually knew, or was related to, the poor boy and whose television was unfortunately tuned to channel 5 that morning. I would like to enquire of channel 5 what other depths must be plummeted before such grossly obscene behaviour becomes a sackable offence. What then made Mr Wrights actions even more abhorrent was his seemingly begrudged apology to "some of you" who "may" have been offended. he also stated he had no intention to belittle the seriousness of the story or to offend anyone who knew the boy. This comment was also released by channel 5 as some kind of reasoning for his behaviour. Well I'm sorry, but if you laugh and joke to a parents face about the murder of their child, which is what in effect he was doing, as he had no way of vetting who his audience was on that particular morning, then you have every intention of offending. or are just so ignorant you should never appear in peoples homes again. Mr Wright further stated that people who complain about his ridicule of a murdered boy and the devastating effect it has had on his family should "grow up". he is also reported as seeing himself as some kind of victim and is being "crucified". Can I inform Mr Wright that the only "crucifixion" that has been carried out was the one by him on this poor boy and his suffering family, where he quite jovially hammered home the nails himself. If Mr Wright and the producers of his programme still deem this behaviour to be acceptable then I am willing to share addresses with them so that in the event of any future demise of any members of their respective families we can correspond and have a laugh and a joke about their bereft situation. It is now an offence to insult someone by demeaning their faith. It is also an offence to insult someone by demeaning their race. It is not it seems, an offence to insult someone by demeaning their dead child. Ofcom should do everything in its power to have this presenter removed from our homes, he is not welcome. If the strongest possible action is not taken then it will be a very sad reflection on Ofcom and the standard of broadcasting and broadcasters it deems acceptable for the british public. Copy sent to Ofcom
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