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Kennedy Killer's Freedom Rests On Schwarzenegger

15th March 2006

Hollywood actor and California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER may have to decide if ROBERT F KENNEDY's killer is set free. SIRHAN B SIRHAN, who fatally shot the US Senator on 5 June 1968, will have his...

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Schwarzenegger's Hamster Gift

24th January 2006

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER said 'I love you' with a hamster at the weekend (22JAN06), when he bought his youngest daughter a rodent pet. The movie tough guy and his wife MARIA SHRIVER decided it was...

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The Things They Say 1006

11th January 2006

"I was told not to speak for three days but my wife said, 'Make it seven.'" ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER jokes about his wife MARIA SHRIVER's bedside manner after a motorcycle crash left him needing stitches in...

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Suffers Stroke

1st November 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's mother-in-law EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER is recovering in hospital, after suffering a minor stroke. Shriver, the sister of late US President JOHN F KENNEDY and mother of TV reporter MARIA SHRIVER, was admitted...

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Schwarzenegger's 'Mistress' Speaks Out About Death Fears

22nd September 2005

The woman at the centre of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's latest scandal fears the California Governor's aides are out to kill her after she claimed she was once his mistress. GIGI GOYETTE briefly dated the unmarried...

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Shriver Inspires Stewart

10th September 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wife MARIA SHRIVER has unwittingly inspired KIMBERLY STEWART's new clothing line. Shriver, a member of America's high-profile KENNEDY family, recently made a statement that stuck in Stewart's mind, and now the blonde...

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Schwarzenegger Has Boots Protected By Armed Guards

8th August 2005

Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is so proud of his vast shoe collection - he has his gold-plated footwear protected by armed guards at his weekday suite at California's Sacramento Hyatt Regency hotel. The TERMINATOR star...

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Schwarzenegger Introduced Stallone To Nielsen

8th June 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER introduced RED SONJA co-star BRIGITTE NIELSEN to future husband SYLVESTER STALLONE in an effort to snuff out her romantic intentions towards him, according to a revealing new unauthorised biography about the Governor of...

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Arnie's Tv Tribute To Wife Maria

14th April 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER thrilled his wife MARIA SHRIVER when she appeared on pal LARRY KING's CNN chat show on Tuesday night (12APR05) - by phoning in to pay tribute to her mothering skills. Shriver was...

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Shriver Doesn't Want Schwarzenegger To Be President

11th April 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's plans to run for President of the United States of America have been met with disapproval from his wife MARIA SHRIVER. Since becoming Governor of California in 2003, Austrian Schwarzenegger has been...

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Shriver Makes History With Mother

9th April 2005

MARIA SHRIVER and her mother EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER made history yesterday (08APR05), when they joined pal OPRAH WINFREY for their first ever TV interview together. Shriver, wife of California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, and her...

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Arnie Hosts Starry Birthday Party For News Man Brokaw

8th February 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SHRIVER opened up their Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles to their starry friends on Sunday night (06FEB05) to stage a 65th birthday party for retired US news man TOM...

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Arnold Gets Tough With Card Firm

1st February 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SHRIVER have declared war on greeting card company RECYCLED PAPER GREETINGS, INC after they used an image of the family without permission. The movie star-turned-California Governor is annoyed...

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Trump Invites Hollywood To Wedding Of The Year

13th December 2004

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP has invited a host of A-listers including MUHAMMAD ALI, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, OPRAH WINFREY and Britain's PRINCE CHARLES to his wedding next month (JAN05). The 58-year old star of...

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Shriver Doubtful About Presidential Amendment

4th December 2004

MARIA SHRIVER is supporting a proposed amendment to the US Constitution which would allow her husband ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to run for president - but she doubts it will be enacted. California Governor Schwarzenegger, who...

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Crow To Perform For Schwarzenegger

1st December 2004

SHERYL CROW is preparing to put on a special performance for California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER on Tuesday (07DEC04). The SOAK UP THE SUN singer will perform for the TERMINATOR star and his wife, MARIA...

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Arnie's Strong Marriage

30th November 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's marriage to MARIA SHRIVER has lasted because they have never stopped fighting for each other. The pair have had to endure differing political backgrounds - Shriver is a member of America's Democratic...

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Shriver's Family Fears

30th November 2004

MARIA SHRIVER feared her family would fall apart if husband ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER became Governor of California. Despite her political background - Shriver's uncle was assassinated president JOHN F KENNEDY - the journalist insists she...

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Arnie's Wife Injured While Celebrating Baseball Victory

1st November 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's journalist wife MARIA SHRIVER is nursing a broken foot after celebrating BOSTON RED SOX's WORLD SERIES baseball victory too heartily. Shriver stood on one of her children's misplaced shoes while celebrating at...

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Arnie Denied Sex After Praising Bush

20th October 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was denied sex for two weeks by his Democrat wife MARIA SHRIVER, after he praised US President GEORGE W BUSH. The actor-turned Republican politician, 57, spoke of Bush's "inner strength"...

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Shriver Shaken By Schwarzenegger's Plans

13th October 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wife MARIA SHRIVER was dead against his plans to run for California Governor, and burst into tears when he told her. The TERMINATOR star was only able to convince his journalist spouse...

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Stars Owed Cash By California

11th October 2004

MICK JAGGER, BEN AFFLECK and MARIA SHRIVER are being urged to make their way to California and claim a cheque - because they're owed unclaimed cash by the state. The stars are on a...

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Roy Horn: 'I Suffered A Stroke Onstage'

16th September 2004

Illusionist ROY HORN has spoken publicly for the first about the tiger attack that almost ended his life. The SIEGFRIED + ROY star was mauled by tiger pet MONTECORE when he tumbled during a...

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Shriver Misses Journalism

12th September 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wife MARIA SHRIVER is feeling displaced since giving up her career in TV journalism to support her husband as Governor of California. Shriver stepped down from her job at American network NBC...

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Siegfried + Roy Special Marked Top Secret

8th September 2004

TV bosses at America's NBC network are so desperate to keep their upcoming news special on illusionists SIEGFRIED + ROY shrouded in mystery, they're editing the show in a secret location. Tapes of the...

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Shriver To Support Schwarzenegger At Republican Convention

30th August 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wife MARIA SHRIVER has raised eyebrows, after it was announced she would be attending the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - despite being a staunch Democrat. Shriver, a member of the traditionally Democrat KENNEDY...

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Schwarzenegger Sells Off Upscale Complex

2nd August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SHRIVER have sold three properties in their Pacific Palisades compound, which is worth approximately $18 million (GBP10 million). THE TERMINATOR star and his spouse sold one...

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Arnie's Wife Lands Roy Horn Interview

26th July 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wife MARIA SHRIVER has landed the first interview with illusionist ROY HORN since the tiger attack that left him fighting for his life last October (03). The former news anchorwoman, who...

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Prochnow Lands Arnie Role

20th July 2004

JUDGE DREDD villain JURGEN PROCHNOW has been picked to play ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in a new biopic about the action man-turned-California Governor. The German actor will play the modern Arnie, while unknown ROLAND KICKINGER will...

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Arnie Promises To Support Bush

25th June 2004

Californian Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will tread a very thin political line between supporting Republican President GEORGE W BUSH re-election campaign while keeping his predominately-Democrat constitutes happy. The TERMINATOR star has promised to give the...

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