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Benedict Cumberbatch Stuns As Alan Turing In 'The Imitation Game' Trailer

By Michael West | 21st July 2014

It appears Benedict Cumberbatch has thrown his hat in the ring for next year's Oscars, playing Alan Turing in the forthcoming drama The Imitation Game. The movie tells the story of the legendary code-breaker and...

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Movie Villains' Car Advert Banned

16th July 2014

An advert for Jaguar cars featuring movie villains Tom Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong has been banned over fears it could promote irresponsible driving.The Tv commercial featured appearances from all three British stars...

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Penelope Cruz To Star In Grimsby?

10th July 2014

Penelope Cruz could be set to join the cast of 'Grimsby'.The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actress is in final negotiations to join Sacha Baron Cohen in the upcoming Sony spy comedy, according to The Hollywood...

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'Before I Go To Sleep': Nicole Kidman Is An Amnesiac With A Mystery To Solve In Tense Thriller

By Lauren James | 4th July 2014

All sour memories of Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco are about to be forgotten as she gives an unforgettably unsettling performance in new thriller Before I Go To Sleep. Like 50 First Dates meets...

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Benedict Cumberbatch And Keira Knightley In New Pictures From 'The Imitation Game'

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th June 2014

New pictures have surfaced of Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Mark Strong and Charles Dance starring in The Imitation Game, the World War II drama directed by Norwegian filmmaker Morten Tyldum.The Imitation Game,’ tells the story...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Adds To 'Grimsby' Cast With Mcshane, Harewood, Sidibe And Vegas

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th June 2014

Sacha Baron Cohen’s spoof spy comedy, ‘Grimsby’, is beginning to take shape. According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Ian McShane (Hercules) David Harewood (Homeland), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) and English comedian Johnny Vegas have all been...

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Mark Strong To Star In 'Grimsby' Opposite Sacha Baron Cohen

25th April 2014

Mark Strong is set to star in 'Grimsby'.The 'Green Lantern' actor is currently in negotiations to star opposite Sacha Baron Cohen in the comedy as a Black-op spy who is forced to go on the...

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Mark Strong Was Relieved By Tv Series Cancellation

1st April 2014

British actor Mark Strong was relieved when he learned his Tv series Low Winter Sun had been cancelled after just one series.The show, which was adapted from the British series of the same name, was...

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Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs? Other Actors Who Could Suit The Role

By Sophie Miskiw | 25th March 2014

Let’s hope the next attempt at making a movie about the life of American entrepreneur and late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is an improvement on the last one. Ashton Kutcher tackled the role in...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Lands 3m Ad Deal

17th January 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger will earn $3 million to star in an advertisement.The 'Terminator' actor has agreed to star in a humorous Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light and will pick up the huge pay cheque for...

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Mark Strong To Return To London Stage After 12-Year Absence

14th January 2014

British actor Mark Strong is to return to his theatre roots in London more than 10 years after his last stint on stage.The Zero Dark Thirty star, who began his acting career with Britain's Royal...

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Bryan Cranston Wants Lex Luthor Role

14th August 2013

Bryan Cranston wants to play Lex Luthor in the 'Man of Steel' sequel.The 'Breaking Bad' actor would love to play the iconic arch nemesis of Superman in the comic book franchise and has told producers...

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Mark Strong To Play Lex Luthor In Man Of Steel Sequel?

12th August 2013

British actor Mark Strong has fuelled reports suggesting he is set to portray Superman's arch nemesis Lex Luthor in the Man Of Steel sequel after refusing to confirm or deny the casting rumours.The Sherlock Holmes...

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Can 'Low Winter Sun' Really Make Detroit The New Baltimore?

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th August 2013

You can’t really pair up an African-American actor with a white British one, make them cops and have them roam around a crime-ravage city cracking wise, quaffing Joe and investigate murders without comparisons to The...

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'Justin And The Knights Of Valour' Attempts To Break A Crowded Marketplace [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th July 2013

It’s been a pretty solid year for animated features so far; Wreck it Ralph, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University all performed solidly with the critics and in the box office. But it hasn’t been...

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Mark Strong For Man Of Steel 2?

25th June 2013

Mark Strong is reportedly being considered to play Lex Luthor in 'Man of Steel 2'.The 'Kick-Ass' actor is said to be director Zack Snyder's favourite choice for the iconic role of Superman's arch nemesis in...

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The Things They Say: 3561519

18th March 2013

"We nearly got together on Skyfall, but watch this space... It would be great and I would love to do that. We will have to see what gets written." Actor Mark Strong is keen to...

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Andrea Riseborough: Men Have Always Dominated Acting

11th March 2013

Andrea Riseborough says acting has always been male-dominated.The 31-year-old star was unfazed by her work on 'Welcome to the Punch' despite being surrounded by men in the cast and explained the industry has been a...

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Eran Creevy Inspired By Hong Kong Action For Welcome To The Punch

6th March 2013

Eran Creevy was inspired by Hong Kong action cinema for 'Welcome To The Punch'.The director's latest film - which stars James McAvoy as a cop chasing after mastermind criminal Mark Strong with the help of...

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The Things They Say: 3540576

6th March 2013

"I'm not a big fan of automatic weapons. I've got two boys who I'm training not to be interested in that stuff." British actor Mark Strong insists he's not a fan of weapons even though...

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Mark Strong Disappointed By Oscars

5th March 2013

Mark Strong is still disappointed about the Oscars.The 'Zero Dark Thirty' star believes the movie's director Kathryn Bigelow deserved to be nominated for Best Director at the prestigious ceremony last month and that the film...

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Colin Firth Joins Nicole Kidman In Before I Go To Sleep

7th February 2013

Colin Firth has joined the cast of 'Before I Go To Sleep'.The 'Love Actually' star will play Nicole Kidman's secretive husband in the big screen adaptation of British author S.J. Watson's bestseller about a woman...

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Mark Strong: John Carter Looked Dated

22nd January 2013

Mark Strong thinks 'John Carter' flopped because it looked dated.The actor, who played the leader of a White Martian race called the Therns in last year's action-adventure, thinks critics were very ''harsh'' on the film,...

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Dominic West Got Tyrant Inspiration From Son

2nd March 2012

Dominc West got the inspiration for playing a tyrant from his two-year-old son. The 42-year-old actor has three children with wife Catherine Fitzgerald, Dora, five, Senan, three and Francis, two, and admitted his evil 'John...

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Mark Strong's Race To Read Kathryn Bigelow's Bin Laden Script

9th February 2012

British actor Mark Strong raced against the clock to read the script for Kathryn Bigelow's top-secret Osama Bin Laden movie before it was automatically deleted from his computer.The Hurt Locker director has teamed up with...

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The Things They Say 22423

28th July 2011

"I had a panic recently where I thought, 'If my phone ever got stolen, I've got everybody's name in there'. So I very cunningly decided to change all the names to initials, and now I...

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James Mcavoy To Star In New Thriller

24th June 2011

James McAvoy is set to star in new thriller 'Trance'.The 'X-Men: First Class' actor is in talks to take on one of the lead roles of the Danny Boyle-directed movie as original favourite Michael Fassbender...

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Green Lantern Movie Official Trailer Hits The Web

22nd November 2010

The official trailer for the upcoming superhero movie 'Green Lantern', starring RYAN REYNOLDS has official been released, sparking a flurry of online activity with fans anxious to see what the latest DC Comics adaptation has...

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Strong Sets His Sights On Bond Villain Role

4th May 2010

British actor MARK STRONG is eyeing his next villainous role - he's eager to play a BOND baddie opposite his pal DANIEL CRAIG.The Sherlock Holmes star is famed for portraying sinister characters, and kick-started his...

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