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Faithfull Grateful For Support From Ex Boyfriend Jagger

4th March 2007

Singer and actress MARIANNE FAITHFULL is grateful her recent breast cancer battle brought her back into contact with former flame SIR MICK JAGGER. The British star was forced to postpone her world tour when she...

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Faithfull: 'Life Is Precious After Cancer Battle'

16th February 2007

Singer and actress MARIANNE FAITHFULL has vowed to make the most of her life after winning her battle with breast cancer. The British star was forced to postpone her world tour when she was diagnosed...

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Faithfull Sex Film A Hit At Berlin Film Festival

14th February 2007

Singer and actress MARIANNE FAITHFULL is stunning movie fans at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany with her portrayal of a grandmother who becomes a London sex worker. Faithfull's starring role in IRINA PALM has...

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Albarn Releases Lost And Found Song

19th January 2007

DAMON ALBARN's new album features a song he wrote and gave away during a drunken night out with MARIANNE FAITHFULL. The singer has no recollection of even writing GREENFIELDS, or handing it over to the...

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Gallery Where Lennon Met Ono Recreated In London

21st November 2006

The 1960s art space where JOHN LENNON first met YOKO ONO was revived yesterday (20NOV06) with the unveiling of a new exhibition at London gallery Riflemaker. Mayfair conceptual art space Indica was financially backed by...

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Faithfull Beats Cancer

6th November 2006

Sixties pop star MARIANNE FAITHFULL has beaten breast cancer and is already planning her singing comeback. The 59-year-old cancelled a string of solo gigs after she was diagnosed with early stage cancer in September (06)....

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Anger Warned Faithfull Of Smoking Risk

30th October 2006

Filmmaker KENNETH ANGER is not surprised MARIANNE FAITHFULL has contracted cancer, because she refused to heed his advice and give up smoking before it was too late. Anger directed Faithfull, who was diagnosed with breast...

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Faithfull Destined To Play Austrian Royal

19th September 2006

Sixties icon MARIANNE FAITHFULL was the perfect choice to play the Empress of Austria in SOFIA COPPOLA's MARIE ANTOINETTE - because her ancestors were Viennese royalty. The singer and writer plays Marie Antoinette's mother MARIA...

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Faithfull Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

14th September 2006

Veteran singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL has postponed her world tour after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The BROKEN ENGLISH star, a former heroin addict who famously dated ROLLING STONE SIR MICK JAGGER in the 1960s, was...

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Faithfull Plans Updated Memoirs

26th July 2006

Singer/actress MARIANNE FAITHFULL is releasing an updated version of her 1994 autobiography, insisting the new tome will be much funnier. The THIS LITTLE BIRD singer promises to incorporate anecdotes about famous people including GEORGE HARRISON...

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Lizzie Jagger Turns Down Hollywood Role

14th May 2006

British model LIZZIE JAGGER rejected a part in upcoming film MARIE-ANTOINETTE - because she didn't believe she was good enough to star in it. The budding actress, who is the daughter of rocker SIR MICK...

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Wyman's Warning To Moss

6th May 2006

Rocker BILL WYMAN has warned supermodel KATE MOSS and her on-off "lunatic" boyfriend PETE DOHERTY they will soon regret their indulgent ways if they fail to quit partying. The former ROLLING STONES bassist, 69, insists...

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Richards: 'Jagger Has A Small C**K'

23rd August 2005

THE ROLLING STONES guitarist KEITH RICHARDS claims bandmate SIR MICK JAGGER has a small manhood - shattering the iconic singer's sex god status. Richards has slammed rumours Jagger has the largest penis in the...

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Homosexual Epstein Was Desperate To Marry

9th August 2005

THE BEATLES' former manager BRIAN EPSTEIN romanced singers ALMA COGAN and MARIANNE FAITHFULL despite his homosexuality, in a desperate bid to bow to convention and find a wife. The tragic music mogul was unrequitedly...

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Jagger's Drug Allegations Against Police Were Dismissed

2nd August 2005

SIR MICK JAGGER's famous claim that detectives tried to frame him for heroin possession in 1969 was dismissed by police, who referred to the ROLLING STONE as "the dregs of society" - secret files released...

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Iggy Pop's Longtime Manager Dies Suddenly

29th July 2005

IGGY POP's longtime manager ART COLLINS died suddenly at his home in Pine Bush, New York on Wednesday (27JUL05). He was 52. The cause of Collins' death has not been revealed, pending the outcome...

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Faithfull Slams 'Heart Attack' Lies

13th July 2005

LATEST: British rocker MARIANNE FAITHFULL is shocked by reports she recently suffered a heart attack - she insists she is in good health. American gossip website reported the 58-year-old singer pulled out of...

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Faithfull Quits Movie After Heart Attack

11th July 2005

British rocker MARIANNE FAITHFULL is devastated doctors ordered her to pull out of new movie THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY - after she suffered a recent heart attack. The 58-year-old singer was thrilled she'd...

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Faithfull Announces Classical Collaboration

17th May 2005

British pop icon MARIANNE FAITHFULL has assembled an impressive backing for her upcoming SALISBURY INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL appearance - a full orchestra and a 60-voice choir. The sultry singer will perform with the SARUM...

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Aging Faithfull Seeks Psychiatric Help

25th April 2005

Legendary singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL is so hurt by the media's cruel attitude towards aging female stars, she's seeing a psychiatrist to help her cope with growing old. The 58-year-old star is furious her manager...

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Faithfull Returns To The Stage

25th March 2005

British singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL is making a return to the stage, two months after exhaustion forced her to bow out of a tour. In January (05), Faithfull left the touring stage production of WILLIAM...

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Faithfull Amazed Chocolate Bar 'Fantasy' Still Exists

17th January 2005

MARIANNE FAITHFULL is amazed people still talk about the infamous ROLLING STONES drug bust in which she was rumoured to have been found with a chocolate bar in an intimate place. Faithfull was dating...

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Faithfull Spurns Sex With Dylan

14th January 2005

Rocker MARIANNE FAITHFULL owes her close bond with BOB DYLAN to the fact she shunned his sexual advances in the 1960s. During a joint tour, Dylan furiously tore up a romantic poem inspired by...

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Faithfull: 'Jagger Wanted Christie Instead'

9th January 2005

British singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL believes former boyfriend MICK JAGGER dated her as a substitute for movie actress JULIE CHRISTIE. The 58-year-old veteran rocker was romanced by the ROLLING STONE frontman during the 1960s because...

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Faithfull Quits Play

5th January 2005

Sixties pop icon MARIANNE FAITHFULL has quit the touring stage production of WILLIAM BURROUGHS play THE BLACK RIDER, suffering from exhaustion. The show, directed by ROBERT WILSON, has travelled to Sydney, Australia without the...

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Faithfull Bans 'Degrading' Biopic

4th January 2005

Veteran singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL has banned a movie adaptation of her autobiography after she discovered film bosses intended to embellish her drug-addicted past and sexual antics. The 58-year-old openly described her descent from convent-educated...

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Faithfull Regrets Not Telling Keith She Loved Him

27th December 2004

Sixties icon MARIANNE FAITHFULL is still madly in love with exlover KEITH RICHARDS - and wishes she had told him she loved him when he suggested she sleep with ROLLING STONES bandmate MICK JAGGER....

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Faithfull Has Seizure

7th December 2004

Singer/songwriter MARIANNE FAITHFULL has cancelled her European tour after suffering a seizure in Milan, Italy. Doctors diagnosed chronic exhaustion and have told the singer to take three months' total rest after collapsing shortly before...

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Faithfull Forced Into Rock

28th September 2004

Rock legend MARIANNE FAITHFULL was forced into the music industry by men who were transfixed by her looks. The 57-year-old singer - who was ROLLING STONE SIR MICK JAGGER's longterm girlfriend in the 1960s...

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Frost Reasons Breast Exposure

2nd September 2004

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST has an excuse for her infamous breast exposure earlier this year (04) - she was wearing a dress which didn't fit. The actress-turned-lingerie designer was photographed seated in a...

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