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Carrie Fisher's Daughter Cast In Star Wars

30th June 2014

Carrie Fisher's daughter has been cast in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.The 57-year-old actress reprises her role as Princess Leia in the upcoming latest instalment of the sci-fi series, which is currently being filmed at Pinewood...

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Alex Pettyfer Auditions For Star Wars

29th August 2013

Alex Pettyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood have auditioned for 'Star Wars Episode VII'.The 23-year-old actor and the actress - who landed her first movie role in 'Peter Pan' when she was 12 - have reportedly read...

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Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher To Diet For 'Star Wars'

26th June 2013

'Star Wars' actors Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have reportedly been told to diet for the forthcoming film. Producers of the eagerly anticipated 'Star Wars Episode VII' want Hamill, 61, and Fisher, 56 - who...

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Original Star Wars Screenplay To Become Comic Book

2nd April 2013

George Lucas's original rough draft of his Star Wars screenplay (originally titled The Star Wars!) is being adapted into a comic-book format by Dark Horse Comics, the comics publisher announced on Monday. Three years before...

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Mark Hamill: 'We're In Talks About Star Wars Return'

21st February 2013

The original Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, has confirmed he and Harrison Ford are in talks to reprise their sci-fi heroes for the new Star Wars film, revealing franchise creator George Lucas insisted the iconic characters...

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Ewan Mcgregor Wants Star Wars Spin-off Film

15th February 2013

Ewan McGregor wants his own 'Star Wars' spin-off film.The sci-fi franchise's producers are reportedly planning several standalone films while 'Episode VII' - which is being directed by 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' filmmaker J.J. Abrams -...

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Samuel L. Jackson To Return To Star Wars?

11th December 2012

Samuel L. Jackson is keen to star in 'Star Wars Episode 7'.The 63-year-old actor played Jedi Master Mace Windu in original director George Lucas's three prequels and has revealed he is ''geeked'' about there being...

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Star Wars Memorabilia Up For Auction

10th December 2012

A lightsaber brandished by Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy is expected to fetch up to $50,000 (£31,250) at an upcoming auction.The film prop used by actor Mark Hamill in 1983's Star Wars:...

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Toy Story 3 Writer To Pen Star Wars Movie?

9th November 2012

Michael Arndt has reportedly already penned the new 'Star Wars' trilogy.The 'Toy Story 3' writer was hired by LucasFilm to ''put together ideas to take the franchise forward'' before Disney bought the company in October...

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Star Wars Fans Score Lucas/disney Deal

31st October 2012

As expected, Twitter and Facebook comments focused not on the $4 billion that Disney is paying to buy Lucasfilm, but on the announced plans to release three more Star Wars movies. According to reports, the...

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Efron Hungers For Skywalker Role

9th April 2009

ZAC EFRON is keen to bring LUKE SKYWALKER to the small screen after toying around with STAR WARS props at GEORGE LUCAS' California mansion. The High School Musical star filmed scenes for his new movie 17...

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Fascinating Fact 6444

26th November 2008

The light sabre weapon wielded by LUKE SKYWALKER in STAR WARS is expected to fetch $180,000 (GBP120,000) at an auction of famous Hollywood props next month (Dec08). It will go under the hammer, along with...

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Hamill's Skywalker Warehouse

16th July 2007

STAR WARS star MARK HAMILL has a warehouse filled with LUKE SKYWALKER memorabilia, after insisting on a clause in his contract when he took on the role. Hamill insisted on being sent one piece of...

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Hamill Wanted Darth Vader Role

13th July 2007

STAR WARS star MARK HAMILL had to be convinced to take on the role of LUKE SKYWALKER in the sci-fi movies - because he was desperate the play the evil DARTH VADER. After reading the...

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Bettany Almost Jailed After French Airport Mix Up

2nd December 2006

PAUL BETTANY's son STELLAN almost landed the British actor in a French jail cell on Wednesday (29NOV06) after convincing airport authorities he was LUKE SKYWALKER. The three-year-old STAR WARS fanatic baffled airport security when he...

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Ford Considering Comedy

24th March 2006

Stern Hollywood actor HARRISON FORD wants to ditch serious movie roles and try his hand at comedy. The veteran actor, famous for his roles as Jedi Knight LUKE SKYWALKER in STAR WARS, CIA man JACK...

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Star Wars Actor Brown Dies

14th February 2006

Actor PHIL BROWN, best known for playing LUKE SKYWALKER's UNCLE OWEN in STAR WARS, has died of pneumonia. He was 89. The Massachusetts-born actor died at the Motion Picture and Television Country House and...

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Original Lightsabers Up For Auction

6th July 2005

The legendary lightsabers brandished by STAR WARS characters LUKE SKYWALKER and DARTH VADER are up for auction alongside a bevy of memorabilia from the sci-fi saga. The iconic weapons, which go under the...

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Skywalker As The Joker? It's No Joke

14th June 2005

Original STAR WARS star MARK HAMILL has joined the shortlist of favourites to play THE JOKER in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. The actor, who played LUKE SKYWALKER in Star Wars, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK...

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Hamill: 'I've Had A Great Career'

18th May 2005

Actor MARK HAMILL has blasted critics for wrongly stating his career ended after STAR WARS. American Hamill - who played LUKE SKYWALKER in the original GEORGE LUCAS movies from 1977 to 1983 - has...

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Christensen: 'I Won't Be Typecast

13th April 2005

STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN isn't scared of being typecast - despite the supposed 'curse' on previous stars of the sci-fi movies. The 23-year-old actor takes on the legendary role of DARTH VADER in...

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Star Wars To Continue On Tv

23rd March 2005

STAR WARS movie-makers have thrilled fans by promising the hit sci-fi franchise will live on after the final film installment - as a TV series. The final prequel STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE...

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Star Wars Actors Reunited

5th January 2005

Actors HARRISON FORD, CARRIE FISHER, NATALIE PORTMAN and EWAN McGREGOR have teamed up with other stars of all six STAR WARS movies for a new VANITY FAIR photospread. The American magazine grouped together 22...

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Lucas Wants Tv Star Wars Film Banned

28th November 2004

Movie maker GEORGE LUCAS wants his first STAR WARS sequel banned, as he is so disappointed with its quality. The one-off, two-hour-long THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL was originally screened on the CBS network...

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Hamill Slams New Star Wars Movies

21st November 2004

STAR WARS icon MARK HAMILL has slammed the sequels of the classic sci-fi trilogy for being "too serious". The 53-year-old, who played LUKE SKYWALKER in the first three Star Wars movies, is furious the...

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Hamill Disgusted With Star Wars Toy Prices

17th October 2004

STAR WARS star MARK HAMILL is disgusted with the high prices the sci-fi trilogy's merchandise is being sold for and is urging fans to stop paying small fortunes for dolls and lunch boxes. The...

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Lucas Makes Star Wars Changes

21st September 2004

Perfectionist film-maker GEORGE LUCAS has made a few major changes in the original STAR WARS trilogy as he releases the films on DVD today (21SEP04). The sci-fi mogul tampered with the original Star Wars...

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Star Wars Hamill Delighted By Son's Phantom Menace Cameo

4th August 2004

STAR WARS' star MARK HAMILL was thrilled by his son NATHAN's cameo appearance in EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE. Hamill, who played LUKE SKYWALKER in the original GEORGE LUCAS sci-fi trilogy, was surprised...

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Hamill: Lucas Ruined My Career

21st June 2004

STAR WARS actor MARK HAMILL has attacked the sci-fi franchise's mastermind GEORGE LUCAS for ignoring him, describing the director as a "sad" man who "just doesn't get it". Hamill gained worldwide fame as LUKE...

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Hamill's Surprise At Fisher's Drug Addiction

21st June 2004

Actor MARK HAMILL was amazed when his STAR WARS co-star CARRIE FISHER announced she'd had a drug problem on the set of the sci-fi trilogy - because she was his girlfriend and he didn't know....

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