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Nicolas Cage Wears Nicolas Cage Meme T-shirt To Guns N' Roses Concert

By Sophie Miskiw | 10th June 2014

In what may be our favourite Instagram post of all time, rock band Guns N’ Roses have shared an image of Nicolas Cage…wearing Nicolas Cage. The band posted the image, which features the iconic actor...

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Bottled Off: 10 Bands Who Suffered Worse Fate Than Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground

By George Percival | 3rd June 2014

Macaulay Culkin and his pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, the imaginatively named The Pizza Underground, suffered the chagrin of a disgruntled crown in Nottingham during the city’s annual Dot To Dot festival. Culkin, who was...

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Macaulay Culkin And The Pizza Underground Cancel Rest Of U.k. Tour

2nd June 2014

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin and his band The Pizza Underground have cancelled the remainder of their U.K. tour after they were booed offstage in Manchester and Nottingham last week (ends30May14).The quirky act, which performs...

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Macaulay Sulkin: Pizza Underground Go Back Underground With Cancelled Shows

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd June 2014

Macaulay Culkin’s comedy band, The Pizza Underground, hasn’t really had the desired effect. Pelted with beer and booed off stage in Nottingham last week, the band haven’t given a reason for cancelling the rest of...

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Macaulay Culkin And 'The Pizza Underground,' What's It All About?

By Sophie Miskiw | 30th May 2014

If we could have one guess at what Macaulay Culkin is up to right now, it’s that he’s Home Alone sulking. OK, just kidding! We had to slip that one in somewhere, and it’s actually...

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Macaulay Culkin's "Pizza Underground" Chewed Up At Dot To Dot Festival

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th May 2014

Macaulay Culkin’s band, the oh-so-hilariously named Pizza Underground, got a chilly reception at last weekend’s Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester and Bristol. According to the New York Daily News, the band members were booed...

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Macaulay Culkin's Band, Pizza Underground, Storm Off Stage At UK Festival Gig After Getting Bombarded With Beer

By Nick Hill | 27th May 2014

Macaulay Culkin doesn't seem to have many fans in the U.K.The former child actor and his comedy band, Pizza Underground, were paying to a rowdy audience in Nottingham, England, at the Dot to Dot Festival...

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Macaulay Culkin Storms Off Stage As Two Gigs Are Marred By Drink Throwers

26th May 2014

Former child star Macaulay Culkin stormed off stage at two separate gigs in the U.K. last week (ends25May14) after he was pelted with drinks.The Home Alone actor performed with his food-themed tribute band The...

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The Things They Say: 4210799

23rd May 2014

"I really like Anne Robinson, she's so fierce and cold. I wish she was my mum." Macaulay Culkin is a fan of feisty British Tv quiz show presenter Anne Robinson.

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The Most Undiscovered Movies On Netflix

By George Percival | 14th May 2014

Most films on the lower rungs of Netflix occupy that position for a single reason: they’re downright terrible. The acting is at best laughable and at worst cringe-worthy, whilst the script seems to be the...

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Party Monster Killer Released From Prison After 17 Years

6th May 2014

The New York socialite who inspired Macaulay Culkin's 2003 movie Party Monster has been released from prison after serving 17 years behind bars for killing his roommate.Michael Alig confessed to the murder of Andre Melendez...

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Party Monster Inspiration Set For Jail Release

17th April 2014

A convicted killer portrayed by Macaulay Culkin in 2003 movie Party Monster is set for release after 17 years behind bars.Former club promoter Michael Alig was found guilty of the manslaughter of Andre Melendez in...

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Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Cover Band Lands Restaurant Tribute

9th April 2014

Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed The Velvet Underground tribute band has been honoured with a meal named after them at an American restaurant chain.The Pizza Underground, fronted by the Home Alone star, play parody covers of the...

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Macaulay Culkin Wants To Wed Before Mila Kunis

27th March 2014

Macaulay Culkin wants to get married before Mila Kunis.The 'Home Alone' star is reportedly eager to tie the knot with his US soap star girlfriend Jordan Lane Price before his pregnant ex-girlfriend marries Ashton Kutcher...

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Macaulay Culkin Served As A Roadie During Rap Video Shoot

26th March 2014

Former child star Macaulay Culkin filled in as a roadie during a video shoot for rising rapper Lizzo.The Home Alone star accompanied Har Mar Superstar to the filming of the promo video for female rapper...

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Macaulay Culkin's Dad Wanted To Reconnect

24th January 2014

Macaulay Culkin's dad was hoping to reconnect with his famous son before he suffered a massive stroke.The 'Home Alone' star's family were summoned to a hospital in Oregon on Tuesday (21.01.14) where Kit Culkin is...

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Macaulay Culkin's Father Suffers Major Stroke

23rd January 2014

Macaulay Culkin's estranged father reportedly suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday (21.01.14).The 'Home Alone' star, 33, and his family including his five siblings, Shane, Kieran, Quinn, Christian and Rory, have been summoned to a hospital...

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Justin Bieber's House Stuffed With Drugs: 5 Young Stars Who Battled Addiction

By Lauren James | 21st January 2014

If there was ever a time that Justin Bieber could be said to have hit rock bottom, it is surely now. Though the 19 year-old pop star may be swanning it on the slopes with...

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Leona Lewis Can't Wait For Christmas Tv

27th December 2013

Leona Lewis will spend the festive break watching 'EastEnders' and 'Home Alone'.The 28-year-old singer - who released her fourth studio album, Christmas, with Love,' on December 2 - has revealed her perfect holiday plans include...

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Macaulay Culkin Makes Musical Debut With Pizza-themed Concert

15th December 2013

Former child star Macaulay Culkin stunned fans in New York on Friday (13Dec13) by performing a bizarre pizza-themed concert as the frontman of his new Velvet Underground tribute band.The Home Alone star recently released a...

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Macaulay Culkin's Pizza-themed Tribute Act Receives Death Threats From Fellow Pizza-themed Act

By Joe Wilde | 15th December 2013

Few people could have seen Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute act, the imaginatively called The Pizza Underground, coming when it emerged on Bandcamp last month, but even fewer people would have seen the latest...

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Macaulay's Girlfriend Helped Him Beat Drugs

15th December 2013

Macaulay Culkin's new girlfriend has reportedly helped him beat drugs.The 'Home Alone' actor is dating Jordan Lane Price - who bears a striking resemblance to his ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis - and friends say she has...

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Fascinating Fact: 3990921

10th December 2013

Grown-up child star Macauley Culkin has formed a Velvet Underground tribute band called The Pizza Underground. Culkin's new act released a demo tape last week (ends06Dec13) featuring the cheesy covers I'm Waiting for Delivery Man...

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Macaulay Culkin Is Kazooist In Pizza-fied Velvet Underground Tribute Act

By Lauren James | 9th December 2013

After proving his acting chops in Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin has marked his foray into music with the ultimate tribute band to The Velvet Underground: The Pizza Underground. Culkin has teamed up with Matt Colbourn,...

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Macaulay Culkin Finds Love In Paris

29th November 2013

Actor Macaulay Culkin appears to have found love again after he was spotted kissing actress Jordan Lane Price during a romantic trip to Paris, France.The Home Alone star was photographed holding hands with the All...

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Pete Doherty: 'I'm Not Living With Macaulay Culkin'

31st July 2013

British rocker Pete Doherty has denied reports he is sharing a home with former Hollywood child star Macaulay Culkin.The former Libertines frontman moved to Paris, France in 2009 in a desperate bid to escape his...

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Russell Brand Tried To Charm Mila Kunis

19th June 2013

Russell Brand tried to ''chat up'' Mila Kunis.The 38-year-old comedian attempted to flirt with the brunette beauty when they were filming the romantic comedy 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' in 2008 but she wasn't interested in his...

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Former Child Star Mara Wilson Gives An Insiders Perspective Of Why Child Stars 'Go Crazy'

By Joe Wilde | 29th May 2013

You may recognise Mara Wilson from somewhere if you saw a picture of her today, not from anywhere recent but from your childhood, as though she is a long-lost friend you lost touch with in...

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Macaulay Culkin Moves In With Pete Doherty

7th May 2013

Macaulay Culkin has moved in with Pete Doherty.The 32-year-old actor and the former Libertines rocker first met when they made the ketamine-influenced movie, 'The Wrong Ferrari', together a few years ago and struck up a...

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Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Plan Riverboat Break

18th April 2013

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are planning a romantic break on a riverboat.The 'Two and a Half Men' actor booked the floating accommodation on the Norfolk Broads, east England, while his girlfriend shoots her new...

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