The former Australian Idol panellist underwent surgery in 2010 to remove a tumour on his thyroid, and following radiation therapy he was given the all-clear.

However, last month (Aug15) "microscopic" cancerous cells were found in the same region and Holden is preparing to begin a course of treatment next week (beg21Sep15).

He tells Australia's Herald Sun newspaper, "Obviously, it's not the news you want to hear. But the fact that it's so early gives me confidence that if it can be beaten, it will be. I would rather be in this position, than let the days roll by, and wake up one day, and it's too late...

"I'll do more tests, we'll find out where (the cells) have gone, then, with time on our side, we can decide what to do. The option for me, at this point, is a form of radiation, a pill, which is like dropping a nuclear bomb inside you. The point is, we're living in an age of miracles."