Brandi Cochran was a model on The Price is Right, but when she became pregnant staff working on the show began to make fun of her and gave her less work. Subsequently, when she had the baby they ditched her, so she took them to court for discrimation. And rightly so. 

TMZ report that after having already received $777,000 in damages, Cochran will be receiving around the $7m mark in punitive damages as well! The former Miss USA feared telling her colleagues and bosses about pregnancy back in 2007, having witnessed the ill treatment of fellow models for being pregnant. 

Potentially due to the stress about her treatment at work, Cochran miscarried one of the twins she was carrying and had her other child three months premature. Apparently, when she told The Price is Right producer about the miscarriage, he brushed it off saying "It's natures way of getting rid of a bad baby." She was also called 'wide load' and comments were made about the size of her breasts in pregnancy. According to the Hollywood Reporter Kathryn Greco wasn't surprised to hear of the pregnancy because Cochran's breasts had grown. It's clear that Cochran's been through a bit of a hard time on the Bob Barker and Drew Carey show, but hopefully this will settle the score a little more evenly.