Former Taxi star Marilu Henner has written a new memoir about her husband's cancer battle.

The actress' partner of eight years, Michael Brown, beat bladder and lung cancer and she hopes that by detailing the methods he used to get healthy, she will be able to help others.

Henner tells Closer magazine, "He had been diagnosed with bladder cancer two months into our relationship, then two months later got the lung cancer diagnosis.

"(The book) is a memoir of everything he did to put his cancer in remission. I took him around the country, put a protocol together and said, 'We are going to save your life'. That's what we did."

The star admits the death of her parents in their 50s turned her into a lifelong health and wellbeing expert.

She adds, "I've been doing health for so long and I got into it after my parents died, both very young... After my mother died, I became a student of health."

Her 10th book, How I Cured My Husband's Cancer, will be released later this year (14).