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Blink-182 Start Work On New Album

15th July 2014

Blink-182 have started work on a new album.The American pop/punk band are back in the studio and have begun early sessions and rehearsals for their long-awaited seventh studio album.Guitarist-and-vocalist Tom DeLonge made a post on...

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Arctic Monkeys To Headline Reading And Leeds Festivals

4th February 2014

Arctic Monkeys will headline this year's Reading and Leeds Festivals.The band - which includes frontman Alex Turner, guitarist Jamie Cook, drummer Matt Helders and bassist Nick O'Malley - are returning to the event after they...

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Blink 182 To Headline Reading And Leeds

4th December 2013

Blink 182 are to headline Reading and Leeds Festival 2014. BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe revealed on his show last night (03.12.13) the 'What's My Age Again' hitmakers - Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and...

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Blink-182 Star Mark Hoppus Backs Stage Invader At Charity Gig

12th September 2013

Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus stopped a charity gig in New York on Wednesday night (11Sep13) to urge security guards not to eject a female stage invader after the woman jumped a barrier to dance with...

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The Things They Tweet: 3461023

21st January 2013

"Going to get a country house and get farmy between tours and records. Keep bees. Make cheese. Edwardian Farm." Rocker Mark Hoppus dreams of a quiet life in the country.

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Blink-182 Go Folk?

14th November 2012

Blink-182 are heading in a ''very folky'' direction with their new EP. The 'What's My Age Again' rockers may be best known for their pop punk tracks, but have written one song with a surprising...

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Mark Hoppus Sends Ailing Armstrong His Best Wishes

9th November 2012

Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus has offered his well wishes to Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his family as his fellow punk rocker battles substance abuse issues in rehab.The American Idiot singer was admitted...

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The Things They Tweet: 3359169

6th November 2012

"Yes I voted. I voted by mail weeks ago, which makes me even more patriotic. I am the best in the world. Ever. For real. Read the studies." Rocker Mark Hoppus used a postal vote...

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Blink 182: 'Our Future Is Wide Open'

25th October 2012

Blink 182 have a ''wide open future''. The band - made up of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge - have been released from their contract with Interscope and are excited about what the...

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Fascinating Fact: 3329070

16th October 2012

Rocker Mark Hoppus followed in the footsteps of stars including Michael Jackson, Shakira and Jon Bon Jovi by addressing students at England's prestigious Oxford University on Monday night (15Oct12).

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The Things They Tweet: 3324448

13th October 2012

"Just helped two crying lost little girls find their parents. Make sure they spell my name correctly on my statue." Blink-182 rocker Mark Hoppus turned hero to come to the rescue of two lost girls.

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Blink-182 Scrap London Show Because Of Illness

26th July 2012

Punk trio Blink-182 have scrapped their final date in Britain because singer Mark Hoppus is too ill to perform.The All The Small Things rocker fell sick just before Wednesday's (25Jul12) date at London's Brixton Academy...

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Adam Young Fulfils Childhood Dream With Hoppus Collaboration

12th July 2012

Owl City star Adam Young was thrilled after landing a Mark Hoppus collaboration for his new album, calling it a "dream come true" to record with the Blink-182 rocker.The singer/songwriter was relieved his childhood hero...

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Blink 182 To Tour Without Travis Barker

12th July 2012

Blink 182 will tour without drummer Travis Barker.The rocker confirmed he won't be able to join the band in Australia in February 2013 due to his fear of flying, which stems from his narrow survival...

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Travis Barker Plays Like He's Going To Die

6th July 2012

Travis Barker plays every show ''like he could die.''The Blink 182 drummer performs with as much energy and power as he possibly can at every concert, preparing for each as if he were a boxer....

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Mark Hoppus Battling Vocal Problems On Blink-182 Tour

5th July 2012

Rocker Mark Hoppus has sought medical treatment after suffering voice problems on Blink-182's tour.The band has been performing across Europe in recent weeks, but Hoppus told fans on Thursday morning (05Jul12) he is feeling unwell....

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The Things They Tweet 2796

26th June 2012

"don't believe the internet. blink-182 is not breaking up." Rocker Mark Hoppus insists the group is staying together.

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Mark Hoppus' Son Hospitalised Before Blink-182 Show

18th June 2012

Rocker Mark Hoppus was left frantic before one of Blink-182's weekend (16-17Jun12) shows in England after his son was hospitalised with a fever.The band performed in the U.K. cities of Birmingham and Sheffield on Saturday...

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Blink 182 Scrap Tour Over Travis Barker Surgery

11th May 2012

Blink 182 have cancelled a series of tour dates in the US after drummer Travis Barker had to have emergency surgery.The musician had ''required an urgent tonsillectomy with a recovery period expected to extend beyond...

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Blink 182 Cancel Us Tour

10th May 2012

Blink 182 have cancelled a series of tour dates after Travis Barker had to undergo emergency surgery. The 'All the Small Things' band's drummer had have an urgent medical procedure on his tonsils, forcing them...

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Blink 182 To Last Forever

28th March 2012

Mark Hoppus says Blink-182 will last ''forever.'' The bassist is thrilled the group's much delayed 20th anniversary tour is finally starting and wants to keep playing with guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker for...

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Mark Hoppus Proud Of Barker's 'Dedication' To Tour

21st October 2011

Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus has praised his bandmate Travis Barker for working around his fear of flying on their international tour by travelling on buses and boats.The drummer spent months in recovery after a 2008...

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Tom De Longe Always Has Crude Joke Prepared

3rd October 2011

Blink 182's Tom De Longe always likes to have a "good d**k joke" ready to tell on stage. The band's singer and guitarist felt relieved returning to his main band in 2009 after being on...

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Blink 182 Recroded Album In Separate Studios

15th September 2011

Blink 182 recorded their forthcoming album 'Neighborhoods' in separate studios.singer and bass player Mark Hoppus explained how all three members of the 'All the Small Things' rockers - who went on an indefinite hiatus in...

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Mark Hoppus 'Stoked' About New Blink 182 Album

6th July 2011

Mark Hoppus is "stoked beyond words" about the new Blink 182 album. The group's singer and bass player has received the first mixes of a completed track from his band's long awaited comeback album -...

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Blink-182 Ready Stadium Rock Tracks For Summer Tour

24th May 2011

Blink-182 will debut new tracks with a "stadium rock sensibility" on their US summer tour with My Chemical Romance.The two bands have just announced they will play together over 40 dates across America, where 'What's...

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Mark Hoppus Moving To London

13th May 2011

Blink-182 rocker Mark Hoppus is moving to London this summer (11) after spending years dreaming of living in the British capital.The musician has often travelled to the U.K. to perform gigs and admits he has...

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Blink 182 'Exciting' Again

6th April 2011

Recording with Blink 182 feels "really exciting and new again" according to drummer Travis Barker. The 'What's My Age Again' rockers went on a hiatus in 2005, but have recently headed back to the studio...

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