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Margot Kidder Arrested For White House Protest

24th August 2011

Veteran actress Margot Kidder was arrested in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (23Aug11) for protesting against an oil project.The 62 year old, who played Superman's love interest Lois Lane on the big screen, was part of...

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Former Lois Lane Margot Kidder Praises Adams Casting

1st April 2011

Margot Kidder has welcomed the casting of her latest Lois Lane successor in the new Superman movie, insisting newly-hired Amy Adams is a "better actress than I am".The Enchanted star will play the intrepid reporter...

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Fascinating Fact 2385

6th November 2006

MARGOT KIDDER, the original LOIS LANE in the SUPERMAN movies, felt she was a terrible choice to play the superhero's girlfriend and has always thought GREASE star STOCKARD CHANNING would have been a better option.

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Kidder Pretended Superman Was Indiana Jones

2nd November 2006

Actress MARGOT KIDDER pretended CHRISTOPHER REEVE was HARRISON FORD for her romantic scenes in the SUPERMAN films - because she wasn't attracted to her co-star. The movie star, who played Superman's girlfriend LOIS LANE in...

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Hugely Different Superman Ii Cut Restores Lost Brando Footage

1st November 2006

SUPERMAN II will be released in a radically different form this month (NOV06), as the director who was fired midway through filming has finally been given the chance to unveil his vision over a quarter...

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Fascinating Fact 2321

28th October 2006

The 1973 ultra-violent, cult thriller that launched the careers of director BRIAN DE PALMA and SUPERMAN star MARGOT KIDDER is in the middle of a remake, starring CHLOE SEVIGNY. Producer EDWARD R PRESSMAN has returned...

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Bosworth Enjoying Larger Superman Salary

7th April 2006

KATE BOSWORTH is grateful to be playing LOIS LANE in the new millennium, after original SUPERMAN star MARGOT KIDDER declared her salary was tiny. The 23-year-old blonde takes over Kidder's role as the Daily Planet...

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Kidder: 'Reeve Tribute Is Tasteless'

19th April 2005

CHRISTOPHER REEVE's SUPERMAN co-star MARGOT KIDDER has blasted producers of the movie's TV spin-off SMALLVILLE, for its insensitive treatment of Reeve's death. Reeves spent nine years in a wheelchair after a horse riding accident...

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Melissa Suffers Frostbite On Horror Chiller Set

23rd March 2005

Aussie actress MELISSA GEORGE is still thawing out after suffering frostbite while filming horror film remake THE AMITYVILLE HORROR in a Wisconsin winter. The former HOME + AWAY soap star recreated MARGOT KIDDER's 1979...

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Reeve And Kidder On-screen Reunion Binned

22nd October 2004

Late actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE and his SUPERMAN co-star MARGOT KIDDER were set to reunite in hit TV series SMALLVILLE until his untimely death this month (10OCT04). The paralysed actor died from heart failure on...

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Tributes For Reeve Pour In

12th October 2004

Tributes for SUPERMAN actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE have come flooding in from family and friends. Reeve, who died of heart failure on Sunday (10OCT04) aged 52, was described as a "glorious example of triumph over...

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Kidder Cautious As She Rehearses

23rd September 2004

Actress MARGOT KIDDER opted against rehearsing her lines for TV show SMALLVILLE in public - because she feared onlookers would assume she was having another nervous breakdown. In 1996, Kidder was found wandering the...

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Kidder Joins Smallville Cast

16th September 2004

Actress MARGOT KIDDER will return to her SUPERMAN roots by appearing in TV show SMALLVILLE. Smallville, which stars TOM WELLING as a young CLARK KENT struggling with the powers which will later make him...

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Michael Jackson Tops Celebrity Meltdown Poll

9th April 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's ongoing battles with the law have earned him the number one spot in a poll of the Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns. The 45-year-old BAD singer currently faces child molestation charges, accusations of...

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