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De Niro's Dominican Trip

24th July 2005

Actor ROBERT DE NIRO has travelled to the Dominican Republic to meet the president, and carry out research for his new movie about the CIA, which he will direct and star in. De Niro...

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Damon Primed To Play Lance Armstrong

22nd July 2005

MATT DAMON is heading the pack in the race to play cycling champion LANCE ARMSTRONG - even the Tour De France hero wants the actor to play him. The BOURNE SUPREMACY star is a...

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Andrew Lau To Make Hollywood Debut

17th July 2005

Hong Kong movie-maker ANDREW LAU is set to make his Hollywood directorial debut with a RICHARD GERE blockbuster. Lau's hit 2003 thriller INFERNAL AFFAIRS made such an impression on America's movie moguls, they have...

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Ocean's Eleven Stars Team Up For Hotel Venture

15th July 2005

OCEAN'S ELEVEN co-stars BRAD PITT, GEORGE CLOONEY and MATT DAMON are re-teaming for another project - as investors in a new Las Vegas hotel. The screen hunks are joining forces with CINDY CRAWFORD's entrepreneur...

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Damon Considers The Bourne Ultimatum

29th June 2005

MATT DAMON is considering reprising his role in a second BOURNE IDENTITY sequel after Universal Studios bosses sealed a reported $2 million (GBP1.2 million) deal with TONY GILROY to script the movie. THE BOURNE...

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Damon Sets Up Home In Gibb's Old House

24th June 2005

THE BOURNE IDENTITY star MATT DAMON is setting up home with his girlfriend LUCIANA BARROSO, after buying the former house of late BEE GEES singer MAURICE GIBB. The Hollywood actor, who has been dating...

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Nicholson Spices Up Scorsese Movie

21st June 2005

JACK NICHOLSON helped re-write the script for his new movie with legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE, because he felt the sex scenes needed spicing up. Nicholson stars alongside MATT DAMON and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in...

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Paltrow Refuses To Watch Herself

24th May 2005

GWYNETH PALTROW hates watching herself in movies, because she despises her voice and is convinced she can't act. The OSCAR winner's irrational fear causes her to run from movie theatres or switch over TV...

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Clooney's Tv Show Cancelled

16th May 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY's improvised drama, UNSCRIPTED, which starred his ex-girlfriend KRISTA ALLEN has been cancelled. Clooney directed episodes of the well-received show on US cable but few people tuned in to watch it. But...

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Dillon Clears Up Damon Helicopter Story

7th May 2005

LATEST: Actor MATT DILLON has declared that he was the one who was fearing for his life as his helicopter plummeted - not MATT DAMON, as was recently reported. Reports had emerged that THE...

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Damon's Brush With Death

5th May 2005

Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON recently feared for his life, after his helicopter plummeted during a flight to Sweden. The GOOD WILL HUNTING star hired the helicopter to travel from Norway, where he was shooting...

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Lohan, Pitt, Uma + Jamie Lead Mtv Nominees

4th May 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN, UMA THURMAN, JAMIE FOXX and BRAD PITT will be among the stars battling it out for prizes at the 2005 MTV MOVIE AWARDS next month (JUN05) after being named among the top nominees....

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Damon Plays Polo

4th May 2005

MATT DAMON is set to play 13th century adventurer MARCO POLO in a new historical biography. WILLIAM MONAHAN, who penned the script for new 12th century crusades film KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, is writing the...

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Matt Damon Engaged?

29th April 2005

Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON has reportedly proposed to his bartender girlfriend LUCIANA BARROSO after a one year courtship. The BOURNE SUPREMACY star, 34, began dating the aspiring interior designer in April 2004 and brought...

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De Niro Predicted 9/11 Attack

29th April 2005

Movie legend ROBERT DE NIRO commissioned a script about a New York terrorist attack - three years before Islamic group AL-QAEDA's destruction of the city's Twin Towers on September 11th (01). The OSCAR winner...

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Wahlberg Slams Eminem, Affleck And Damon

18th April 2005

Hollywood hunk MARK WAHLBERG has slammed EMINEM, MATT DAMON and BEN AFFLECK for giving a false impression of tough, impoverished childhoods in their music and films. The PLANET OF THE APES star has lambasted...

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Nicholson Gets Biblical

17th April 2005

Movie veteran JACK NICHOLSON is trying to convince LEONARDO DiCAPRIO to change his name to Luke - to tie in with a biblical theme on the set of their new film. Nicholson is starring...

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Diddy's Plans For 'Black Ocean's Eleven'

28th March 2005

Hip-hop entrepreneur SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS wants to make a OCEAN'S ELEVEN-style movie starring contemporary black icons. The rapper feels the 2001 heist thriller, which boasted an ensemble cast starring GEORGE CLOONEY, MATT DAMON,...

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Damon Gets Police Training

25th March 2005

THE BOURNE SUPREMACY star MATT DAMON decided to get some hands-on experience for his upcoming role as an undercover cop, by working with members of the Massachusetts police force for three days. The actor...

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Clooney Angers Italian Neighbours

24th March 2005

Movie star GEORGE CLOONEY's Italian neighbours have reportedly hit out at his plans to buy the local beach. The OCEAN'S TWELVE star's villa in the idyllic Lake Como village of Lagli has already been...

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Affleck Signs Up Project Greenlight Loser

23rd March 2005

BEN AFFLECK has proven to be a wily businessman after picking up the rights to a movie idea that failed to make it on his reality TV show PROJECT GREENLIGHT. Wannabe screenwriters were invited...

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Brad Warns Ashton Off Pranking George

23rd March 2005

BRAD PITT has warned pal ASHTON KUTCHER off playing a practical joke on Hollywood's most notorious prankster, GEORGE CLOONEY - because the movie hunk will make his life a misery. Pitt interviewed Kutcher for...

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Damon's Sympathy For Pitt

21st March 2005

THE BOURNE SUPREMACY star MATT DAMON feels "bad" for his pal BRAD PITT, with all of the increased attention he's faced since the meltdown of his marriage to JENNIFER ANISTON. Damon, who co-starred with...

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Winslet Finally Wins Eternal Sunshine Gong

16th March 2005

Actress KATE WINSLET is thrilled she was voted the Best British Actress at Britain's EMPIRE MAGAZINE FILM AWARDS last night (13MAR05) - because they are Britain's only movie gongs chosen by the public. Winslet...

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Damon Signs On To The Bourne Ultimatum

15th March 2005

Hollywood actor MATT DAMON has confirmed he's signed up for a second sequel to THE BOURNE IDENTITY - but will happily drop out of the project if the script is anything less than brilliant....

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Damon Has No Paparazzi Problem

11th March 2005

Hollywood star MATT DAMON avoids unwanted press attention because he leads a normal when he's not working. The OCEAN'S TWELVE star has no desire to be a celebrity and he steers clear of the...

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Damon Enrages Arsenal

8th March 2005

Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON has angered fans of top English soccer team ARSENAL with outspoken comments about their attitude. Damon, a keen soccer player since his time in London during the run of NEIL...

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Clooney Bids To Buy Italian Beach

7th March 2005

Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY is reportedly at the centre of a bidding war to purchase a private beach in front of his luxurious Italian villa. The movie hunk owns a lavish mansion in the...

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Weinsteins To Tone Down Party

23rd February 2005

BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN are dropping the comic theme of their customary pre-OSCARS party this weekend (26FEB05) - to respectfully mark the end of their movie studio MIRAMAX. The swan song bash in Los...

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Nicholson To Play Irish Gang Boss

3rd February 2005

JACK NICHOLSON is joining MATT DAMON and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in their upcoming movie THE DEPARTED - as an Irish gang boss. Nicholson has met with longtime pals DiCaprio and director MARTIN SCORSESE about the...

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