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Rosie O'donnell Is Returning To The View

10th July 2014

Rosie O'Donnell is returning to 'The View'. The 52-year-old comedian, who left the programme seven years ago, has been confirmed as the co-host on the ABC chat show alongside Whoopi Goldberg. The network announced the...

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Mario Cantone Felt Real Connection To Meryl Streep's Cancer-stricken Osage County Character

19th December 2013

Meryl Streep's performance as a cancer-stricken and abusive family matriarch in new drama August: Osage County really struck a chord with actor Mario Cantone because his own mother died of the same disease.The gay Sex...

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Fascinating Fact: 3806480

9th August 2013

Comedienne Joy Behar celebrated her final episode as a panellist on U.S. talk show The View on Friday (09Aug13) with guest appearances from funnywoman Joan Rivers, actor Mario Cantone and veteran crooner Tony Bennett. The...

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Cantone Weds Partner Of 20 Years

28th October 2011

Sex And The City star Mario Cantone is a married man after exchanging vows with his partner of 20 years.Funnyman Cantone, 51, recently wed musical theatre director Jerry Dixon during an intimate ceremony in New...

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The Things They Say 16678

27th May 2010

"I hate kids! I can't bear them!" SEX AND THE CITY star MARIO CANTONE is not a fan of children.

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Minnelli Sex And The City Storyline 'A Hoax'

31st October 2009

Rumours the new SEX AND THE CITY movie will feature a gay wedding and performances by LIZA MINNELLI and BARBRA STREISAND has been blasted as a hoax by star MARIO CANTONE.Details of the film's top...

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Sex Co-star Praises Parker's Parental Skills

9th May 2009

SEX AND THE CITY actor MARIO CANTONE is sure his co-star SARAH JESSICA PARKER will be the perfect mum to her new baby twins - because her six-year-old son is perfect. Parker and her husband Matthew...

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Cantone: 'Hudson Will Be Stronger After Tragedies'

29th October 2008

JENNIFER HUDSON's SEX AND THE CITY co-star MARIO CANTONE is confident the singer/actress will bounce back from the brutal murders of her mother, brother and nephew, because she's "just phenomenal". The star's mum Darnell Donerson...

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The Things They Say 9571

19th September 2008

"BRAD PITT gave $100,000 (GBP54,054) for the gay marriage law, so he should play my boyfriend in the sequel." SEX AND THE CITY actor MARIO CANTONE on casting a new leading man to play his...

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The Things They Say 5209

18th July 2007

"I just thank God we're doing it now and not 20 years from now, when it would all take place in a nursing home." SEX + THE CITY star MARIO CANTONE admits he's had the...

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Sex And The City Film Starting This Year?

23rd February 2007

LATEST: A script for the feature film version of SEX AND THE CITY is currently being written and could begin filming later this year (07) in New York City. The movie has been rumoured to...

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Cattrall's Disney Therapy

18th February 2005

Actress KIM CATTRALL consoled herself after her split from husband MARK LEVINSON by taking a trip to Florida theme park Disney World. The stunning actress, who parted ways with Levinson in 2003 after a...

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Coolio Hits The Road

20th December 2004

Veteran rapper COOLIO is preparing to go on a road trip for his latest movie role. The hip-hop star has signed up play a mentor/rapper and nephew of OSSIE DAVIS' character in the upcoming...

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Sex And The City Stars Say Goodbye On Oprah

22nd February 2004

SARAH JESSICA PARKER has assured fans of her hit show SEX AND THE CITY she's bringing it to an end for their sake. The actress spoke on OPRAH WINFREY's chat show yesterday (17FEB04), where...

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