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Elton's Musical Too 'Hurtful' For Thatcher

2nd June 2006

SIR ELTON JOHN is relieved former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER is too elderly to see his London musical BILLY ELLIOTT, because he thinks the show would be "hurtful" for her to watch. The stage...

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Connery Is Sexiest Male Pensioner

9th May 2006

Scottish screen icon SIR SEAN CONNERY has beaten STAR TREK actor PATRICK STEWART to be voted Britain's sexiest male pensioner. The former JAMES BOND star swept the poll, winning over half of the votes, while,...

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The Things They Say 1967

5th May 2006

"I do a decent PRINCE CHARLES. On a good day. I can also do MARGARET THATCHER. I often think I'm a bit like her." PET SHOP BOYS singer NEIL TENNANT reveals his best impressions.

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Streisand: 'Bring Back Thatcher'

7th March 2006

American singer/actress BARBRA STREISAND misses the days when MARGARET THATCHER was the British prime minister, because she believes women had a better deal when the so-called 'Iron Lady' was in charge. Streisand insists UK society...

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Thatcher Musical A 'Respectful' Production

12th January 2006

Theatre bosses are insisting a musical about the life of MARGARET THATCHER is a respectful satire of the former British prime minister's time in power. Unusual production THATCHER: THE MUSICAL covers the leader's time...

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Thatcher's Style Inspired Transvestite Film

9th January 2006

Director NEIL JORDAN has taken tips from an unusual style icon for his new movie about a transsexual - former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER. The film-maker says he dressed actor CILLIAN MURPHY...

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Dr Who Blasts Blair At Christmas

13th December 2005

Popular UK family show DOCTOR WHO will launch a veiled attack on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR this Christmas (25DEC05) by broadcasting an anti-war episode. The long-running sci-fi series will feature an alien invasion...

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Thatcher Rushed To Hospital

8th December 2005

Former British Prime Minister BARONESS THATCHER was rushed to a London hospital yesterday (07DEC05) after feeling "faint and unwell" in a hairdressing salon. The 80-year-old, who was the UK's leader between 1979 and 1990,...

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Madonna: 'The English Are Used To Bullies Like Me'

20th November 2005

Pop queen MADONNA has found the perfect man in mild-mannered Brit GUY RITCHIE - because she can bully him as much as she likes. The HUNG UP singer is convinced English men adore being...

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Jacobi To Play Pinochet

20th September 2005

Veteran actor SIR DEREK JACOBI is set to add another historical character to his filmography as he takes on the role of Chilean dictator GENERAL AUGUSTO PINOCHET. The I, CLAUDIUS star has played a...

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Nancy Reagan Briefly Hospitalised After Fall

17th June 2005

Former US first lady NANCY REAGAN was briefly hospitalised in London yesterday (16JUN05), after falling in her hotel room. Reagan, 83, who is vacationing in the UK, was bruised in the fall, but resumed...

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Billy Elliot's Anti-thatcher Song Shocks Audiences

8th May 2005

London stage show BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL is attracting controversy by featuring a song eagerly anticipating the death of former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER. The tune, written by SIR ELTON JOHN and lyricist...

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Thatcher Accepts Guilt In Coup Bid

14th January 2005

MARK THATCHER, the son of former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER, has pleaded guilty to playing a part in a military coup in Africa. The businessman accepts he unwittingly paid cash to rebels attempting...

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Stone To Recreate Thatcher's Reign

2nd December 2004

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE is lining up another historical figure for his next biopic - former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER. The director is refusing to let the critical mauling and disastrous box office performance...

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Cleese's Political Wrangle

17th November 2004

Comic legend JOHN CLEESE was so incensed when his famous 'dead parrot' sketch was used for political ends that he considered legal action. Former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER used chunks of the MONTY...

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Diana's Butler In Address Book Row

5th July 2004

DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' former butler PAUL BURRELL has been linked to the unorthodox private sale of the late British royal's address book. Burrell is named in an authentication letter given to American broker...

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Arnie Pays Tribute To Reagan

7th June 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is among leaders who have paid tribute to another actor-turned-politician, RONALD REAGAN, who died on Saturday (05JUN04). The action man-turned-California Governor joined former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER and former US leaders...

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Nigella Lawson Eyes Political Career

1st December 2003

Celebrity cook NIGELLA LAWSON is planning to carve out a career in politics, just like her famous father. The DOMESTIC GODDESS beauty is the daughter of onetime Chancellor NIGEL LAWSON, who served under the...

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