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Jay-z's Weighty Ambition

29th August 2010

Jay-Z plans to get fat. The 40-year-old rapper - who 'retired' from music in 2003 to take up the position of CEO of Def Jam records before making a comeback -already has a "Marlon Brando...

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Tug-of-love Over Brando's Ashes

9th August 2010

MARLON BRANDO's ex-wife ANNA KASHFI has launched an extraordinary legal battle over the movie icon's ashes - claiming her son's former girlfriend is refusing to hand them back to her.The Wild One star's remains were...

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Shots Fired At Brando's Stand-in After Oscars

9th August 2010

The Native American activist who appeared at the 1973 Academy Awards in place of MARLON BRANDO insists the famous protest put her life in danger.The actor won an Oscar for his performance in The Godfather...

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Nicolas Cage's Co-star Love

16th July 2010

Nicolas Cage prefers working with young actors.The 46-year-old star admits he enjoyed his time with Jay Baruchel on 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' because he brings energy to a set and wasn't afraid to improvise if the...

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Brando & Quinn Exhibition To Tour The World

22nd June 2010

Late movie greats MARLON BRANDO and ANTHONY QUINN are joining forces from beyond the grave to feature in a new exhibition of rare and unseen photographs.Officials of the estate of photographer Sam Shaw have teamed...

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Brando Trustees Sue For Leather Jacket Cash

24th May 2010

The trustees of MARLON BRANDO's estate have filed suit against a clothing company over the unlicensed use of the Brando name in the marketing of a new leather jacket range.Brando Enterprises has filed a lawsuit...

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Brando's Ex Sues Over Son's Death

23rd January 2010

MARLON BRANDO's ex-wife ANNA KASHFI is taking legal action against a Los Angeles hospital over the death of their son CHRISTIAN BRANDO.Kashfi, who was married to the late Hollywood star for two years until 1959,...

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Marlon Brando's Jackie Affair

15th January 2010

Marlon Brando had an affair with Jackie Collins when she was just 15.The author - now 72 - has admitted that she dated the Hollywood icon briefly in 1954 after meeting him at a showbiz...

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Brando Bedded Underage Collins After Party

14th January 2010

Novelist JACKIE COLLINS had a brief affair with movie legend MARLON BRANDO when she was just 15.The author was out partying in Hollywood with big sister Joan Collins when she caught the eye of the...

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Brando Lands Bike Deal

13th November 2009

Movie icon MARLON BRANDO has landed a lucrative motorbike gear deal from beyond the grave.The administrators of the star's estate have signed off on a new project with bosses at Triumph Motorcycles to debut Brando-related...

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Al Martino Dies

14th October 2009

American singer Al Martino has died.The crooner - who scored the first UK number one with his single 'Here In My Heart' - passed away yesterday (13.10.09) at the age of 82 at his Philadelphia...

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Brando & Kelly's Home Movies To Hit The Big Screen

7th October 2009

Rarely seen home movies shot by and featuring MARLON BRANDO, GENE KELLY and the late NATALIE WOOD are to be screened as part of a quirky one-day film festival in Hollywood.The candid footage will screen...

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On The Waterfront Writer Schulberg Dead At 95

6th August 2009

Budd Schulberg, who won a best-original-screenplay Oscar for On the Waterfront and penned the must-read-if-you're-in-the-movie-business novel What Makes Sammy Run, died Wednesday in New York of natural causes at age 95. Only last week, he...

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Brando's Daughter-in-law Loses Estate Appeal

5th August 2009

MARLON BRANDO's former daughter-in-law has lost her appeal to overturn the late movie icon's will and dismiss the executors he listed.Deborah Brando's third attempt to "disturb the closed estate" of Marlon Brando was ruled improper...

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The Things They Say 12827

8th July 2009

"I lost my friend; I lost my whole world... I've lost the best man at my wedding; my daughter's lost her godfather. The Brandos have lost a special family member and our hearts are numb...

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Michael Jackson's Death Debt

30th June 2009

Michael Jackson owed at least $300 million when he died.The 'Thriller' singer - who passed away last Thursday (25.06.09) after a suspected cardiac arrest - was allegedly pleading with banks to lend him even more...

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Brando 'Angry' Over Media's Negative Jackson Stories

30th June 2009

MARLON BRANDO's son has slammed the media for publishing negative stories about MICHAEL JACKSON since his death - because the music legend isn't around to defend himself.Miko Brando, The Godfather legend's second eldest son, was...

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New Book Reveals Brando's 'Affair' With Jackie O

25th June 2009

Former U.S. president JOHN F. KENNEDY's wife JACQUELINE had an affair with movie legend MARLON BRANDO the year after her husband was assassinated, according to a new book.Brando is reported to have bedded the iconic...

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Coppola Blasts Brando's Bad Reputation

9th June 2009

Late acting legend MARLON BRANDO was a misunderstood eccentric, according to FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA, the director who knew him best.Coppola cast Brando in two of his most famous roles as mafia boss Don Vito Corleone...

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Elvis Pills Up For Auction

27th May 2009

Rare items of showbiz memorabilia including ELVIS PRESLEY's pill bottles, MARILYN MONROE's mirror, and a store card belonging to MARLON BRANDO are to be auctioned off in Las Vegas.More than 150 items from the Some...

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Newman's Secret Sex Life The Subject Of Scandalous New Expose

14th May 2009

PAUL NEWMAN has been 'outed' from beyond the grave by MARLON BRANDO, according to writer Darwin Porter's scandalous new book on the late movie legend. Porter interviewed Brando about Newman before the acting great died in...

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Medavoy Sick Of Brando 'Crazies'

5th May 2009

Movie mogul MIKE MEDAVOY has finds managing late pal MARLON BRANDO's estate is as much a curse as an honour - because he spends so much time disputing outrageous claims for the acting legend's fortune. Since...

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The Things The Say:

3rd May 2009

"I'm no MARLON BRANDO, but I'm, like, Spock's mom." WINONA RYDER loves her cameo role in the new STAR TREK movie....

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Top Licensing Company Lands Brando Contract

20th April 2009

MARLON BRANDO's estate keepers have appointed a California licensing agency to take care of the movie icon's legacy. Movie mogul Mike Medavoy and other friends and associates of the late star who were named trustees of...

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Brando Was Refused Tv Job

22nd December 2008

GODFATHER star MARLON BRANDO reportedly tried to land a job as a daytime TV presenter shortly before his death in a bid to boost his bank balance. According to the actor's former assistant, Brando contemplated...

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Brando Was Godfather Mooning Champ

15th December 2008

Acting legends MARLON BRANDO and ROBERT DUVALL lightened the mood on the set of the GODFATHER by flashing their backsides at other cast and crewmembers. James Caan, who played Brando's onscreen son Santino 'Sonny' Corleone...

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Brando 'Battled Bulimia'

4th December 2008

Late movie legend MARLON BRANDO battled eating disorder bulimia for most of his adult life, according to a new book about the GODFATHER star. Brando's longtime personal assistant Alice Marchak has opened up about her...

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Curtis Blasts Hollywood Over Early Roles

15th October 2008

Veteran actor TONY CURTIS has slammed film bosses for denying him challenging movie parts in favour of PAUL NEWMAN and MARLON BRANDO. The legendary lothario is adamant Hollywood chiefs hampered his career by always casting...

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Brando Architect Opens Up About Star's Odd Plans

15th October 2008

Eccentric movie legend MARLON BRANDO wanted an aquarium stocked with six-foot sharks and moray eels, according to the craftsman who helped the actor design the Polynesian retreat that was never realised. Maverick architect Harry Gesner...

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Dead Stars To Star Again In Movies?

13th August 2008

It is now possible to produce a new movie starring Marlon Brando -- a virtual Marlon Brando, according to Neil Dessau, chief marketing officer for Advanced Micro Devices. Unveiling the company's new ATI Radeon graphics...

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