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Williams: 'Madonna Is The Girl For Me'

22nd August 2006

British singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS is afraid he will remain single forever, because no girl can ever live up to his ideal woman - MADONNA. The FEEL singer admits he is jealous of the MATERIAL girl's...

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Wilson: 'Madonna Owes Her Success To Stripping'

12th July 2005

Former BEACH BOY BRIAN WILSON believes MADONNA wouldn't have achieved anywhere near the level of success she has if she never took her clothes off. GOOD VIBRATIONS star Wilson finds it difficult to comprehend...

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Madonna Slams Jewison For Attacking Her Acting

27th April 2005

Pop legend MADONNA has slammed director NORMAN JEWISON for his scathing criticism of her acting abilities. The MOONSTRUCK film-maker attacked movie bosses for giving the MATERIAL GIRL a succession of coveted movie roles, despite...

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Penn: 'Madonna Marriage Was Miserable'

12th March 2005

Hollywood actor SEAN PENN has only bad memories of his stormy marriage to pop superstar MADONNA - he can't remember ever having a proper conversation with her. OSCAR-winning Penn endured a turbulent relationship with...

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Prince Is Music's Biggest Earner

10th February 2005

PRINCE's comeback last Spring (04) has placed him at the top of ROLLING STONE magazine's list of 2004's top earning music acts. The PURPLE RAIN singer made a staggering $57 million (GBP30 million)...

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Dion 'Horrified' Madonna's Her Relative

29th October 2004

Canadian singer CELINE DION is 'horrified' by the discovery she's related to pop queen MADONNA. Genealogist TROY DUNN uncovered the shocking link between the MATERIAL GIRL and the FALLING INTO YOU star and was...

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Williams' Sex Book To Rival Madonna's

30th September 2004

Pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS will rival MADONNA's infamous SEX book with his own tome - featuring images of himself completely naked. The ANGELS singer wanted to show off his toned new body, so...

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Skinner: I Am A Genius

2nd September 2004

The STREETS star MIKE SKINNER insists he's a genius, because he has no difficulty penning chart-topping tracks. The DRY YOUR EYES singer, 25, believes he is "SHAKESPEARE for clubbers" because his conceptual albums A...

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Madonna Urges Spears To Have Kabbalah Ceremony

26th July 2004

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS has been urged by music pal MADONNA to have a 'Kabbalah-type' wedding ceremony when she marries KEVIN FEDERLINE. Spears and father-of-two Federline got engaged in June (04) after a whirlwind...

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Ritchie's Ex Slams 'Scarlet Woman' Reputation

10th February 2004

English TV presenter TANIA STRECKER is still furious she was portrayed as "the other woman" at the beginning of ex-love GUY RITCHIE and MADONNA's relationship. The blonde beauty, who dated the film director for...

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Madonna To Join Britney On Tour

5th December 2003

MADONNA is planning to her join her new pop pal BRITNEY SPEARS on tour. The pair have developed a mother-daughter relationship since the MATERIAL GIRL worked with Britney on her last single ME AGAINST...

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Madonna To Adopt?

7th November 2003

Pop superstar MADONNA is planning to adopt a baby girl by next spring (04) - according to reports in Britain. The HOLLYWOOD hitmaker recently spoke out about the fertility problems she and film director...

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Madonna's Mind Still On Movies

25th September 2003

MADONNA still wants to continue her movie career despite the embarrassing failure of her last effort SWEPT AWAY - she's planning to star in a new musical. Fresh from her latest incarnation as a...

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Ex-beatles At Harrison Film Tribute

25th September 2003

The two surviving members of the BEATLES joined guests and family at the first screening of a documentary honouring their late bandmate GEORGE HARRISON. SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, his wife HEATHER MILLS and RINGO...

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Guy And Madonna.s Bid To Sell Swept Away

30th March 2003

MADONNA and husband GUY RITCHIE are making a fresh attempt to sell their flop flick SWEPT AWAY - by tempting fans with saucy pics of the MATERIAL GIRL. The film received such bad reviews...

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