MAD MEN star BRYAN BATT is reportedly set to exchange vows with his longtime partner in a same sex marriage later this year (09).
The gay actor, 46, has been dating Tom Cianfichi, an actor-turned-event planner, for two decades and the couple is now ready to make its union official with a wedding in Vermont, where same sex unions are legal.
A source tells the National Enquirer, "Bryan is at the top of his game professionally, and they've never been happier.
"They're leaning toward a Christmas wedding in Vermont."
Batt and Cianfichi, who own homes in Louisiana, Los Angeles and New York, have begun planning for their wedding, which promises to be an extravagant occasion.
The insider adds, "Bryan and Tom already consider themselves married, and are registered as domestic partners in New Orleans.
"Tom's working on the wedding arrangements, and with their combined style and taste; it's certain to be a big event. They intend to pull out all the stops."