Irish singer Mark Feehily was once stranded in the middle of a lake for two terrifying hours after his jet ski malfunctioned.
The Westlife star often takes to the water for fun trips with friends, but one journey turned into a nightmare after a rope got "stuck" and jammed the engine of his vehicle.
Feehily was left stranded away from the shore until his father contacted a local search team - and the singer has commended the work of his rescuers.
He tells Britain's The One Show, "I have (been rescued). I have a jet ski and sometimes I take it out on a lake. We kind of have one of those inflatable things - other people sit on it and pull it and it's a lot of fun, but the rope for that got stuck up in the engine in the jet ski and we ended up getting stranded for two and a half hours on the lake.
"It started to get dark and very worrying and very cold but luckily I brought my mobile phone with me. Everyone said, 'Don't bring it, it'll get wet!' Luckily I did because if I didn't I wouldn't have been able to call my dad and he went off and got somebody, a local search and rescue team. You don't appreciate it until something like that happens, you realise these people are just waiting (to help)."