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Tomei Lights Herself Up

5th January 2004

IN THE BEDROOM star MARISA TOMEI is reportedly so worried about her looks she brings special lighting with her whenever she is interviewed for television. The OSCAR-winning actress, 39, allegedly opts to disguise any...

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Actresses Give Murderers A Voice In Prison Film

20th October 2003

GLENN CLOSE, MARISA TOMEI and ROSIE PEREZ have teamed up to give female prisoners a voice in writer EVE ENSLER's latest project. Documentarian JUDITH KATZ and Ensler, who created THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, have pieced...

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Epps In Alfie Remake

24th September 2003

Actor OMAR EPPS has signed up appear opposite MARISA TOMEI and JUDE LAW in the remake of MICHAEL CAINE's 1966 classic ALFIE. Epps will portray MARLON, the best friend and colleague of Alfie, played...

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Ex-lapdancer To Star In Alfie Remake

20th September 2003

A lapdancer-turned-actress has bagged a part opposite JUDE LAW in the remake of SIR MICHAEL CAINE's classic 60's movie ALFIE. STACEY WINFIELD landed the specially-created role of KERRY in a last-minute audition - a...

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Sarandon And Tomei For Alfie?

31st July 2003

American stars SUSAN SARANDON and MARISA TOMEI are in talks to join JUDE LAW in the remake of sixties classic ALFIE. THELMA AND LOUISE star Sarandon is expected to take the role of LIZZIE,...

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Tomei Still Upset Over Oscar Embarrassment

6th June 2003

MARISA TOMEI is still bitter about the controversy that tarnished her Best Supporting Actress ACADEMY AWARD win in 1992, when it was rumoured her name was read out by mistake. The actress shocked Hollywood...

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Tomei Pretends To Be Pregnant

6th June 2003

ANGER MANAGEMENT star MARISA TOMEI is so desperate to get married and have children - she once pretended to be pregnant. The screen beauty - who bagged a Best Supporting Actress OSCAR in 1993...

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Marisa's Sweet Charity Dreams Come True

2nd May 2003

OSCAR winner MARISA TOMEI has discovered that mentioning dream roles in TV interviews can pay off - she has landed the lead in her favourite musical. The actress told American broadcaster DIANE SAWYER that...

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Cummings Fends Off Tomei

2nd May 2003

X-MEN 2 star ALAN CUMMING is quaking with fear after being pursued by IN THE BEDROOM star MARISA TOMEI. The openly bisexual actor was astonished when the stunning actress made a play for him...

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Jack Persuades Sandler To Hurry Up The Aisle

17th April 2003

Pretty JACKIE TITONE has JACK NICHOLSON to thank if ADAM SANDLER overcomes his marriage nerves and walks her up the aisle - because the Hollywood veteran convinced the funnyman to say 'I do'. Ironically,...

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