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5 Of The Best Animated Matriarchs (Animatriachs?) Now That Marge Simpson Is The Face Of Mac Make-up

By Charlotte Court | 10th July 2014

Marge Simpson has finally got her moment. After years of living as Springfield’s most dependable blue-haired mom, Homer’s often down-trodden better half has been thrust out into the spotlight as the new face of MAC...

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Jessie J Cancels Two Gigs Due To Sore Throat

11th July 2013

Jessie J has cancelled two gigs because of issues with her voice.The 25-year-old singer was planning on supporting Justin Timberlake during his 20/20 Experience concert at Phoenix Park in Dublin last night (10.07.13) and taking...

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Jessie J Sounds Like 'Marge Simpson'

10th July 2013

Jessie J sounds like ''Marge Simpson'' after losing her voice. The 'Price Tag' hitmaker - who has an irregular heartbeat and suffered a stroke aged 18 - likened herself to the croaky 'Simpsons' character after...

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The Simpsons To Appear In Olympics Episode

2nd August 2012

'The Simpsons' will broadcast a special Olympics episode.The popular cartoon is getting into the London 2012 spirit with a storyline based on the games in which Marge Simpson's chain-smoking twin sisters Patty and Selma are...

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Lady Gaga To Play 'Slut' In The Simpsons

9th May 2012

Lady Gaga admits she plays ''a bit of a slut'' while voicing an animated version of herself in 'The Simpsons'. The 'Marry The Night' hitmaker is due to star in forthcoming episode 'Lisa Goes Gaga'...

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Nicki Minaj To Make Fashion Debut?

23rd January 2012

Nicki Minaj is planning to release her own fashion line. The eccentric rapper - who has previously launched her own lipstick through cosmetics brand MAC - is expected to create a collection this year, her...

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Nicki Minaj Inspired By Marge Simpson

12th April 2011

Nicki Minaj's style inspiration is cartoon character Marge Simpson.The eccentric rapper has recently been seen in a number of gravity-defying beehive wigs, and claims the idea came to her when thinking about the animated matriarch's...

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What Will Homer And Bart Say?

12th October 2009

Playboy magazine, which has seen its circulation plummet 18 percent in three years to 2.6 million from 3.15 million, has put The Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson on the cover of its November issue and included...

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'Big Brother's Got Talent

6th June 2009

'Big Brother' housemates staged a talent contest last night (05.06.09). A 'Britain's Got Talent' style showcase was staged by the reality TV hopefuls shortly after midnight.Most of the contestants paired off for the show. First...

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Simpsons' Home To Be Revealed

10th July 2007

The Simpsons will finally learn where there true home lies today, with 14 US towns called Springfield battling it out to be recognised as the base of America's much-loved cartoon family.Residents in the towns were...

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Kylie's Book Inspired By Fans

19th September 2006

KYLIE MINOGUE was so touched by pictures sent in by her young fans during her cancer battle, she decided to include them in her children's book. The Australian singer was inundated with drawings and paintings...

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Klum Is Top Mother

5th May 2005

Pregnant German supermodel HEIDI KLUM has beaten ANGELINA JOLIE and PAMELA ANDERSON to the top spot in a new internet poll to find Hollywood's Hottest Mom. Website SCREENSAVERS.COM asked cyber junkies to vote for...

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Gervais To Woo Marge Simpson

26th January 2005

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS will steal cartoon matriarch MARGE SIMPSON from her husband HOMER in a forthcoming episode of the hit animated TV show. The star and creator of cult comedy THE OFFICE, Gervais,...

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Marge Lets Her Hair Down For Dove Ads

17th January 2005

Cartoon icon MARGE SIMPSON is letting her hair down for a new DOVE STYLING commercial. THE SIMPSONS matriarch's famous blue hair undergoes a makeover in the new ads. Simpson joins other cartoon characters,...

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Simpsons Mocks Beckham In Christmas Speech

20th December 2004

Animated housewife MARGE SIMPSON will mock soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM's alleged infidelity in the eagerly-awaited Christmas episode (25DEC04) of hit TV show THE SIMPSONS. The cartoon mother will compare her solid marriage to HOMER,...

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Marge Simpson Goes Head-to-head With Queen

29th September 2004

Cartoon matriarch MARGE SIMPSON will deliver a Christmas speech to the British public, which will rival monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II's traditional festive message. The blue-haired housewife will talk about family harmony from the living...

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Homer And Marge Top Best Couple List

4th June 2004

Animated TV stars HOMER and MARGE SIMPSON have been crowned the greatest fictional couple of all time. The pair - stars of long-running cartoon comedy THE SIMPSONS - brushed aside competition from WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's...

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Marge Simpson Turns Pin-up

15th March 2004

Popular family cartoon character MARGE SIMPSON has been given a radical make-over for a new revealing "photo-spread" for a men's magazine. The star of hit American TV series THE SIMPSONS has ditched her usual...

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