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Ronson Denies Winehouse Music Video Fallout

6th September 2007

AMY WINEHOUSE's producer MARK RONSON has dismissed reports he was angry the troubled singer recently snubbed his music video shoot to go on holiday with her husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. Ronson, who produced Winehouse's hit album...

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Winehouse Misses Film Shoot For Holiday

29th August 2007

Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE snubbed a MARK RONSON film shoot for her new single - to go on holiday with husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL instead. The singer, who was reported to have checked out in and...

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Ronson 'Honoured' By Dylan Blessing

28th July 2007

LATEST: British super-producer MARK RONSON has spoken of his "honour" at becoming the first artist to receive BOB DYLAN's approval for a remix. Ronson has created a hip-hop version of classic 1966 song Most Likely...

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Ronson Snubs Dylan For Winehouse

19th July 2007

British super-producer MARK RONSON has turned down the opportunity to work with BOB DYLAN and PAUL WELLER to ensure he has enough studio time with AMY WINEHOUSE. The New York-based star has been offered the...

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Ronson Was Drunk At Cruise/holmes Wedding

10th July 2007

Super-producer MARK RONSON drank so much at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding he had to stop the car to vomit while driving back to his hotel. The DJ was hired by the Hollywood stars...

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Ronson Eyes Bond Job

2nd July 2007

British music producer MARK RONSON is hoping AMY WINEHOUSE will sing the next JAMES BOND theme tune - so he can produce the track. Ronson - who is the brainchild behind Winehouse's chart success -...

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Greenwald's Glastonbury Scaffolding Scare

25th June 2007

Super producer MARK RONSON's first Glastonbury set was almost halted prematurely when his guest star ALEX GREENWALD broke health and safety regulations by scaling the stage rigging. Greenwald, lead singer of Californian rock band Phantom...

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Ronson Hails Burgess For Glastonbury Collaboration

25th June 2007

British super producer MARK RONSON has heaped praise on THE CHARLATANS' TIM BURGESS for making a Transatlantic trek to appear on stage with him at Glastonbury. Earlier this year (07) Ronson released an album of...

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Ronson Receives Death Threats Following Smiths Cover

28th April 2007

Music producer MARK RONSON has received death threats after covering a SMITHS track as his first single. The hip-hop star has released a mish-mash of The Smiths' Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This...

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Ronson: 'Jacko Is A Big Kid'

23rd April 2007

Music producer MARK RONSON has likened troubled superstar MICHAEL JACKSON to an 11-year-old kid, blaming the singer's eccentric behaviour on his difficult childhood. The STOP ME hitmaker - whose socialite parents used to throw regular...

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Ronson's Cruise Djing Fears

19th April 2007

Producer MARK RONSON feared his DJing skills would not impress Hollywood A-listers when he spun tunes at TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' wedding. The STOP ME hitmaker was asked to mix at the November (06)...

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Ronson Dismisses Pussycat Dolls

18th April 2007

US producer MARK RONSON is determined he will never work with THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS, labelling the six-piece as "not genuine". The New York producer has worked with everyone from Robbie Williams and Amy Winehouse to...

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Ronson Regrets Slamming 'Annoying' Stone

17th April 2007

Music producer MARK RONSON regrets labelling soul star JOSS STONE as "annoying" - after reading the headlines his comments made. The DJ criticised the 19-year-old singer after she wrote a 7,000 word thank you list...

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Ronson Fumes About Mccartney Rumours

13th April 2007

Music producer MARK RONSON is furious about claims in the media he grew up among a host of musical icons SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY, MICHAEL JACKSON and THE BEE GEES. Ronson - who has worked with...

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Ronson: 'I'm Not Stoned - Just Mellow'

13th April 2007

Producer MARK RONSON has blasted claims that his chilled-out attitude is a result of smoking marijuana, insisting he's a naturally "mellow" person. The New Yorker DJ - who admits he can be quite clumsy -...

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Williams Wanted To Smack Arctic Monkeys

12th April 2007

Troubled singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS wanted to smack guitar band ARCTIC MONKEYS after they blasted his producer pal MARK RONSON. The I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor band aren't fans of Ronson's new single...

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Fascinating Fact 3095

11th April 2007

DJ/producer MARK RONSON's advertising for his new album VERSION banned from the London Underground railway. Tube bosses thought the design, which imitates a torn flyer, would encourage graffiti and vandalism....

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Ronson: 'Morrissey Approves Of Stop Me Remix'

11th April 2007

Producer MARK RONSON has responded to criticism of his cover of THE SMITHS' song STOP ME IF THINK YOU'VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE, claiming MORRISSEY himself approved of the remix. Ronson was forced to defend...

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Ronson Slams 'Annoying' Stone

6th April 2007

Super producer MARK RONSON has dubbed singer JOSS STONE "really annoying" after she wrote a 7,000 word thankyou list in the sleevenotes for her new album. Ronson - who has worked with AMY WINEHOUSE and...

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Arctic Monkeys Dismiss Ronson Cover

5th April 2007

English rockers ARCTIC MONKEYS has slammed producer MARK RONSON's new single STOP ME, labelling the track a "f**king R+B cover version". Ronson, who has produced for LILY ALLEN and AMY WINEHOUSE, has mish-mashed THE SMITHS'...

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Ronson: 'Britney Will Come Back'

26th March 2007

British music producer MARK RONSON has joined the ranks of celebrities showing support for troubled pop singer BRITNEY SPEARS, and believes she has the willpower to bounce back from her recent problems. Ronson - who...

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Ronson Pours Praise On Winehouse

21st March 2007

US producer MARK RONSON is convinced British singer AMY WINEHOUSE will be a huge success in the US because her music and style are so unique. Ronson, who worked with the REHAB star on her...

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Williams' Studio Haven

18th February 2007

Singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS is only truly at peace with himself when he's in the studio, according to his producer pal MARK RONSON. The FEEL hitmaker was admitted to The Meadows rehabilitation clinic in Arizona last...

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The Things They Say 4075

17th February 2007

"SEAN LENNON used to be my best friend. He lived just down the road from me. We'd go and visit MICHAEL JACKSON together all the time." Producer MARK RONSON, who has worked with KANYE WEST,...

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Mos Def Loves Williams' Rudebox

16th February 2007

ROBBIE WILLIAMS' latest album RUDEBOX may have been a commercial flop, but he has found a new fan in rapper MOS DEF. Producer MARK RONSON, who worked with the FEEL singer on the flop album,...

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Allen Reveals Williams' Star Treatment

18th August 2006

British chart sensation LILY ALLEN was amazed when she collaborated with ROBBIE WILLIAMS, because the ANGELS hitmaker has an employee to sweeten his hot drinks. The SMILE singer has collaborated with Williams on a number...

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Hartnett Dates Quincy Jones' Daughter

3rd September 2004

Hollywood heart-throb JOSH HARTNETT has embarked on a hot new romance - with QUINCY JONES' actress daughter RASHIDA. The pair recently split from their longtime loves - Hartnett from high school sweetheart ELLEN FENSTER...

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