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Tomei Collected Inaugural Autographs On Paper Plate

26th January 2009

Oscar nominee MARISA TOMEI has an odd keepsake from President BARACK OBAMA's inauguration - a signed paper plate. The Wrestler star took part in last weekend's (18Jan09) pre-inauguration party on the steps of the Lincoln...

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Tomei Is Hula-hoop Happy

7th January 2009

Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI developed a love for hula-hooping while shaping up to play an erotic dancer in new movie THE WRESTLER - because she found it to be the best exercise. The actress stepped...

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Tomei Too Shy To Strip

24th December 2008

MARISA TOMEI is adamant she could never work as a lapdancer - because she is not talkative enough. The actress plays a stripper in new movie The Wrestler, but insists real-life topless dancers have to...

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Tomei Dating Marshall-green?

24th December 2008

Actress MARISA TOMEI is reportedly dating former THE O.C. star LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN, who is 12 years her junior. New York Post gossip column PageSix reports that the 44-year-old star has been romantically linked to the...

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Tomei Turned To Michaels For Stripper Help

10th December 2008

Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI studied rocker BRET MICHAELS' raunchy reality show ROCK OF LOVE as part of her stripper research for new movie THE WRESTLER. The actress tried pole dancing too - just to make...

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Tomei's Nipple Troubles

2nd October 2008

Actress MARISA TOMEI had trouble getting into her costume on the set of new movie THE WRESTLER - because she had to be fitted with fake nipple piercings. The My Cousin Vinny star plays a...

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Five U.s. Films To Compete At Venice

29th July 2008

Five U.S. films are among the 21 that will compete for the prestigious Golden Lion award at the 65th annual Venice Film Festival, the Biennale, scheduled to run from Aug. 27 to Sept. 6. At...

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Darren Aronofsky Film Confirmed For Venice Festival

29th July 2008

Darren Aronofsky's new film The Wrestler has been entered in competition for the Golden Lion at this year's Venice film festival.The Requiem for a Dream director - who was this week confirmed to direct a...

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Darren Aronofsky Confirmed To Direct Robocop Remake

25th July 2008

Robocop is to return to the streets with a reboot directed by Darren Aronofsky, it has been confirmed.MGM Studios has revealed that longstanding rumours that Aronofsky, helmer of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream,...

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Fascinating Fact 5057

21st March 2008

HILARY DUFF is set to play a Russian pop star in the upcoming movie WAR, INC. She will join a host of stars including JOHN CUSACK, JOAN CUSACK, MARISA TOMEI, and BEN KINGSLEY in action...

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Stars Offer Italian Recipes For Charity Cookbook

29th February 2008

Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI, NATALIE PORTMAN and rocker CHRIS DAUGHTRY have cooked up a few Italian treats for a new online recipe book. The stars have teamed up with top chef Mario Batali to create...

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The Things They Say 6155

13th November 2007

"I'm getting older and it was now or never. You care less about what people think when you've grown up." Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI will go nude for several sex scenes in new movie BEFORE...

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Tomei Turned Down Four Weddings

3rd November 2007

Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI will always regret turning down a leading role in smash-hit comedy FOUR WEDDINGS + A FUNERAL. The actress reveals she was offered a part - believed to be the one Andie...

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Tomei Is A Secret Shoplifter

29th October 2007

Oscar-winning actress MARISA TOMEI is hiding a secret hobby - she is a closet shoplifter. The star, who appears as a thief in new film Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, admits she indulged in...

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Tomei Asks Parents To Avoid Doggie-style Sex Scene

22nd October 2007

Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI is begging her parents to stay away from her new movie BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD - because it features a doggie style sex scene with co-star PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN....

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Fascinating Fact 3093

10th April 2007

MARISA TOMEI is set to make her off-Broadway directorial debut later this month after taking charge of Duke Theater's war-themed THE MACHINE, which is part of the venue's upcoming series of plays....

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Caviezel To Reprise Role As Jesus

16th January 2007

JIM CAVIEZEL, who starred in MEL GIBSON's PASSION OF THE CHRIST, will reprise the role of JESUS in a star-studded audio edition of THE BIBLE. The 25-hour edition of THE WORLD OF PROMISE: NEW TESTAMENT...

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Steenburgen Lands Career Achievement Award

27th July 2005

Movie star MARY STEENBURGEN is to be honoured with a Lifetime Career Achievement Award at the upcoming Temecula Valley International Film + Music Festival in California. Organisers will premiere her new movie MARILYN HOTCHKISS...

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Stone Tops New Ageless List

9th July 2005

SHARON STONE has topped a new list of ageless Hollywood stars. The BASIC INSTINCT star beat Oscar winner MARISA TOMEI and FOUR WEDDINGS + A FUNERAL actress ANDIE MACDOWELL to land the title in...

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This Is Not How It Goes For Tomei

9th March 2005

MARISA TOMEI has been forced to pull out of director NEIL LaBUTE's new New York play THIS IS HOW IT GOES due to "personal family reasons". The OSCAR winner was due to team up...

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Electra And Mccarthy Go Behind The Bar

21st January 2005

CARMEN ELECTRA and JENNY McCARTHY have signed up to perform duties at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - as bartenders. The beauties will serve drinks at tomorrow's (22JAN05) ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY party, which is expected to...

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Tomei To Sue Cruise Liner?

8th November 2004

Hollywood actress MARISA TOMEI is reportedly considering suing a cruise liner for naming her as a performer on one of their voyages next spring (05). Tomei, who has a part in the new JUDE...

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Tomei Skipped Alfie Premiere For Chinese Food

19th October 2004

Sexy actress MARISA TOMEI decided to skip the screening of her new movie ALFIE at its London premiere on Thursday (14OCT04) -because she wanted to eat Chinese food instead. The OSCAR-winning beauty admits that...

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Law Defends Alfie's Unsafe Sex

17th October 2004

British heart-throb JUDE LAW has defended the lack of safe sex in his new film ALFIE, insisting his rogue character is too much of an "a**ehole" to consider contraceptives. The OSCAR-nominated actor's character beds...

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Stars Name Their Inspirations For Instyle Photospread

1st October 2004

Stars like REESE WITHERSPOON, LAURA LINNEY and MEGAN MULLALLY have realised their dreams with a little help from America's INSTYLE magazine - by meeting their inspirations. In a photoshoot, called INSPIRATIONS, in the new...

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Marisa Looks To Move Out

28th September 2004

OSCAR-winner MARISA TOMEI is considering leaving her beloved New York if PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH is re-elected in November (04) because she thinks America will become a "scary" place. The IN THE BEDROOM star...

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Law Couldn't Keep The Ladies Away From Alfie Love Scenes

28th September 2004

JUDE LAW had a daily fan base on the set of his new movie ALFIE during his sex scenes - the actresses he had already bedded. Former ALLY McBEAL star JANE KRAKOWSKI admits she...

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Stars Praises Fahrenheit 9/11

10th June 2004

Hollywood turned out in force to support MICHAEL MOORE at a special screening of his controversial new documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 on Tuesday (08JUN04). Actors MARTIN SHEEN, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, ELLEN DEGENERES, DAVID DUCHOVNY, SHARON STONE,...

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Marisa Tomei Caught In Gun Fire

6th April 2004

Hollywood star MARISA TOMEI was caught up in real life gang warfare in Los Angeles' notorious South Central district at the weekend (3/4APR04). The IN THE BEDROOM star, 39, was attending artist KENNY SCHARF's...

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Fonda And Tomei Perform Monologues In India

9th March 2004

JANE FONDA and MARISA TOMEI are joining Indian and Pakistani actresses in performances of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES on a Bombay stage, to mark Monday's (15MAR03) International Women's Day. The American screen stars are taking...

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