Forget Sharknado! Those scary finned creatures are going to have to grow wings if they want to get one-up on humans, especially after this little incident on a Nantucket, Mass beach on Sunday (July 14, 2013).

24-year-old Elliot Sudal was minding his own business fishing in the surf when he noticed he wasn't having his usual successful results. "You could tell that clearly a shark had bitten [them], there was like a crescent moon, like a shark bite," he told CBS Boston. "Like your stereotypical, what a shark bite looks like."

Most people - no, wait, EVERYONE - would have gotten the hell out of there, but not old Elliot. "[Fishing is] almost like a drug-I got used to catching bigger and bigger fish."

The bigger fish in question turned out to be a 7-foot-long sandbar shark that weighed at least 200 pounds. But Elliot was angry. He retrieved a bigger and better fishing rod from his car and set about catching the damn thing.

"That particular shark took about 45 minutes to get in," he recalled. When the shark was close enough to shore, he grabbed it by its tail and wrestled it the rest of the way. "It's a pretty crazy thing with the waves crashing and this shark trying to bite your hand off."

After showing the shark who was boss and getting a few snaps with fellow beachgoers, Sudal released it back into the sea - and became an internet hero. 

"I always treat them well. I'm very conservation-minded when it comes to that. I don't kill any of them, I just let them go," he added.