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Wga Names Sopranos Best-written Series Ever

4th June 2013

The HBO gang drama The Sopranos has been named the best-written U.S. TV series in history in a list of the top 101 shows selected by the Writers Guild of America. Seinfeld ranked No. 2....

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M*a*s*h Star Allan Arbus Dies

23rd April 2013

M*A*S*H star Allan Arbus has passed away at the age of 95.The actor died on Friday (19Apr13) at his Los Angeles home, according to The New York Times.Born in the New York, Arbus became a...

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Bbc To Air Comedy Series About Afghan Bomb Disposal Unit

14th February 2013

The BBC is planning a M*A*S*H-like comedy series about British soldiers serving as bomb-disposal experts in Afghanistan. It features bad language, sexual innuendo, sexism and childish banter, but the BBC hopes new series Bluestone 42...

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Veteran Actor/director Jackie Cooper Dead At 88

5th May 2011

Jackie Cooper, whose history in the movie business probably began before any other living actor, died Tuesday in Los Angeles at age 88. He first appeared in short films at the age of seven, then...

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