Lynn Tesoro has settled her lawsuit after being slapped at Zac Posen's catwalk show last September.

The HL Group PR was targeted by president of French publishing house Jalou, Marie-Jose Susskind-Jalou, and her two daughters, L'Officiel stylist Vanessa Bellugeon and Jalouse stylist Jennifer Eymere, at the designer's show in New York last year.

The trio were left without seats after fire marshalls removed 60 chairs from the front row as a last minute alteration, causing Marie-José to lose her temper and slap the PR when she couldn't rearrange their seating.

Lynn filed her court case in New York in November, alleging assault and slander against the three women, while Marie-José faced a battery charge and Jennifer was charged libel.

Although the settlement details have not been released, WWD reports Lynn received an official apology as part of the deal.

Speaking after the incident, Jennifer said: ''I just said [to Lynn] at the end: 'Now you know you don't f**k with French people.'''