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Dillon's A Dad

27th May 2006

MATT DILLON's actor brother KEVIN is a first-time father after his new wife, model JANE STUART, gave birth to baby daughter AVA earlier this month (MAY06). The couple, who wed in Las Vegas, Nevada, on...

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Cox + Arquette Visit Blaine

6th May 2006

Hollywood couple COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE became the latest curious celebrities to check out illusionist DAVID BLAINE's underwater stunt in New York on Thursday (04MAY06) when they took daughter COCO to check out his...

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Fascinating Fact 1470

5th May 2006

COLIN FARRELL and MATT DILLON have been among the curious checking out illusionist DAVID BLAINE's new aquarium stunt in New York.

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Dillon's Work Keeps Him Single

25th April 2006

Actor MATT DILLON blames fame for his failure to find love, because it makes women play hard to get. The CRASH star, who famously dated his THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY co-star CAMERON DIAZ in the...

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Dillon Kicks Off Married Life In True Elvis Style

24th April 2006

Actor KEVIN DILLON got ALL SHOOK UP in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday (22APR06) when he wed fiancee JANE STUART in an ELVIS PRESLEY-style 'quickie' ceremony. The couple became the latest celebrities to wed at...

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New Bond Villain Announced

18th April 2006

Little-known Italian actor CLAUDIO SANTAMARIA has been cast as the new villain in upcoming Bond film CASINO ROYALE. Santamaria, who will play a terrorist in the movie, beat a number of actors including Hollywood star...

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Crash Coming To The Small Screen

6th April 2006

Oscar-winning racial drama CRASH is being adapted for the small screen and will appear on televisions across the US next year (07). The movie version starring SANDRA BULLOCK, TERRENCE HOWARD, MATT DILLON and DON CHEADLE,...

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Dillon The Hero

26th March 2006

CRASH star MATT DILLON has become a real-life hero after saving a woman from two thugs. The screen star was driving in Los Angeles when he saw the lone female being harangued by the pair....

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The Things They Say 1661

18th March 2006

"My next project is to find a girlfriend." Actor MATT DILLON on his next move.

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Dillon Caught Outside Hotel In Underwear

14th March 2006

MATT DILLON realised his drunken antics had gone a step too far after he locked himself out of his hotel room in his underpants. The CRASH star decided to put a stop to his crazy...

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Crash Star Dillon Has Fun With Racial Stereotypes

12th March 2006

MATT DILLON had fun with his Best Supporting Actor Oscar loss and his controversial race film CRASH when he hosted SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE at the weekend (11MAR06) - by reading out the speech he would...

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Dillon Picks New York As Top Of The Cops

7th March 2006

Movie star MATT DILLON has praised the New York police force for their "personal" approach to the community. Dillon became fascinated by the police when researching his role as OFFICER RYAN in Oscar-winning film CRASH....

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The Things They Say 1545

7th March 2006

"I'd hate to be sitting next to a girl and forget her name." MATT DILLON on why he chose not to take a last-minute date to the Oscars.

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The Things They Say 1523

6th March 2006

"I got my tuxedo from a place where they rent tuxedos to certain mariachi orchestras - it went with a different shirt." MATT DILLON left his tuxedo rental for the Oscars until the last minute....

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Three Wins For Capote At Independent Spirit Awards

5th March 2006

CAPOTE was given a last-minute Oscars boost at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California yesterday (04MAR06) when the biopic claimed three of five honours, including a Best Actor prize for PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN....

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Kong Dominates Empire Awards

2nd March 2006

PETER JACKSON's Academy Award-shunned remake of KING KONG is leading the nominations for Empire Magazine's 2006 film awards. The New Zealand-shot epic has been named in five categories including Best Film. PRIDE + PREJUDICE, CRASH,...

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Richards And Campbell Re-team For Wild Things

15th February 2006

DENISE RICHARDS and NEVE CAMPBELL are set to re-team for the another steamy installment of hit film WILD THINGS. The 1998 thriller also starred MATT DILLON, KEVIN BACON and BILL MURRAY. Producers are...

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Howard Used Childhood Abuse For Crash

7th February 2006

Actor TERRENCE HOWARD was terrorized by thugs as a five-year-old in his Cleveland, Ohio neighbourhood and had to relive those feelings of fear while filming hit movie CRASH. The actor became a target of...

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Dillon Sad For Crash Co-stars

1st February 2006

Hollywood heart-throb MATT DILLON found his Oscar nomination bittersweet yesterday (31JAN06) - because he is the only member of the CRASH cast to be nominated for a performance in PAUL HAGGIS' acclaimed deconstruction of racial...

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Giamatti To Celebrate Oscar Nod With Pistols

1st February 2006

Academy Award-nominee PAUL GIAMATTI can't wait to return to his native America after filming in Canada, so he can celebrate his Oscar nod at a shooting range. The pistol-loving actor is up against GEORGE...

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Fascinating Fact 852

17th January 2006

British writer/director PAUL HAGGIS saved money on the set of hit film CRASH by filming intimate domestic scenes between MATT DILLON's character and his father and a fight scene between THANDIE NEWTON and TERRENCE HOWARD's...

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Fascinating Fact 825

12th January 2006

CRASH star MATT DILLON got a special surprise when he appeared on ELLEN DeGENERES' US chat show yesterday (11JAN06) - the comedienne paid for a sign firm to fly a 'Good Luck Matt Dillon' banner...

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Matt Dillon Is A Christmas Grinch

23rd December 2005

Movie star MATT DILLON is a Christmas GRINCH - he refuses to buy presents for any of his six siblings. Instead the CRASH star makes a pact with his brothers and sisters so none...

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Giamatti: 'I Won't Win Globe'

19th December 2005

Actor PAUL GIAMATTI remains pessimistic of his chances of picking up a Golden Globe next month (16JAN05), despite his Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance in CINDERELLA MAN. The SIDEWAYS star, 38, is...

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The Things They Say 643

22nd November 2005

"He's one of the greatest living actors, for sure. And one of the things I've learnt as an actor growing up, from people like him, is the importance of a work ethic, commitment, focus." Actor...

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Dillon Forced Herbie Rewrite

11th November 2005

MATT DILLON forced movie bosses to rewrite the script for HERBIE: FULLY LOADED before he would agree to star in it. The actor, usually associated with serious dramatic roles, hated the idea of appearing...

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Howard Still Haunted By Racist Fight In Santa Line

8th October 2005

Actor TERRENCE HOWARD hopes his gritty new movie CRASH goes some way towards correcting America's racial stereotyping troubles - because racism left him fatherless when he was a child. The movie star, who plays...

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Fascinating Fact 195

15th September 2005

MATT DILLON will be honoured in New York City with a Gotham Award on 30 November (05) for his independent film work....

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Dillon Influenced By Buddhism

29th August 2005

CRASH star MATT DILLON has created his own tailor-made religion by mixing his Catholic heritage with his new admiration for Buddhist beliefs. The 41-year-old actor spent time filming his directorial debut CITY OF GHOSTS...

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