Marios Schwab's underwear line has taken the designer back to his roots.

The Greek-born designer has unveiled his Kallisti lingerie collection and enjoyed working on the range because it reminded him of his early days working closely with his father.

He said: ''The Marios Schwab label takes inspiration from the body - literally, and so the Kallisti lingerie collection is an extension of this inspiration and also the brand history as my father was an underwear engineer.

''The aesthetic of each design can be combined with garments that are limiting, allowing it to become part of the body.

''Going back to the roots of Marios Schwab, this project has enabled me to go back to my creative history with my dad and bring forward traditional aesthetical designs. I have enjoyed the challenge that this project has brought to the business.''

Marios thinks the ''simple yet directional'' collection - which launches on on January 28 - is a perfect mix of traditional and modern design.

He told ''I designed Kallisti after realising that there is a gap in the market for beautiful, minimal yet desirable design.

''The detailing is contemporary with a hint of traditional elements; the intricate techniques used for the construction of each piece will appeal to the woman who likes to reveal and/or combine her lingerie as part of her outfit. Lingerie can be very overwhelming, so the choice of materials is key. The design is simple, yet very directional.''