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Macy Gray - A Secret Nudist

6th April 2007

Singer MACY GRAY is a secret nudist and strips off when she's at home. The star claims she picked up the habit from her mother. Gray says, "My mother used to walk around the house...

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Macy Gray Opens Her Own Music School

20th October 2005

R+B star MACY GRAY is set to go back to school after funding a new music academy in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. The M Gray Academy will open for business on 31 October (05),...

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Milano Helps Hurricane Victims

20th September 2005

Sexy actress ALYSSA MILANO has flown to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Milano, ex-girlfriend of pop heart-throb JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, has taken time out of her busy schedule to help hand out...

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Gray Appears Naked On Stage

6th July 2004

American singer MACY GRAY has fulfilled her pledge to perform nude - by stripping during her London concert last night (05JUL04). The SWEET BABY star, 33, appeared naked behind a chair on stage...

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