Markus Feehily ''wouldn't have written'' Westlife's songs.

The 35-year-old singer insists he doesn't dislike his former group's material, but he prefers staying true to himself on his new solo album.

He said: ''I don't dislike any Westlife songs but I wouldn't have written them.

''I've made a conscious decision not to compare my solo career to Westlife though, it would be unhealthy to try to emulate that juggernaut.''

Despite still being on good terms with the rest of the group, Markus admits they are not really in contact with one another.

Asked how much he sees his former bandmates, he said: ''Not much at all. There's no animosity. It's just the way life goes.''

And the Irish singer insists it's just a coincidence that his solo work will go up against former Westlife stars Brian McFadden and Shane Filan's and he doesn't want a ''scrap''.

He told OK! magazine: ''It's a coincidence and I hope people don't make it into a chart battle as they did between Westlife and the Spice Girls.

''I don't mind a bit of fun banter but I don't want to be involved in any scraps as I love the lads.

''Shane's duet with Nadine Coyle is great, as is Brian's single.''