Marcus Mumford loves telling people his band have split up.

The Mumford And Sons frontman is enjoying a well-earned break from music and claims people keep asking him if the band have broken up, which he doesn't deny.

He told radio station XFM: ''It's been quite nice just to have a few months to chill out.

''Everyone keeps asking if we've broken up as a band, which I love ... So I keep saying 'yes', and then we can have a big come back tour next year.''

While Marcus and band mates Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane are only on a break, he admits there is one member of the group who has been involved in a band split in the past.

Marcus, 27, said: ''Winston went to Nashville and set up a band, played six gigs, recorded a live show and then they broke up, citing artistic differences at the end of the night - after playing six gigs in one night.

''Apparently they were rubbish. Apparently they were genuinely rubbish. But they're really proud of it, because they love that kind of thing.''

Last year saw the second installment of Mumford and Sons' 'Gentlemen of the Road' stopover tour - a series of mini-festivals put on by the band.

Marcus quipped: ''It's loads more work, much less money and really inconvenient. Our three favourite things'', adding: ''It was brilliant, it's really fun to get to do something completely on our own and basically we just wanted to get all our favourite bands together in one spot.''