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Native Americans Pay Tribute To Marlon Brando

5th July 2004

American Indians are among those mourning the death of MARLON BRANDO because he was known as "a great warrior". The actor lost his life on Thursday (01JUL04) after battling lung failure and among the...

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Brando Death Mystery

4th July 2004

A mystery surrounds the death of acting legend MARLON BRANDO on Thursday (1JUN04) after rumours began circulating he committed suicide. The 80-year-old was found dead at his Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles home, after suffering...

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Anguish Of Marlon Brando's 'Love Child'

4th July 2004

A woman claiming to be MARLON BRANDO's love child fought with security guards to get into his mansion just hours after he died on Thursday (1JUL04). LISA WARMER, 39, insists she is the screen...

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Brando Tribute From Godfather Co-star Duvall

2nd July 2004

MARLON BRANDO's THE GODFATHER co-star ROBERT DUVALL has paid tribute to the late legend, calling him a "godfather" for hungry young stars. Duvall admits he was "sad" to hear of the passing of Brando,...

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Marlon Brando Dead At 80

2nd July 2004

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO has died, aged 80. The OSCAR-winning actor was reportedly $20 million (GBP11.1 million) in debt and living as a recluse when he passed away last night (01JUL04) on his private...

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Brando's Court Battle Over Assistant's Money 'Gift'

29th June 2004

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO has reached a tentative agreement in a lawsuit filed by his ex-personal assistant - who claims he made her repay a loan given as a gift. Brando's employee of...

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Brando '$20 Million In Debt' According To Book

29th June 2004

Screen legend MARLON BRANDO owes nearly $20 million (GBP11 million) and has hidden his two ACADEMY AWARDS from debt-collectors - according to a new book about the actor. BRANDO IN TWILIGHT by PATRICIA RUIZ...

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Brando Dreams Of Nuns

29th June 2004

Legendary actor MARLON BRANDO was attracted to women he thought he didn't stand a chance of success with - and used to dream of wooing a nun. The GODFATHER star, now 80, was the...

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Brando Takes On Feminine Role

13th June 2004

Legendary actor MARLON BRANDO is set to make a bizarre return to the big screen - as a woman. The 80-year-old screen veteran is planning to play an elderly lady in the new animated...

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Celebrity Trash Exhibition

2nd June 2004

A lavish restaurant is controversially exhibiting photographs of revealing rubbish stolen from the garbage bins of celebrities including MADONNA, MEL GIBSON, TOM CRUISE, MARLON BRANDO, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, and MICHAEL JACKSON. The New York-based...

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Brando To Play Himself

20th May 2004

Heavyweight Hollywood star MARLON BRANDO is returning to the big screen - to play himself. The 80-year-old has agreed to his first film role since 2001's THE SCORE, which will follow a young boy...

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Scattered Ashes In Paradise Is Brando's Final Wish

21st April 2004

Eccentric movie legend MARLON BRANDO wants his ashes scattered on the South Pacific paradise of Tetiaroa (corr) when he dies because only two people live there. THE GODFATHER star, who is suffering from congestive...

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Brando's Corleone Voted Best Movie Character

14th April 2004

MARLON BRANDO's portrayal of mob boss VITO CORLEONE in celluloid classic THE GODFATHER has been voted the most memorable movie character in history. The mafia don from FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA's OSCAR-winning 1972 film...

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Kutcher Pays Tribute To His Favourite Womanisers

13th April 2004

Hollywood actor ASHTON KUTCHER has heralded JACK NICHOLSON, WARREN BEATTY and MARLON BRANDO as the greatest womanisers of all time. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT star, 26, who is dating 41-year-old actress DEMI MOORE, warns aspiring...

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Dreamers Star's Porno Worry

18th February 2004

Hollywood actor MICHAEL PITT worries for the man who rents out BERNARDO BERTOLUCCI's controversial seventies drama LAST TANGO IN PARIS with the hope of a good time. Pitt, who stars in director Bertolucci's latest...

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Ill Brando

9th February 2004

Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO has appeared in public wheelchair-bound and looking frail and ill. The APOCALYPSE NOW star was snapped on his way to be treated for his failing eyesight, which is thought to...

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Blake Blames Brando Son For Slaying Bakley

4th February 2004

Murder suspect ROBERT BLAKE has blamed MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN for the death of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY. Blake is standing trial for the murder of actress Bakley, who was fatally shot while...

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Brando Finally Loses Bulge

9th January 2004

Eccentric Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO has lost a staggering 38 kilograms (6 stone) in weight, after rediscovering his will to live and dieting. The GODFATHER OSCAR-winner, 79, has struggled with his weight for years...

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Stone And Pesci Love Scene Voted Worst Ever

5th January 2004

Hollywood beauty SHARON STONE's romp with vertically challenged tough guy JOE PESCI has been voted the worst love scene of all time. The scene from MARTIN SCORSESE's 1995 movie CASINO beat out competition...

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Hope Lange Dies

22nd December 2003

PEYTON PLACE OSCAR nominee HOPE LANGE has died - she was 70. The veteran actress - who played opposite Hollywood legends MARLON BRANDO, JOAN CRAWFORD and MARILYN MONROE in her illustrious career - passed...

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Michael Jackson To Star With Brando + Taylor?

16th December 2003

Troubled pop star MICHAEL JACKSON plans to branch out into movies, playing 19th century writer EDGAR ALLEN POE. The THRILLER singer - who's being investigated on child molestation charges - has been hoping to...

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Lawyers Submit Possible Blake Witness List

7th December 2003

ROBERT BLAKE's lawyer has submitted a list of 670 possible witnesses the defence may call on to testify in the actor's trial on charges of murdering his wife. Attorney THOMAS MESEREAU JR declined to...

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Nebraska Theatre Honours Henry Fonda

25th November 2003

Late actor HENRY FONDA is to be honoured with commemorative street signs near a theatre in which he began his career. Fonda was encouraged to try acting at Nebraska's OMAHA COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE by MARLON...

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Marlon Brando Prepares For Death

26th October 2003

Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO has told family and friends he is ready to die, and has written the script for his own funeral. The 79-year-old has reportedly been preparing for death since being told...

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Love Gets A Dental Makeover

20th October 2003

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE has treated herself to a dental makeover - to make up for the fact she had rotten teeth as a teen. The former HOLE star admits she was reluctant to smile...

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Courtney Love's Troubles Explained

13th October 2003

COURTNEY LOVE's publicist has declared the rock widow is "fine", insisting reports surrounding her recent drug-fuelled antics have been "blown out of proportion". Love, widow of NIRVANA frontman KURT COBAIN, was due in court...

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Frank Oz's Tense Remake

2nd October 2003

Filming on NICOLE KIDMAN's new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES has descended into chaos after a number of violent rows between the cast and crew. Director FRANK OZ has confessed tensions are high on the...

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The Godfather Is The Greatest

17th September 2003

Classic gangster movie THE GODFATHER has topped yet another poll to find the best film ever. Readers of men's magazine ESQUIRE voted the MARLON BRANDO cult favourite the Best Film in the magazine's current...

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Brando's Son Moves Into Homeless Shelter

8th September 2003

MARLON BRANDO's troubled son CHRISTIAN has checked into a homeless shelter in Longview, Washington, because he fears for his safety after being linked to the murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY. Actor ROBERT BLAKE's defence...

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Madonna Scene Voted Most Unsexy Ever

2nd September 2003

The sight of MADONNA pouring hot candle wax over her lover WILLEM DAFOE in BODY OF EVIDENCE has been named the most unsexy scene of all time. Movie experts at British magazine EMPIRE place...

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