Matt Healy has always had a ''God complex''.

The 1975 singer admits he often has inflated feelings about his ability particularly when it comes to dating women as he knew he wouldn't end up with someone from his native Wilmslow, Cheshire.

He said: ''I've always had this kind of, is it a God complex? This innate knowledge that I wasn't destined to be with somebody from the same proximity.''

The star - whose mother is former 'Loose Women' star Denise Welch and his father is 'Benidorm' actor Tim Healy - admits he struggles with receiving praise and often questions whether or not he is in fact the Messiah.

He told The Times newspaper: ''Am I the Messiah, you know? These kinds of questions.''

Despite struggling with adulation, the star insists has been able to remain faithful to his girlfriend, the ex of a famous musician whose identity is not known.

When asked if he's been loyal during his recent time in Ibiza, he said: ''Oh yeah. And I've not struggled with that.''