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Jackson's Ex-lawyer Anticipated Arvizo's 'Blackmail Plot'

15th May 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's former lawyer MARK GERAGOS has told the singer's child molestation trial he warned Jackson his teen accuser GAVIN ARVIZO would fabricate abuse claims for financial gain. Geragos, who was fired by the...

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Geragos Ordered To Court In Jackson Trial

13th May 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's former lawyer MARK GERAGOS has been ordered to testify in his ex-client's ongoing child molestation case - or risk arrest. Geragos, who was fired by the pop superstar last year (04), angered...

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Jackson Loses Fourth Lawyer

26th April 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's lawyer BRIAN OXMAN has become the fourth attorney to retire from the child molestation trial, since the singer was charged in 2003. The THRILLER star's lawyers have told judge RODNEY MELVILLE that...

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More Praise For Jackson As Defence Goes On The Attack

7th March 2005

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON's defence is getting stronger by the day thanks to taped testimonies from his child molestation accuser and his family that the singer was "a father figure". After the prosecution in the...

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Jackson Lawyers In Smear Campaign, Says Former Pr

3rd March 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's lawyers arranged a smear campaign against the family of his teenager accuser, the troubled singer's former public relations executive claimed in a California court yesterday (02MAR05). Las Vegas PR ANN MARIE KITE,...

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Jackson And Ryder Lawyer Lands Reality Show

2nd March 2005

MARK GERAGOS, the lawyer who has represented such celebrities as WINONA RYDER and MICHAEL JACKSON, is taking on a new career - as a reality TV star. In the show EXTREME JUSTICE, members of...

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Jackson Faces The Jury And Names His Own Court Superstars

14th February 2005

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON faced his would-be jurors in court in Santa Maria, California, this morning (14FEB05), and served up an impressive star-studded list of witnesses he hopes will help him win his upcoming child molestation...

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Jackson's Defence Lawyer Quits

17th October 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's defence lawyer STEVE COCHRAN has quit - even though lead attorney TOM MESEREAU will continue at the helm of his legal team. Cochran has left the superstar's side as he battles allegations...

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Jackson Case Mum Blasts Rude Whisperers

19th September 2004

JANE DOE, the mother of MICHAEL JACKSON's child molestation accuser, blasted the pop star's family for whispering during her cross-examination in court on Friday (17SEP04). The angry mother, who took the stand on Friday...

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Mother Of Jackson Accuser 'Hand-picked By God'

17th September 2004

The mother of MICHAEL JACKSON's accuser GAVIN ARVIZO has told police GOD selected her to bring the pop singer to "justice". On a police tape obtained by American TV show THE INSIDER, JANE DO...

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Psychologist In Jackson Case Questioned About Clients

18th August 2004

The psychologist at the centre of the MICHAEL JACKSON child abuse trial has patients on both sides of the case. STAN J KATZ is the psychologist to both GAVIN ARVIZO - who accusing...

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Jackson And Sneddon Face Off

16th August 2004

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON arrived at court today (16AUG04) with his family in tow - on a double-decker tour bus. Wearing a white suit with a mustard yellow armband, the BAD singer entered the court...

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Jacksons To 'Attend Court Monday'

13th August 2004

Troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON and his famous family is reportedly set to attend court on Monday (16AUG04) to hear the testimony of the man accusing him of child molestation charges. The BAD hitmaker's parents...

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Sneddon To Testify For Jackson's Defence Team

11th July 2004

Santa Barbara, California, District Attorney TOM SNEDDON is set to testify before MICHAEL JACKSON's defence team after it alleged he sent investigators to garner evidence against the pop superstar that was off-limits. Sneddon has...

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Gag Order Remains In Jackson Case

21st May 2004

LATEST: News organisations trying to end a gag order in MICHAEL JACKSON's child molestation case have been told their arguments will not be considered by the CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT. The gag order bars the...

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Brafman Understands Jackson's Decision

27th April 2004

Top attorney BEN BRAFMAN is convinced he was removed from MICHAEL JACKSON's defence team because he refuses to be "a yes person". Jackson let both Brafman and MARK GERAGOS go over the weekend (24/25APR04),...

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Michael Jackson Replaces Lawyers

26th April 2004

Troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON has ditched the two lawyers representing him in his child molestation case. MARK GERAGOS and BENJAMIN BRAFMAN have given no reason for the decision but said they "both wished Michael...

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Jackson's Lawyers Draw Up Evidence Book

4th April 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's legal team have served up a booklet of facts to legal officials in Santa Maria, California, which they insist will prove their client is innocent of child molestation. Lawyers MARK GERAGOS and...

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Jackson Accused Of Harassing Accuser

30th January 2004

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has been accused of harassing the family of his teen molestation accuser, in a series of letters expected to have an explosive effect on his case. The new allegations are...

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Jackson's Ex Publicist Blasts Nation Of Islam Links

23rd January 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's fired publicist fears the NATION OF ISLAM will wreck the pop superstar's career once his child molestation trial is over. STUART BACKERMAN is still convinced his former boss is innocent of all...

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Delays Expected In Jackson Case

19th January 2004

Accused child molester MICHAEL JACKSON's next appearance in court is expected to be as late as the summer (04) - because the pop superstar's lawyer is busy with other cases. Defence lawyer MARK GERAGOS...

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Jackson Upsets Judge With Toilet Request

18th January 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON enraged JUDGE RODNEY MELVILLE by insisting on dashing to the toilet during his two hour arraignment on Friday (16JAN04). The pop superstar arrived in court in Santa Maria, California, 20 minutes late,...

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Jackson's Attorney Wins Disclosure Demands

16th January 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's lawyer MARK GERAGOS has already won a small battle in the King of Pop's legal war - he has been given the go-ahead to get a full list of what was removed from...

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Debbie Rowe Returns For Jackson Crisis Talks

13th January 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's reclusive ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE has been dragged into secret talks about the King of Pop as he faces a brutal court case on Friday (16JAN04). Jackson will be arraigned in court on...

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Jackson Grew Up Sharing His Bed With Boys

6th January 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's attorney has explained his client shares his bed with boys because the pop star had to do the same when he was a child. MARK GERAGOS has told American TV that the...

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Jacko Attorney Fights New Nation Of Islam Claims

5th January 2004

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON's attorney MARK GERAGOS has denied the troubled star's links to the NATION OF ISLAM, insisting he's in "full control" of his affairs. Jackson has been linked to the controversial religion for...

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Jackson Aide Was Fired

5th January 2004

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON's former spokesman STUART BACKERMAN was fired for disobeying orders, according to the singer's attorney MARK GERAGOS. Backerman confirmed he was no longer employed by Jackson in a statement released earlier this...

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Police Slam Jacko As Liar

5th January 2004

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON has been labelled a liar by police in Santa Barbara, California, who deny accusations they mistreated the singer and locked him in a toilet for 45 minutes. The pop superstar claims...

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Jackson Da Slams Book Reports

22nd December 2003

Santa Barbara District Attorney TOM SNEDDON has rubbished claims he's considering writing a book about MICHAEL JACKSON. Sneddon was involved in the prosecution during the 1993-1994 child molestation investigation against Jackson, which was subsequently...

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Police Accused Of Locking Jackson In Bathroom

21st December 2003

The Santa Barbara County, California, police who arrested MICHAEL JACKSON have been accused of locking the troubled pop superstar in a bathroom for 30 minutes. The 45-year-old BAD singer surrendered to authorities last month...

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