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The Things They Say 2612

8th August 2006

"I was already pregnant in a bikini. I kinda thought, like, taking my top off might just put it over the edge." MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL resisted the temptation to go topless during a recent French vacation.

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Gyllenhaal Melted Icy Barkin By Spitting On Her

7th August 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN stunned MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL by behaving coldly to her on her birthday, but her attitude soon changed when the SECRETARY star spat at her. The younger actress admits Barkin was decidedly cool towards...

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Gyllenhaal Moved By World Trade Centre Movie

5th August 2006

Starring in 9/11 movie WORLD TRADE CENTER brought back the horror of the terrorist attacks for actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. The star was abroad when terrorist planes were flown into New York City's twin towers, the...

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The Things They Say 2547

28th July 2006

"I've been to a bunch of screenings of my movies, and I think when my voice is so loud, the baby can feel it. It does things like move and flip around." SECRETARY star MAGGIE...

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Collyer Accepts Top Prize At Czech Film Festival

10th July 2006

American director LAURIE COLLYER won the Crystal Globe award for Best Picture for her movie SHERRYBABY at the 41st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic on Saturday (08JUL06). MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL was named...

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Fascinating Fact 1722

4th July 2006

Rocker DAVE MATHEWS has agreed to be a photographed for a campaign by the left wing US political magazine THE NATION. The South African icon will be joined by LARRY DAVID, MARIO CUOMO, MOBY, MAGGIE...

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Studio Sues Student Over 'Identical' 9/11 Movie

23rd June 2006

A student who used a bootleg script of OLIVER STONE's upcoming 9/11 movie WORLD TRADE CENTER to shoot his own art project is being sued by studio Paramount Pictures. CHRIS MOUKARBEL has distributed his 12-minute...

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Huffman Liquored Up For Oscars

19th May 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star FELICITY HUFFMAN was so anxious about attending the Academy Awards, she brought along a flask of vodka to calm her nerves. The star was nominated in the Best Actress category for her...

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9/11 Hero Convinced Gyllenhaal To Take Role

9th May 2006

The wife of a 11th September (01) victim convinced MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL to star in OLIVER STONE's WORLD TRADE CENTER, despite comments the actress made about America's 'responsibility' for the terrorist attack last year (05). The...

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Gyllenhaal And Sarsgaard Engaged And Expecting

11th April 2006

SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and actor PETER SARSGAARD are engaged and expecting a baby. The couple have been together for over four years. They co-starred in 2003's IN GOD'S HANDS, a low-budget feature produced by...

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The Things They Say 1716

24th March 2006

"PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL are the sexiest actors onscreen today." Actress SHARON STONE would like to kiss both of them.

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Spanking Scene From Secretary Sexiest

14th March 2006

The spanking scene from the movie SECRETARY has been named the Sexiest Moment on Film by a new survey. DVD company Lovefilm conducted the poll, which gave the top honour to the scene in the...

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Gyllenhaal Lands Reebok Role

20th January 2006

SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is the latest spokesmodel for sportswear giant Reebok. The older sister of JAKE GYLLENHAAL will follow in the footsteps of CHRISTINA RICCI and LUCY LIU by starring in the latest...

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Martin Beats Bono To Stipe's Lunchbox

17th October 2005

CHRIS MARTIN outbid BONO to win a lunchbox designed by REM frontman MICHAEL STIPE at a charity auction in New York City at the end of last week (ends14OCT05). Martin's bid of $20,000 (GBP11,100)...

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Comfort Is Everything For Suffering Maggie

10th September 2005

SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL wears ballet slippers to industry parties and functions because she hates high heels. The actress admits she always feels awkward in designer shoes and wears them only so she isn't...

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Gyllenhaal 'Ravaged' After Harrowing New Movie

8th September 2005

Actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is attempting to quit smoking again after picking up her old habit on the set of a harrowing new movie. The SECRETARY star is proud of her work on SOME KIND...

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Christensen Opens New York Boutique

6th September 2005

Danish supermodel HELENA CHRISTENSEN is making the most of her fashion contacts by opening up her own New York City boutique. The statuesque beauty has teamed up with her longtime friend and fellow Dane...

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Gyllenhaal Shows Off Singing Skills

1st August 2005

SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL took on her "scariest" onscreen task for her new movie HAPPY ENDINGS - singing. The 27-year-old actress plays a singer in a bar band in the movie, and rather than...

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Gyllenhaal Eyes Property With Waterfall

23rd July 2005

THE SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is set to make her next property purchase a grand one - she's very interested in buying a 14-acre parcel of land which includes a 40-foot (21.3 meter) waterfall....

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Gyllenhaal Froze Her Bedsheets To Keep Cool

22nd July 2005

Eccentric MONA LISA SMILE star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL had an unusual method of keeping herself cool in the summer before she found fame - she froze her bedsheets. The actress, sister of JAKE GYLLENHAAL, found...

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Gyllenhaal Plans Route To Tibet

22nd July 2005

Actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is preparing to jet off to Tibet and Nepal for a three-week adventure - but she doesn't know how she's going to get there. The MONA LISA SMILE star has decided...

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Gyllenhaal Terrified Of Discussing Political Opinions

12th July 2005

LATEST: Hollywood actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL has vowed to keep her political opinions to herself, because she's still suffering the media backlash over a remark she made about the September 11th (01) terrorist attacks in April...

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Hair Designer John Sahag Dies Of Cancer

16th June 2005

Celebrity hair designer JOHN SAHAG - who has styled the tresses of such stars as BRAD PITT, JENNIFER ANISTON and SARAH JESSICA PARKER - died of cancer yesterday (15JUN05). He was 51. Born in...

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Von Teese: 'Sarsgaard Cheated On Me With Harlow'

24th May 2005

MARILYN MANSON's fiancee DITA VON TEESE split from her former love PETER SARSGAARD after she found out he was having an affair with supermodel SHALOM HARLOW. The burlesque strip artist dated the KINSEY actor...

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Kunis Slams Gyllenhaal For 9/11 Comments

28th April 2005

THAT '70S SHOW star MILA KUNIS has slammed MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL for her controversial 11 September (01) comments, insisting the actress should present the world with a "solution" rather than a problem. The SECRETARY actress...

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Stripping Stars Honoured At Anatomy Awards

23rd February 2005

BO DEREK, PARIS HILTON, NEVE CAMPBELL and OSCAR nominee NATALIE PORTMAN are among the beauties being honoured for showing off their flesh in steamy movie scenes as the MRSKIN.COM website announces its sixth annual ANATOMY...

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Joan Collins' Desperate Housewives Dream Dashed

19th February 2005

LATEST: JOAN COLLINS' hopes of playing TERI HATCHER's mother in the hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES have been dashed - actress LESLEY ANN WARREN has landed the coveted role. Former DYNASTY star Collins recently...

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Gyllenhaal Shunned Original Criminal Movie

18th February 2005

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL refused to watch the original film which inspired her latest movie CRIMINAL, as believed it would be "destructive" to her performance. The 27-year-old actress is still reluctant to view the Argentine hit...

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Gyllenhaal Stands Up To Movie Directors

14th February 2005

Hollywood actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL doesn't care how big the film is, she'll speak up if her character seems false or "boring". The SECRETARY star recently auditioned for a "big movie", but as she experimented...

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Gyllenhaals Support Each Other

2nd February 2005

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL enjoys healthy competition with brother JAKE when it comes to their careers - but she's the first to offer THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW actor support when he needs someone to talk to....

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