The search for missing fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni is turning to the Caribbean after luggage from the designer's missing plane was found hundreds of miles from its take-off point in Venezuela.

The small aircraft transporting the 58-year-old co-owner of the famed Missoni label, as well as his partner and four others, disappeared off the coast of Venezuela on 4 January (13).

Search and rescue teams failed to find wreckage or any clues about what happened to the plane, and Missoni's desperate relatives even hired a submarine crew to look for the aircraft underwater.

The hunt has now switched to the Caribbean island of Curacao, around 200 miles (322 kilometres) from the plane's departure point in Venezuela, after a bag from the plane was discovered there.

Italian passenger Giorgio Neri missed the doomed flight, but his luggage remained onboard, and one of his lost bags was picked up by a German tourist on Curacao on 10 January (13). The man found Neri's contact details inside and emailed him about the case.

Authorities in Venezuela and Italy are now refocusing the search in light of the discovery.