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Courtney Love Wants To Act Not Rock

30th May 2014

Courtney Love wants to focus on acting now instead of music.The 49-year-old rock star, who had some critically acclaimed roles in 'Man on the Moon' and 'The People vs Larry Flynt', is eager to make...

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The Things They Say 20755

14th March 2011

"When I was a street junkie I would eat just shredded wheat with milk and sugar. About every two weeks I'd take myself to San Lorenzo and have fish, mashed potato and spinach, which I'm...

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Kate Moss' Royal Romance

14th January 2010

Kate Moss once dated an Italian prince.The supermodel had a passionate affair with the heir to Italy's now abolished throne - Prince Emmanuele Filiberto Umberto Reza Maria Di Savoia - in 2002. The royal -...

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Mischa Barton's 'Nutty' Style

26th May 2009

Mischa Barton says people think her fashion sense is "nuts".The former 'O.C.' actress loves taking risks with her outfits, but admits her efforts are not always well-received.She said: "A few years ago people thought I...

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The Things They Say 11437

26th February 2009

"We had a falling out. I think we just realised that we didn't really like each other." MARIANNE FAITHFUL is no longer friends with supermodel KATE MOSS....

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The Things They Say 11438

26th February 2009

"In the 60s, I had an awful lot of gay friends, partly because of being with MICK JAGGER - he drew them like a magnet." Singer MARIANNE FAITHFUL claims her rocker ex was a hit...

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The Things They Say 6013

31st October 2007

"When I finally got help for my addiction, the doctor taught me that somewhere down the line I had confused heroine with love." MARIANNE FAITHFUL explains her struggle with the deadly drug back in the...

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Faithful: 'I Have No Money'

23rd April 2007

British singer MARIANNE FAITHFUL fears she will be a "penniless pensioner" and is desperately trying to save cash to fund her retirement. The former girlfriend of rocker Mick Jagger hopes money from her upcoming European...

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Walsh Slams Doherty And Moss

25th August 2006

Irish music mogul LOUIS WALSH has launched a scathing verbal attack on troubled British musician PETE DOHERTY and supermodel KATE MOSS. The WESTLIFE and GIRLS ALOUD manager insists Doherty's only talent is generating publicity and...

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Faithful: 'I Regret Heroin'

25th October 2005

Sex symbol MARIANNE FAITHFUL regrets ever injecting heroin - because she is still struggling to curb drug taking urges. The rocker, who was once married to ROLLING STONE SIR MICK JAGGER, became addicted to...

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Dunst Heads To France For Coppola's Antoinette

12th March 2005

KIRSTEN DUNST is to play historical French icon MARIE ANTOINETTE in director SOFIA COPPOLA's first film since her critically acclaimed LOST IN TRANSLATION. The period movie will start shooting at the Palace of Versailles...

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Faithful: 'Music Is Male Dominated'

12th November 2004

British rock diva MARIANNE FAITHFUL has blasted the music industry for being male dominated, claiming it has affected her self-confidence. Faithful, who dated MICK JAGGER in the 60s had never worked with another woman...

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Faithful's Drug-fuelled Stage Past

20th May 2004

MARIANNE FAITHFUL vows to steer clear of drugs when she's performing in an upcoming London play, because her past use of heroin greatly impeded her ability to act. In 1969, the legendary singer was...

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Wood's Art In Demand

19th September 2003

ROLLING STONES guitarist RONNIE WOOD's artistic career is flourishing - musical mastermind ANDREW LLOYD-WEBBER has commissioned two more works from him. Following Wood's triptych painting of his famous pals dining in top London restaurant...

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Mick Jagger Adored By German Men

8th June 2003

Ageing ROLLING STONES frontman MICK JAGGER was stunned and disappointed to find underwear thrown at him onstage in Germany came from men. The wrinkly rocker, 59, was performing with the BROWN SUGAR band at...

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