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7th December 2007

"I never know why I'm so fortunate." Rocker MARILYN MANSON admits there is no secret to scoring hot girlfriends.

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Manson Denies Burton Movie Rumours

6th December 2007

Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON has dismissed reports TIM BURTON is to direct his forthcoming LEWIS CARROLL biopic, insisting news about the filmmaker's involvement is all hearsay. Manson is due to start filming his delayed movie,...

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Manson Spent Band's Earnings On Illegal Human Artifacts

22nd November 2007

LATEST: MARILYN MANSON is facing more legal action from his former keyboardist after a new complaint was filed, accusing the shock rocker of spending the band's earnings on items made from human remains. Madonna Wayne...

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Dita's To Star In Mata Hari Biopic

1st November 2007

Burlesque babe DITA VON TEESE is set to play a notorious double agent in a new film.The former wife of rocker MARILYN MANSON will star in a biopic of the life of Mata Hari, real...

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Manson Sells Up

15th October 2007

Goth-rocker MARILYN MANSON is selling the Chatsworth, California retreat he bought in a bid to escape Hollywood after receiving death threats following the Columbine High School massacre. The Antichrist Superstar hitmaker decided it was time...

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Cleveland Gunman Was Manson Fan

12th October 2007

Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON is set for more controversy - the teenage gunman at a recent high school shooting was a fan of the singer. The 38-year-old's controversial music was held partially responsible by some...

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Manson Meets The Parents

3rd October 2007

Goth rocker MARILYN MANSON impressed girlfriend EVAN RACHEL WOOD's parents - with his knowledge of vampires. The 38-year-old was invited to meet Wood's family after the pair became an item earlier this year (07). And...

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Wood And Manson Abused Because They Look Different

2nd October 2007

Celebrity coupld MARILYN MANSON and EVAN RACHEL WOOD are abused by the media and members of the public, because they look different. Nineteen-year-old Wood expected her romance with the 38-year-old shocker to cause a storm,...

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Wood Rules Out Manson Album Collaboration

25th September 2007

Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD has ruled out recording an album with her rocker boyfriend MARILYN MANSON - because she's certain such a move would anger his fans. Wood, who sings in new Beatles movie musical...

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Fascinating Fact 3989

24th September 2007

MARILYN MANSON's soon-to-be ex-wife DITA VON TEESE will grace the cover of German heavy rock group ATROCITY's new album, WERK 80 II....

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Taymor Shocked By Manson's Musical Request

18th September 2007

Award winning director JULIE TAYMOR was shocked when rocker MARILYN MANSON asked to appear in her new show, SPIDER-MAN: THE MUSICAL. The Frida director, who brought Disney's The Lion King to Broadway, insists the singer...

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15th September 2007

"Even after everything that we've kind of had to go through, I'm still happier than I've ever been." Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD insists she's still madly in love with rocker MARILYN MANSON....

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Wood Considers Christmas Album With Manson?

10th September 2007

Teenage actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD is considering recording a gothic Christmas album with boyfriend MARILYN MANSON. The Thirteen star, 19, has only collaborated with Manson on the karaoke stage, and insists she'd only hit the...

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Manson's Snoring Sends Wood To Sleep

15th August 2007

Rocker MARILYN MANSON snores so loudly he "lulls" his actress girlfriend EVAN RACHEL WOOD to sleep. The Antichrist Superstar singer's nighttime noises prove to have a hypnotic effect on his 19-year-old lover. She tells American...

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The Things They Say 5378

15th August 2007

"I'm sorry if I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my boyfriend looks like a vampire. What do you want me to do about it?" Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD insists she and lover MARILYN...

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Wood: 'Manson Got Rid Of My Shyness'

15th August 2007

Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD credits MARILYN MANSON with bringing her out of her shell, insisting she's no longer the timid, shy girl she used to be. The 19 -year-old and the rocker Manson, 38, met...

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Wood: 'Making Love With Manson In Raining Blood Was So Romantic'

14th August 2007

MARILYN MANSON's girlfriend EVAN RACHEL WOOD has described making love to the rocker while it rained 'blood' on the set of music video Heart-Shaped Glasses as "one of the most romantic moments" of her life....

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Manson Brands Lawsuit "Ridiculous"

6th August 2007

Marilyn Manson has dismissed a lawsuit filed by former bandmate Stephen Bier - who used the stage name Madonna Wayne Gracy - as "ridiculous".The keyboardist, who was in Manson's band until last year, claims that...

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Manson 'Bought Girl's Skeleton' With Band's Earnings

2nd August 2007

Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON squandered his band's earnings on "sick and disturbing" Nazi memorabilia and a skeleton of a young Chinese girl, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles. Manson is being sued by...

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The Things They Say 5244

24th July 2007

"Wormwood, when you distil it, makes this thing called thujone; it's like the equivalent of THC in marijuana. I have a guy who sends it to me in a dropper." MARILYN MANSON on what makes...

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The Things They Say 5243

23rd July 2007

"I took a picture with her, and she told me I was a very sweet boy, which made me feel strange." MARILYN MANSON recalls meeting televangelist TAMMY FAYE MESSNER, who lost her battle with cancer...

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The Things They Say 5221

20th July 2007

"He's crazy. And crazy, by the way, is the highest compliment I pay. Manson is definitely crazy. Hopefully, I am too." Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD likes her boyfriend MARILYN MANSON's crazy side....

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Manson And Wood's Chateau Love

17th July 2007

MARILYN MANSON and EVAN RACHEL WOOD have fond memories of Los Angeles' infamous Chateau Marmont hotel - because the lavish location is where they first met. The shock rocker, 38, and Wood, 19 met last...

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Carroll Diaries Inspired Manson To Make Biopic

14th July 2007

LATEST: Shock-rocker MARILYN MANSON was inspired to make a new horror biopic about ALICE IN WONDERLAND author LEWIS CARROLL after reading the writer's diaries. Manson plans to start shooting the delayed project, Phantasmagoria: The Visions...

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Manson Minder Wins Court Battle Against Photographer

13th July 2007

One of MARILYN MANSON's bodyguards has won a court battle against a photographer who claimed he was beaten up at a concert. A Los Angeles judge has ruled that snapper Ruben Navarrete failed to present...

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Wood: 'I'm Not A Homewrecker'

12th July 2007

Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD has slammed reports she was the reason behind MARILYN MANSON's split from wife DITA VON TEESE, insisting she is not a homewrecker. The 19-year-old Running with Scissors star hooked up with...

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Manson Snared Wood With Eyeliner

11th July 2007

MARILYN MANSON snared new girlfriend EVAN RACHEL WOOD, because she loves men who wear eyeliner. The unlikely pair hooked up after Manson, 38, split with wife Dita Von Teese and Wood, 19, left English actor...

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King And Manson Bond Over Absinthe

4th July 2007

SLAYER guitarist KERRY KING is preparing for his tour with shock rocker MARILYN MANSON by downing strong alcohol. The band are co-headlining with Manson on a summer tour which kicks off in Florida on 25...

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Von Teese Hints At Abusive Marriage

4th July 2007

MARILYN MANSON's estranged wife DITA VON TEESE has hinted her marriage to the shock rocker broke down because of his violent temper. The burlesque dancer filed for divorce last December (06), just 12 months after...

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Manson + Cooper Team Up For Bucharest Festival

2nd July 2007

Glam rockers MARILYN MANSON and ALICE COOPER made history onstage at the B'Estival in Bucharest, Romania on Sunday (01Jul07) when they played together for the first time. The colourful duo performed together for the first...

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