Lourdes Leon regrets her ''unfortunate'' high school style.

Madonna's daughter is graduating from New York City's LaGuardia High School this year and can't believe she made so many embarrassing fashion faux pas during her teenage years.

She wrote on her Material World blog: ''Looking back on the past four years of high school means looking back on unfortunate outfits I wore confidently to school (good for me).

''Oh how I wish I could go back in time and urge my 14-year-old self NOT to wear black rhinestone studded t-shirts with bloody skulls on them...''

These days Lourdes isn't afraid of experimenting with different styles to find what works for her.

The 17-year-old star explained: ''I had to go through that awkward time of 'trying stuff out' to figure out what I liked wearing best. I still don't think I have a defined style, maybe because I don't want to limit myself to what I should wear.''

Lourdes' daring side is emerging as the sun comes out and she claims she's not afraid of walking about with ''no pants'' on.

She added: ''As summer approaches and as I keep forgetting to shave my legs ... I greet with open arms crop tops, Adidas sandals, fun bucket hats, and just walking around with no pants on and it being ok.''