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Chan's Porn Past

5th December 2006

Martial arts star JACKIE CHAN once starred in an X-rated adult movie- but doesn't regret his porn past. The RUSH HOUR star starred in the film ALL IN THE FAMILY, 31 years ago when he...

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Sheen Auctions Brando Apology

24th November 2006

Actor CHARLIE SHEEN is auctioning a letter of apology sent to him by movie legend MARLON BRANDO. The actor invited Brando to his 26th birthday party in 1991, but the heavyweight star - who appeared...

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Kilmer Found Out Wife Was Divorcing Him On Cnn

10th November 2006

BATMAN FOREVER star VAL KILMER was shocked to find out his wife was divorcing him while watching news channel CNN on a trip to Ireland. The 46-year-old star was married to British actress JOANNE WHALLEY...

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The Things They Say 3266

6th November 2006

"I'm all that's left from THE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU." VAL KILMER ponders his own mortality following the deaths of his The Island of Dr Moreau co-stars MARLON BRANDO and NELSON DE LA ROSA.

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Superman Ii: The Other Director's Cut

1st November 2006

Time Warner plans to issue a director's cut of Superman II on Nov. 20 that will feature the work of director Richard Donner, who was fired from the movie and replaced by Richard Lester midway...

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Hugely Different Superman Ii Cut Restores Lost Brando Footage

1st November 2006

SUPERMAN II will be released in a radically different form this month (NOV06), as the director who was fired midway through filming has finally been given the chance to unveil his vision over a quarter...

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Brando's Corleone Tops Screen Gangster Poll

23rd October 2006

MARLON BRANDO's portrayal as DON VITO CORLEONE in screen classic THE GODFATHER has been voted the UK's favourite screen gangster. Brando's performance in the 1972 movie beat out competition from AL PACINO playing TONY MONTANA...

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Monroe Sought Help From Brando

22nd October 2006

MARILYN MONROE tried to prevent herself from spiralling into the depression which eventually led to her suicide by seeking help from acting contemporary MARLON BRANDO, according to recently unearthed letters. Monroe had planned to establish...

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Brando Blasts Address Book 'Lies'

7th September 2006

LATEST: MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN has slammed reports he placed his late father's address book up for sale on On Tuesday (04SEP06), the New York Post's Page Six column claimed Christian, 48, placed the...

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Brando Son Still Fuming Over Blake Accusations

7th September 2006

MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN insists he'll never forget how ROBERT BLAKE tried to blame him for the murder of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY. The BARETTA star's lawyers suggested Christian was involved in the murder...

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Brando Son Sold Celebrity Contacts

5th September 2006

MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN allegedly sold his late father's address book of celebrity contact details to a mystery buyer. reports the buyer then tried to sell the Rolodex on online auction eBay before Christian's...

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Brando 'Taped' Private Chats

18th August 2006

Late screen legend MARLON BRANDO secretly taped meetings with friends, in which he encouraged them to reveal personal details, according to a long-term pal. The GODFATHER star's pal and former make-up man PHILIP RHODES recalls...

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Hoskins Relieved By Brando's Death

17th August 2006

BOB HOSKINS was relieved when movie icon MARLON BRANDO died in 2004 because the tragedy scuppered a $5 million (GBP2.8 million) interview the Brit was supposed to conduct with his hero. The MONA LISA star...

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Nicholson To Demolish Brando Home

8th August 2006

JACK NICHOLSON is planning to knock down MARLON BRANDO's former Los Angeles estate and plant flower beds on the property which neighbours his home. THE SHINING actor bought the property for $6.1 million (GBP2.4 million)...

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Brando Advised Depp On Island Buying Protocol

28th July 2006

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star JOHNNY DEPP turned to his pal MARLON BRANDO when he was considering purchasing his own private island in the Bahamas. Brando fell in love with Tahiti while filming MUTINY ON...

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Brando Auction Opens Door On Legend's Life

27th July 2006

MARLON BRANDO's personal script from movie THE GODFATHER is among a collection of the movie legend's possessions being auctioned in America later this year (06). Around 100 items, including Brando's harmonica, his BAFTA award for...

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Comedian Red Button Dies At 87

14th July 2006

Veteran comedian Red Buttons, whose career began in the "Borscht Belt" circuit of Catskill resorts catering to Jewish families in the 1930s, then moved on to television, motion pictures, and Friars Club roasts, died Thursday...

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Jackson's 'Brando' Tapes Heard In Court

6th July 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON allegedly demanded huge sums of money from former business associate MARC SCHAFFEL in a bid to work on a video collaboration with MARLON BRANDO, according to tapes heard in a Santa Monica, California...

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Brando Estate Sued By Assistant

4th July 2006

MARLON BRANDO's former assistant is suing the late actor's estate for $2 million (GBP1.1 million) after it evicted her from a house she claims the GODFATHER star gave her. ANGELA BORLAZA worked for Brando from...

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Depp To Carry Out Brando's Last Wish

3rd July 2006

JOHNNY DEPP wants to put Hollywood on hold so he can live out the dying wish of late movie icon MARLON BRANDO by playing HAMLET in a theatre production. Brando warned THE PIRATES OF THE...

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Marlon Brando, The Action Figure

29th June 2006

Not only is Marlon Brando making his final appearance in Superman Returns -- director Bryan Singer created it from outtakes from the original 1978 Superman in which Brando played Jor-El, Superman's father -- but he...

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Brando To Return As Superman Action Figure

29th June 2006

Late movie heavyweight MARLON BRANDO is to be honoured for his part in the SUPERMAN franchise - by being turned into an action figure. Brando's JOR-EL character from the original 1978 Superman movie will feature...

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Depp Guided By Brando And Thompson

27th June 2006

JOHNNY DEPP credits the memories of two important figures in his life - legendary actor MARLON BRANDO and iconic journalist HUNTER S THOMPSON, for helping him make major decisions in his life. Depp co-starred with...

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Hopkins To Star As Brando In Biopic

22nd June 2006

Welsh actor SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is reportedly piling on the pounds to star in a biopic of late screen legend MARLON BRANDO. The 68-year-old will play Brando in his later years. APOCALYPSE NOW star Brando...

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The Things They Say 2130

31st May 2006

"He was full of rubbish and he tried to intimidate you, but I wasn't afraid of him... I loved him." DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR remembers fellow movie legend MARLON BRANDO.

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Brando Fined For Court Outbursts

29th May 2006

MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN has been fined $1,000 (GBP555) for his unruly behaviour during the ROBERT BLAKE civil trial. Christian was held in contempt of court after he was called in as a witness in...

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Brando's Last Movie Back On

26th May 2006

Shooting has resumed on Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO's last ever movie. The GODFATHER star had completed all his scenes for BRANDO when he died in July 2004. But filmmaker RIDHA BEHI closed the project, about...

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Brando's Son Cited For Contempt Of Court

26th April 2006

The son of late actor MARLON BRANDO has been ordered to appear in court next month (MAY06) to answer charges of contempt. CHRISTIAN BRANDO has been accused of illegally interfering with court proceedings while testifying...

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Banderas To Return To The Stage As Don Juan

10th April 2006

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS will make his return to the Broadway stage to star in the musical version of the 1995 MARLON BRANDO and JOHNNY DEPP film DON JUAN DeMARCO. The Spanish movie hunk, who wowed...

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Diesel Slams Gay Rumours

29th March 2006

Hollywood action star VIN DIESEL has slammed rumours he is gay and remains defiant about keeping his personal life private. The XXX star is notoriously guarded when it comes to his romantic relationships. He explains,...

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