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Bedingfield Snubs Jackson And Carey

4th August 2004

British pop sensation DANIEL BEDINGFIELD has turned down the chance to work with superstars MARIAH CAREY and JANET JACKSON to concentrate on his new album. The IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE singer, 24, has...

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Carey Is Dating Employee

30th July 2004

Singing superstar MARIAH CAREY is dating a member of her management team - whom she is "very close" to. The VISION OF LOVE singer, 34, who has previously romanced LUIS MIGUEL and EMINEM, met...

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Alba Steps Out With Jeter

29th July 2004

Sexy movie star JESSICA ALBA has a hot new man - she's reportedly dating MARIAH CAREY's ex DEREK JETER. Alba was spotted among the crowd when Jeter's NEW YORK YANKEES played her baseball team,...

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Carey Signs New Deal With Universal

27th July 2004

Superstar diva MARIAH CAREY has signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING GROUP. The long-term deal will include 135 copyrights, including 14 of Carey's 15 number one hits on BILLBOARD's HOT...

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Fox Wants Men Scrutinised In Magazines

20th July 2004

KILL BILL beauty VIVICA A FOX is requesting magazines do features on the "best packages" among the male stars of Hollywood. Fox, ex-girlfriend of rapper 50 CENT, was recently awarded the title of the...

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Brandy Leaves Medina

18th July 2004

R+B star BRANDY has followed in JENNIFER LOPEZ's footsteps by parting ways with manager BENNY MEDINA. J.LO endured a much-publicised parting from Medina - the man credited with transforming her into an international superstar...

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Mariah's Literary Help

16th July 2004

Pop star MARIAH CAREY's forthcoming foray into literature will be ghost written by another author. The THANK GOD I FOUND YOU singer is busy writing an illustrated children's book to compete with her bookish...

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Carey Case Goes Back To Court

14th July 2004

Pop superstar MARIAH CAREY is heading to court to fight an ongoing plagiarism row over her hit THANK GOD I FOUND YOU. Carey recorded the track in the late 1990s, upsetting songwriter SETH SWIRSKY,...

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Lohan Secures Record Deal

11th July 2004

Teen queen LINDSAY LOHAN has secured a record deal with MARIAH CAREY's ex-husband TOMMY MOTTOLA's CASABLANCA RECORDS label. The MEAN GIRLS actress, 18, is set to follow in rival HILARY DUFF's footsteps as...

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Carey Lands Diva Role In Dash Movie

9th July 2004

Singing superstar MARIAH CAREY has filmed a cameo role as a disgruntled diva in DAMON DASH's forthcoming movie STATE PROPERTY II. The ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS boss is starring in, producing and directing the crime drama...

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Mariah Carey's Search For Leading Man

4th July 2004

Singing superstar MARIAH CAREY is still searching for a leading man to star opposite her on the London stage. The HONEY hitmaker is due to make her theatre debut in THE PRINCE AND THE...

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Mariah's Angry Hairdressing Memories

22nd June 2004

Pop diva MARIAH CAREY quit her first job as a hairdresser's assistant because she refused to change her name to ECHO. The sexy singer swept up hair in a beauticians called DRAMATICS but was...

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Whitney To Sing In China For First Time

21st June 2004

Singer WHITNEY HOUSTON is boosting her plans for a career comeback by making her debut concert appearance in China. The I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU singer, who recently entered a rehabilitation centre in an...

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Lopez Denies Mottola To Be New Manager

21st June 2004

Singing sensation JENNIFER LOPEZ has lashed out at reports she's about to hire new husband MARC ANTHONY's manager TOMMY MOTTOLA - while failing to confirm she is a married woman. The JENNY FROM THE...

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Mariah Searches For London Home

16th June 2004

Pop star MARIAH CAREY is looking for a new home in London - ready for her run on the West End stage. The busty beauty - who will spend six months in London from...

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Mariah's Recreates Marilyn Onstage

6th June 2004

MARIAH CAREY is set to shock London's West End by recreating MARILYN MONROE's role in 1957 movie THE PRINCE + THE SHOWGIRL onstage. The pop superstar will make her theatrical debut in the play,...

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Carey's Furious Firing Spree Continues

3rd June 2004

Feisty diva MARIAH CAREY has hinted that she plans to ditch her business manager RON NASH after firing her agents at WILLIAM MORRIS and her long-time spokeswoman CINDI BERGER. The BUTTERFLY singer was...

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Mariah Fires Her Agents

31st May 2004

R+B diva MARIAH CAREY has parted company with her agents at WILLIAM MORRIS - just weeks after firing long term spokeswoman CINDI BERGER. The CHARMBRACELET singer, 34, has been with the prestigious company since...

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Carey Is 'Worst Celebrity Autographer'

25th May 2004

Pop diva MARIAH CAREY has been voted the worst celebrity autograph writer. The CHARMBRACELET beauty, 34, has been nominated thanks to her habit of refusing to sign pictures of herself she deems "unflattering" and...

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Faith Hill To Return To The Stage

20th May 2004

Country beauty FAITH HILL will return to the stage this summer (04) after a four year hiatus. The BREATHE singer, who has made only a few appearances since the 2002 release of her GRAMMY-nominated...

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Pamela Anderson Moves Into The World Of Hip-hop

18th May 2004

Busty beauty PAMELA ANDERSON has moved into the hip-hop arena, appearing on rap producer DAMIZZA's latest mixtape. The former BAYWATCH star appears on DAMIZZA PRESENTS: THE BABY REE MIXTAPE VOLUME 2, which features new...

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Carey's Thighs Scare Off Beefcake

11th May 2004

Beautiful singer MARIAH CAREY has proved it takes more than showing a bit of flesh to woo a man during a recent night out - when the object of her affections ignored her raunchy advances....

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Jamelia: I Need To Be A Bitch

9th May 2004

R+B star JAMELIA has discovered behaving like a "bitch" is a vital part of her job, because people wouldn't respond to her demands if she was calm all the time. The THANK YOU beauty...

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Mariah's Kids Clothes

4th May 2004

Songbird MARIAH CAREY is planning to launch her own line of children's clothes. The HONEY hitmaker has already branched out to create a range of jewellery and accessories and is now poised to expand...

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Carey Goes Chopper Shopping With Flex

4th May 2004

Diva MARIAH CAREY called on mechanic-turned-rapper FUNKMASTER FLEX to help her land her dream helicopter when she decided to hit the skies in style. The singer had dreamed of owning a helicopter for years...

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50 Cent Pays Big For Customised Car

21st April 2004

50 CENT recruited car fanatic and hip-hop DJ FUNKMASTER FLEX to customise a 1960 IMPALA for him - and paid $70,000 (GBP38,800) for the privilege. Flex, who spruces up the vehicles of many of...

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Michael Jackson Tops Celebrity Meltdown Poll

9th April 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's ongoing battles with the law have earned him the number one spot in a poll of the Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns. The 45-year-old BAD singer currently faces child molestation charges, accusations of...

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Blondie Star Hits Out At Celebrity Scandals

6th April 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY is convinced today's stars are "raping" the public's interest with scandalous tales of nervous breakdowns and wardrobe malfunctions. The CALL ME rocker has become increasingly more aware of superstar stories...

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Oprah Tops Greedy List

31st March 2004

OPRAH WINFREY has been named and shamed as the greediest star on a new list which also features JOHN TRAVOLTA, WILL SMITH, MADONNA and SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS. Oprah tops America's GLOBE tabloid list...

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Kathy Griffin Feels Safe Mocking Mariah

24th March 2004

Comedienne KATHY GRIFFIN takes comfort in mocking MARIAH CAREY in her stand-up acts - because she's certain the songbird has no idea who she is. The sharp-tongued redhead admits she doesn't ever worry about...

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