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Brando's Ex Reveals Family Sex Secrets In New Book

5th March 2005

MARLON BRANDO's Tahitian ex-wife is set to wreck the movie great's legacy in a revealing new book by claiming he sexually abused their daughter. TARITA TERIIPIA (corr), who met and fell for the late...

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Williams Touted For Guys And Dolls

4th March 2005

Movie actor VIN DIESEL hopes to cast British pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS in his long-awaited remake of musical classic GUYS AND DOLLS. The burly hunk has been planning to film a new version of...

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Eastwood Steps Up For Dirty Harry Computer Game

24th February 2005

Legendary film-maker CLINT EASTWOOD has agreed to lend his image and voice to a new computer game based on classic 1971 movie DIRTY HARRY. Eastwood, who played vigilante cop HARRY CALLAHAN in Dirty Harry...

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Brando's Jackson Concerns

22nd February 2005

Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO allegedly expressed concern about MICHAEL JACKSON's relationships with children visitors to his California home. Jackson's cook STELLA LeMARQUE claims she overheard comments Brando - who died last July (04) -...

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Bacon Initially 'Insulted' By Six Degrees Game

17th February 2005

KEVIN BACON was initially insulted by the game 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' as he felt the creators were mocking him in order to make some easy money. The ubiquitous FOOTLOOSE actor believed the...

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Brando Is Top Gay Sex Icon

10th February 2005

MARLON BRANDO has been named the all-time sexiest movie star in a new gay poll. The late great actor beat PAUL NEWMAN and COLIN FARRELL to claim the top spot in the GAY TIMES...

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Janssen And Day-lewis To Play Superman's Mum + Dad?

10th February 2005

FAMKE JANSSEN and DANIEL DAY-LEWIS are in negotiations to play SUPERMAN's space-age mum and dad, LARA and JOR-EL, in BRYAN SINGER's SUPERMAN RETURNS. KEVIN SPACEY has already signed on to play the comic book...

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Day-lewis Is The Ultimate Film Man In New Poll

4th February 2005

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has been honoured as the Best Man in top health magazine MEN'S HEALTH first Movie Awards for portraying manhood at its best in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. The GANGS OF NEW...

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Brando Scoffed At Godfather Role

2nd February 2005

MARLON BRANDO initially rejected his OSCAR-winning role in THE GODFATHER, because he thought the film glorified the Mafia. The actor, who died last year (04), threw a copy of MARIO PUZO's novel at his...

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Brando Ex Publishes Memoirs

1st February 2005

MARLON BRANDO's third wife TARITA TERIIPAIA has exposed secrets from their ten-year marriage in her memoirs, including how the late acting legend turned his back on their mentally-disturbed daughter CHEYENNE. The GODFATHER star married...

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Depp Turned To Brando For Island Help

27th January 2005

JOHNNY DEPP turned to pal MARLON BRANDO when he was unsure about an island purchase in the Bahamas but was unable to get the reclusive movie icon's full OK before he died. The FINDING...

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Brando's Son Charged With Spousal Abuse After Intruder Mix-up

20th January 2005

MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN faces spousal abuse charges just three months after exchanging vows with his new wife DEBORAH. But his wife insists the Christmas Eve (24DEC04) incident which led to his arrest is...

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Blake 'Paranoid' About Bakley Being Near Their Child

20th January 2005

LATEST: Actor ROBERT BLAKE was "totally paranoid" about keeping his daughter away from his wife, his murder trial in Los Angeles heard yesterday (19JAN05). Prosecution witness ROBERTO RENZI told the court Blake, 71, tried...

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Caan Mocks Duhamel After Faux Pas

7th January 2005

Screen hunk JOSH DUHAMEL is constantly teased by JAMES CAAN, after asking the veteran actor if he'd ever worked with MARLON BRANDO. Duhamel was thrilled when he landed a role on TV show LAS...

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Brando Accused Of Sexual Harassment

27th December 2004

Late acting legend MARLON BRANDO's former business manager JO AN CORRALES has filed a $3.5 million (GBP1.8 million) claim against the actor's estate, accusing the OSCAR-winner of sexual harassment and breach of contract. Corrales...

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Brando To Return As Godfather

17th December 2004

Late film icon MARLON BRANDO will return from the dead to reprise his legendary role from THE GODFATHER - in a new computer game based on the film classic. The actor won an OSCAR...

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Loren Threatened To Slap Brando

6th December 2004

Italian actress SOPHIA LOREN had such a bad relationship with MARLON BRANDO on the set of their 1966 movie A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG, she once threatened to slap him in the face. Loren...

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Bullitt Tops Cool Lost

3rd December 2004

STEVE McQUEEN's movie BULLITT has been crowned the 'coolest' film of all time in a new British poll. The 1968 film was hailed for its hunky star and its soundtrack in the survey conducted...

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Pacino: 'I Owe Brando'

24th November 2004

AL PACINO is eternally grateful to MARLON BRANDO because without him he would never have made his break-through movie THE GODFATHER. The Hollywood actor was an anxious 33-year-old when he took the lead in...

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Voight's Ex Saved Deliverance

15th November 2004

Movie star JON VOIGHT credits his ex-wife MARCHELINE BERTRAND with urging him to pursue his role in epic adventure movie DELIVERANCE because he was all set to hand the part to GENE HACKMAN. The...

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Brando's Son Weds Presley's 'Daughter'

12th November 2004

MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN has married a woman who claims to be ELVIS PRESLEY's daughter. Christian, 46, exchanged nuptials with 48-year-old artist DEBORAH PRESLEY on 16 October (04) at Las Vegas' Little White Chapel....

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Brando's Road Trips

10th November 2004

MARLON BRANDO's family road trips were legendary because it would take him two weeks to get anywhere, as he insisted on stopping at every diner en route. His son MIKO reveals his best memories...

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Brando Son Linked To Jackson Case

8th November 2004

LATEST: Late movie legend MARLON BRANDO's son MIKO has been implicated in MICHAEL JACKSON's alleged plot to abduct the teenage boy who accused him of molestation, a California court has heard. Prosecutors claimed on...

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De Niro Tops Greatest Actor Poll

28th October 2004

Hollywood star ROBERT DE NIRO has been voted the greatest living actor, beating out competition from his HEAT co-star AL PACINO and JACK NICHOLSON. De Niro, the star of classics including THE GODFATHER PART...

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Brando's Estate Fights For Trademark Protection

17th October 2004

Dead movie legend MARLON BRANDO's estate has filed a trademark protection application to keep THE GODFATHER star's image intact. Producer MIKE MEDAVOY, who is the co-executor of Brando's will, insists too many people are...

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Stars Owed Cash By California

11th October 2004

MICK JAGGER, BEN AFFLECK and MARIA SHRIVER are being urged to make their way to California and claim a cheque - because they're owed unclaimed cash by the state. The stars are on a...

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Brando Tops Gangster Poll

10th October 2004

Late actor MARLON BRANDO has been voted the best movie gangster of all time, for his role in 1972 classic THE GODFATHER. In a poll for British cinema chain UCI, Brando's portrayal of DON...

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Brando Was A Huge Jackie Brown Fan

8th October 2004

Late actor MARLON BRANDO was such a huge fan of QUENTIN TARANTINO's JACKIE BROWN, he could recite a large chunk of SAMUEL L JACKSON's lines from the 1997 movie. PULP FICTION star Jackson, 55,...

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Architect Stakes Claim On Brando Island

28th September 2004

LATEST: MARLON BRANDO's family's plans to turn his private Polynesian island into a luxury tourist attraction has hit a snag - an architect has declared rights to build a home there. Brando, who died...

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Fights Over Brando's Millions

24th September 2004

Lawyers handling MARLON BRANDO's will have warned those named as beneficiaries to keep a united front or risk losing money to others claiming some of the dead actor's $21.6 million (GBP12 million) estate. At...

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