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Justin Timberlake Thanked Everyone In His Billboard Speech. Except Donald Sterling

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th May 2014

When Justin Timberlake won the Top Artist honor at Sunday’s Billboard awards, he was very generous with his “hank you” messages. In fact, he thanked everyone – everyone, except disgraced LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling....

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Fascinating Fact: 4132589

31st March 2014

Actress Katie Holmes and sports icon Magic Johnson were among the college basketball fans in the audience at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sunday (30Mar14) to watch as the University of Connecticut team...

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Trebek's 'Magic Johnson' Reaction On Jeopardy! Is Priceless [Video]

By Michael West | 28th March 2014

Alex Trebek is a Canadian man. Alex Trebek is a sports-fan. Alex Trebek knows who Magic Johnson is, and more importantly, who Wayne Gretzky Is. All of this means the Jeopardy! host wasn't impressed with...

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Orlando Bloom Wants To Inspire Son

28th March 2014

Orlando Bloom hopes to inspire his son to live his dream.The 37-year-old actor, who split from his wife of three years Miranda Kerr in October, admits being a father to their three-year-old Flynn is his...

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Pharrell Williams Gets Happy For 24 Hours With New Video

22nd November 2013

Pharrell Williams has created the world's first 24-hour music video.The singer has made history with the release of his uplifting new single 'Happy' and its interactive music video, which would take a day to watch...

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Arsenio Hall Finally Returns To Late Night Chat After 19 Years Away

By Joe Wilde | 9th September 2013

Arsenio Hall is back! It's been 19 years since the comic last dominated the late night viewing slot with his popular combination of chat and music and after a hiatus lasting nearly two decades, he...

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Sean Sasser, Aids Activist And 'Real World: San Francisco' Cast Member, Dies Aged 44

By Elinor Cosgrave | 9th August 2013

Sean Sasser, who featured in the reality show The Real World: San Francisco, has died aged 44. Sasser was featured on the show owing to his relationship with primary cast member Pedro Zamora. David "Puck"...

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Magic Johnson Opens Up About His Gay Son; Has No Problems With His Life Choices

By Joe Wilde | 5th April 2013

For Magic Johnson, knowing his son was gay didn't cause him any discomfort, dissatisfaction or disappointment because he was proud of his middle child no matter what his sexual preferences are or any other nagging...

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Magic Johnson Sets An Example For All Sports By Fully Supporting His Gay Son

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th April 2013

It’s not every day a sporting legend has the chance to fully support equality when it comes to sexuality, so when Magic Johnson’s son, E.L Johnson III, decided to hide his sexuality no longer, it...

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Magic Johnson Supports His Gay Son, But Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

By Victoria Pavlova | 3rd April 2013

So Magic Johnson’s son is gay and the media might care, but Magic sure doesn’t. The basketball veteran stands firmly behind his son in every way. 20-year-old Earvin Johnson recently came out to the media...

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A Week In News: Finding Nemo Sequel, Magic Johnson's Son And Diana In Drag?

By Michael West | 3rd April 2013

Nemo's Back! Great news this week for fans of Finding Nemo, Pixar's smash-hit animation featuring the voices of and Albert Brooks. Yep, you guessed it, a sequel has been announced and will hit cinemas in...

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That's Magic! Johnson Family Proud Of Gay Son Earvin Johnson Iii

By Michael West | 3rd April 2013

Magic Johnson, the legendary NBA superstar, says he and his family are proud of their son Earvin Johnson III, who came out as gay last week. The youngster was spotted on the Sunset Strip in...

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Magic Johnson’S Son Comes Out As Gay, And His Parents Couldn't Be More Proud

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd April 2013

Finally, a story about a celebrity’s sexuality that doesn’t leave a nasty taste; E.J Johnson III – the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson – came out as publically gay, and has received the full...

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Jerry Buss Dies Aged 80: The Man Who Made The L.a Lakers 'Hollywood'

By Michael West | 18th February 2013

Jerry Buss, the long-time owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, has died aged 80. The self-made millionaire made his fortune in real estate and bought the legendary west-coast NBA outfit in 1979, charting the team's...

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Fascinating Fact 13148

28th March 2012

Basketball icon Earvin 'MAGIC' JOHNSON and his investment team have won a $2 billion bid to purchase troubled baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers.

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$2 Billion -- The Magic Number For L.a. Dodgers

28th March 2012

In 1957, in an effort to entice Walter O'Malley, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to move his team to Los Angeles, the city and county of Los Angeles offered to give him 300 acres...

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Aniston And Jolie Head All-star Olympic Torch Bearers

6th May 2004

FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON and actress ANGELINA JOLIE will help a group of celebrity torch bearers carry the OLYMPIC flame across America this year (04). Jolie and Aniston - who is of Greek decent...

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