British comedian Marcus Brigstocke will have to perform the rest of his shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on crutches after injuring himself on stage.

The funnyman is part of the line-up for the theatre and comedy event in Scotland which takes place throughout August (13), but he feared his run would come to an early end after hurting his leg during his routine.

He told fans about the emergency in a post on on Saturday (03Aug13), writing, "Oh God... 40 year old idiot dances like he's still 19 and snaps important leg matter. F**k! What the f**k have I done?"

Brigstocke feared he had damaged his Achilles tendon and admitted himself to hospital, adding, "So... A&E (accident and emergency department) now. Achilles tendon snapped is my guess. I'll keep you posted injury fans."

However, the injury turned out to be less serious, but he will have to perform the rest of his festival run on crutches: "Massive thanks to Nhs (National Health Service) Scotland for your kindness and expertise... Turns out it's not a snapped tendon. I was being a massive over dramatic queeny whining... Hurts like hell but not so serious."

Brigstocke successfully made it back on stage on Saturday night, and told fans, "Wow... Doing my show on one leg was... Challenging. Many many thanks to a lovely crowd. I'm sore now."